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I love Liz
she has that mean streak going for her
and shes sexy to boot
oh thank GOD
Im glad after 4 movies they're not starting over after all
we still need to see what happens to Michael since that ending to 'Awakening'
just another obsession movie
like we don't get enough of those now

I hate movies in January because you know they're automatically gonna be turds
I felt so bad for the guy when his last effort 'Abduction' failed miserably
he wasn't ready yet to make the leap to action films
hopefully he can improve on his range
this really sounds like 'My Soul to Take'
but considering this is a new and upcoming filmmaker and she worked on this as a dream project maybe it will do better than what Craven did
lets see
still one of the best 90s films ever!
cant believe how much Darla filled out :)
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JonSpidey07 wrote a comment about the news item Joan Rivers Passes Away at Age 81
may she RIP
this is a big cast!
haven't seen this many since 'Sucker Punch'
I really want this to do well
JonSpidey07 wrote a comment about the news item Is Wesley Snipes Returning for Blade 4?
if Snipes can stop evading his taxes then I think he can come back on top playing Blade
even he confessed the 3rd film was bad
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this is wicked early even for a Transformers movie
at least they didn't half-ass it like the 3rd movie with the bonus content; I was still pissed having to wait the following January just to watch the actual extras

and yeah they might as well not make DVDs anymore since they put nothing but the film on them anyways
not everyone has a Blu-Ray player these days
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I hope this is better than how 'As Above, So Below' is doing right now
I like what Alexandre Aja does with horror
JonSpidey07 wrote a comment about the news item Saw Returns to Theaters This Halloween!
if you can believe it this was the only movie I DID NOT see in the theater
watching it on DVD the 1st time gave me a twist in my gut
I haven't had a horror movie do that in forever
glad I'll get to see it the right way this October
but the Blu-Ray must be bought! they don't care about DVDs anymore: less supplementals = not worth buying
looking forward to seeing this on the big screen the way it should be seen
oh finally, I was wondering when this was gonna come out
it's doing well critically
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