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we need to see a trailer already
the movie isn't doing so well critically like the 1st one
it's at 54% on Rotten Tomatoes 'The schlock factor for Sharknado 2: The Second One is not as entertaining as its predecessor's, though fans of the brand will likely enjoy it.'
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JonSpidey07 gave this a Thumbs Up
I love Lorde
she's making a name for herself these days
I still don't believe she's 17 one bit
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this looks so good
could be the next 'Gravity'
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this could be the best one next to the 2nd movie
but dammit, I wish they would stop inserting pissing jokes into a damn kids film!
stop it guys please
I like this trailer better
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no more Games this time
it's fighting for freedom all the way
sucks Hoffman isn't around anymore to see this franchise properly close but it should be a fitting finale all the same

cant wait to see this Black Friday
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yes! that's what I thought too
it was a joy hearing that song in 'Return of the King', and they brought back amazing memories during this trailer

funny though, the article reads, "the fate of Middle-Earth hangs in the balance"
we know it's gonna be in danger again soon anyways

but wow, finally it's gonna be all over after this one
thank goodness I have a movie to see this Christmas next to the final 'Hobbit' movie
I wonder though if this 3rd 'Night at The Museum' will be on the same level as the 1st 2
I saw 'Hercules', less people in that theater than in 'Lucy'
'Lucy' was almost packed
both movies were watchable but felt a tad underwhelming
it was better than the weekend before where I skipped everything
didn't we already see the Hulkbuster in 'Iron Man 3'?
just do us a favor and show the monster battles
we do NOT care about the damn human characters!
things are looking bleak for our heroes
really anxious to see Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver's parts