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didn't I say Peggy Carter would come back? :)
'Winter Soldier' was good but it should have been a bit better

3 weeks until 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'!
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there's some stupid crap that Sandler just cant help but still cram into his movies
it does look too much like 'Alice in Wonderland'
but then again it looks cool regardless
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glad 'Noah' did well
and yeah who knows if they'll tackle more Biblical stories in the future

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' up next
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it's the fact that they went with a robotic suit that still bugs me
they should have done a bionic costume instead but I guess we have to work with this
clever ;)

you could caption that buddy photo: "What a great night hey, Pete? I tried to kill your girlfriend".

it's getting closer :)
not sure about this one
I hope it's better than 'Cloud Atlas', the Wachowski's haven't made anything worthy since the 'Matrix' trilogy and 'V For Vendetta'
seriously, could that storm look anymore fake?
this looks like 'Phantasm' for today
but bargain-bin quality from the looks of it

the 1st one was the only good one in the whole series
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need a bit more than this
I still have a problem with April's casting; Megan Fox is not the right actress for this part
and the Turtles still look too fake
buying this!
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you think about it though it's still just battle armor and the only thing that stands out are Harry's teeth which are very sharp
I still didn't mind Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, at least it looked like a goblin
but yes it is a bad Power Rangers outfit
not really
this came out back in January

anyways, it was a good movie
I want to watch it again
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