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@narrator took the words outta my mouth... he should always and only be "Trainspotting" director Danny Boyle.
@instead8909 I'm pretty sure that's Ratner's cologne...
@bawnian-dexeus haha, great question, but what does watching TV in the 90's have to do with a board game?
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jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Man of Steel Full-Length Trailer!
@therealGoku Haha! Because the one thing Snyder is known for is his relentless heavy dialogue/wordy scripts/thinkers' movies... that being said, although I'm excited for the movie, the trailer was a touch dry in my opinion.
@chperez Slap yourself right now for comparing those two and mentioning them in the same sentence.
What no Jake Lloyd? Haha
@shuabert Nah, not buyin' it. Superman Returns was bad, but no one thinks X-Men 2 was bad. The Star Wars prequels were bad, but no one thinks Star Wars was bad. The latest Indiana Jones was bad, no one thinks the first and third were bad. The Matrix sequels weren't great, no one thinks the first was bad. So I think that logic is faulty, and beside the point... Directors--especially those of the caliber mentioned in this article--don't back away from movies because of fanboys. They may not want to be on a project because of the scale, the creative control, the $$, the time-frame, the genre, the style, and maybe even the fact that a property might be so iconic that they don't want to accept the responsibility of handling it... but not because they worry about fanboys.
@moviemaniac66 @shuabert let's be fair here... I agree that whoever does this will have a lot of pressure because of how iconic the movies are, but Lucas brought the fanboy revolt on himself for writing and directing 3 awful movies and monkeying with the originals. No director worth his salt is going to be worried about directing a bad movie. None of them are thinking "Oh no, they turned on Lucas, they might turn on me..."
Soooo... how hard would it be for Whedon to write and direct this and still get Avengers 2 out? Cuz that's what needs to happen. Haha.
Not exactly sure how this precludes Favreau's involvement. He didn't say anything definitive in that quote about not wanting to do it.
Not that he doesn't deserve it, but wow, QT really threw Simon West under the bus there. Haha.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item World War Z Trailer Starring Brad Pitt!
As a fan of the book, this is disappointing. I understand things need to change to translate to a movie audience--I'm fine with that, but from this trailer it looks like they've gone out of their way to make this as different as possible. If it didn't have the name "World War Z" on it, I wouldn't even recognize it.
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Hitchcock People Magazine Montage Photo
So is Anthony Hopkins about to "Philip Seymour Hoffman" Toby Jones?
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Libertador First Look Photo with Edgar Ramirez
I was thinking the same thing!
Not diggin' the Bat-crotch on this... poor logo placement
jonquest wrote a comment about the news item Total Recall 30-Second Trailer Sneak Peek
I just watched a trailer for a trailer... and I'm still excited!

@felipe-11 Well said.
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This kinda makes me sad. I'm guessing that wasn't the intent.


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