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jonquest wrote a comment about the news item The Moon Trailer and Poster Hits!
Wow... that looks really interesting! I had no idea what to expect when I clicked on the trailer... this is getting added to my ever expanding must see list for this summer.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item 2 New Terminator Salvation Poster
I'm excited about the movie, but this poster? Meh. Are we sure this isn't user created?
This looks great! Looks better and better with everything I see!
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item New Line to Make MacGyver Film
Eh... I don't hate this idea... not exactly loving it either. I loved MacGyver as a kid, but watching the shows now... wow, they are CHEEZY. We'll have to see where this goes. I think I'd rather see a MacGruber movie.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item New Sherlock Holmes On-Set Video
I agree with you, I think Hugh Laurie would have been great as Sherlock. I am definitely excited to see Downey's take on the role though. I also think Downey may be better suited for Guy Ritchie's style in this case than Laurie. I think Laurie would be my choice for a straight up by-the-book rendition of Holmes.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Official Trailer for Pandorum Hits!
I want to be interested, but I must be getting too old. I couldn't see a thing! The trailer was too dark/shadowy/muddy. Maybe if I get ahold of an HD trailer this'll pique my interest more.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Nottingham Changes Title to Robin Hood
I wasn't really feeling the Crowe as Nottingham AND Robin Hood angle either. That just sounded silly.

Hmmm... I sound grumpy all of the sudden.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Nottingham Changes Title to Robin Hood
I liked this better when it was going to be from the point of view of The Sheriff of Nottingham. This suddenly got really boring really fast. Bland name, no concept...
I don't get how I missed it. Oh well... I saw it here, gotta love the interweb... haha
Uh... did I miss something? Did this air? I watched the whole superbowl and don't recall seeing this. I was looking forward to seeing this too...
Fallen, he definitely says "The Devils hands have been busy..." I'm sure we'll find out why when the full preview is released. My very humble guess is this is upon seeing the enormity of robots (quantity and size) being created by Skynet.

BTW - the trailer looks ridiculous!!! In a good way I mean...
He looks like he's channeling his old Charlie Chaplin role.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Guy Ritchie Discusses Sherlock Holmes
What's up with the Hugh Laurie hate? I'm all for RDJ, but that doesn't mean Laurie would be bad for the part or the movie. And I've seen him playing a puff in his Black Adder days and a goofball in Jeeves and Wooster. What does his British TV shows have to do with now and how is it a detriment to his acting ability? That's like saying Downey Jr. would suck because he played on Ally McBeal and was in The Shaggy Dog.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Guy Ritchie Discusses Sherlock Holmes
I'm actually really excited about this movie. deeman, I agree with you Hugh Laurie would have been a great Sherlock... although he could also make a good villian for ol' Sherlock.
"This guy can kiss my 903 year old Time Lord backside for all that i care."

This is now my new favorite quote.
Thanks Knobie... while I had that thought before I saw it on other boards, I'm not the only one who has thought Bettany would be good for the role. He's also the right kind of actor for the part. Strong enough to bring weight and dynamic to the role without being bigger than the rest of the cast.
So... how does Brian Austin Green saying he'd love to play the part = being in contention for the movie? C'mon guys. I'd like to play the Riddler in the next movie, but I'm not rumored to be the next Batman villian. This looks more like a case of the movieweb news people taking you guys for a ride. Good grief. This isn't even a rumor... he just said he'd love to play the part. This is a ridiculous non-story in my opinion.
Johnny Depp isn't going to be in the next batman movie. Get off the pipe ya'll. Depp is too big for the movie. Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Russel Crowe, and Leonardo DiCaprio won't be in the movie either. Neither will Angelina Jolie. All you have to do is take a look at the type of actors that Nolan brought in for the past two movies... Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, etc. Great actors, but nobody who's name was so big they overshadowed the movie. Ben Foster is kind of a cool choice, great actor, but he seems young to me. Sam Rockwell was a name bandied on the boards before and I like that choice. I could see a Paul Bettany or a Guy Pierce play the part as well.
I like the idea... but Depp might be a bit too big for this movie. I'm not buying him being in the next Batman movie. I like the idea of a Paul Bettany or a Sam Rockwell type of actor. Someone with cred that will bring dramatic weight to the character, but not bigger than the movie itself. I could see Nolan cohort, Guy Peirce in the role too actually.

I like the idea of PSH as the Penguin. No way is he going to be like the Danny Devito penguin. I'm sure he would be a more realistic figure in the Gotham world, much like the "No Man's Land" book that someone else referenced in these comments.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Bruce Greenwood Is Christopher Pike in Star Trek
Clark... just wondering... where does it say that Capt. Pike is going to be on the Enterprise with all the younger versions of the original cast? I'm not saying it isn't going to happen, but as far as I can tell no one has said that it will. Right now he's just a character in the movie. He doesn't have to be in scenes with every single actor in the cast just because he's in the movie.


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