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but damn, the 1st cover art is much better for the regular Blu-Ray than the 3D version
had a hell of a lot of fun with this movie and the theater was the right place to see it
this is what the franchise seriously needed
cant wait to get the Blu-Ray and yeah the Ultraviolet stuff is getting annoying, can't they just make digital copies on iTunes anymore?
it's a hell of a lot easier
and true they could have picked a better poster for the cover art but it still looks good
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JonSpidey07 wrote a comment about the news item Divergent to Be Released in IMAX March 21st
I cant wait for this movie :)
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cool stuff
two of em look really out of place to be candid

but I am excited for this movie
it's way better than 'Epic' which was very underwhelming
the actors are good, cool special effects but I was almost lost when it came to dialogue and yeah that twist threw me off a lot
a good rental
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man I miss Peggy
and Hayley Atwell is an angel :)
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than God 'Desp*cable Me 2' stopped 'Grown Ups 2', I was starting to get really worried because people can be very stupid paying to see a movie like that
the 1st one was a prime example of leading to the dumbing of the world and the de-evolution of mankind

still, 'Pacific Rim' should have done better, that's something the public seriously needs to acknowledge more
the thing is everyone knows the history with this franchise it's become so apparent now

the TV got canceled too soon, it gained a cult following, the original Enterprise Crew got their 1st 6 movies, the Next Generation Crew got 4 movies and even their own TV show

then it got to a point where even a movie with Picard in it, in this case "Star Trek: Nemesis" nearly destroyed everything

so like Batman and Superman and the Hulk and James Bond someone needed to press the reset button and breathe life back into it
J.J. knew what he was doing rebooting 'Star Trek'
and Rotten Tomatoes gave the 2009 movie 95% 'Star Trek reignites a classic franchise with action, humor, a strong story, and brilliant visuals, and will please traditional Trekkies and new fans alike.'

and for me I did not really become a Trekkie until I started watching it and then going back to all the past "good" installments

'Star Trek Into Darkness' really struck a chord with me and became my #1 film of the year
C*mberbatch was an excellent villain, they made clever homages to 'Wrath of Khan' and the special effects and the heavy emotion made me appreciate these characters a lot more
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it still did well critically
but it also met my expectations and became my #1 film of 2013
can't wait to get this!
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this was a given ya know
I hope they don't rush through 'Star Trek 3' because I loved both the reboot and 'Into Darkness'
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the lighting is pretty dark and hard to make out some scenes
but the effects and creatures look damn cool
then again this is coming out in January