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This photo is a fake.
Joker926 wrote a comment about the news item Fantastic Four Brings on Producer Matthew Vaughn
Oh great, another project for Vaughn to drop out of. :p
Am I the only one who thinks Shatner is putting this jokingly? :p
He didn't AUDITION for Han Solo. He does impersonations on youtube, and has been doing so for years. And he's damn good at it too. For someone with free time, he's awesome.

Having that I don't know him personally, I'm not going to be the judge of his acting capabilities, or if he even is a professional actor. A big f*ck you to everyone who's been making blind assumptions and jabs at this guy: it's completely uncalled for.

An even bigger F*CK YOU to for growing weary and making their own news on this matter. If you don't have anything solid, then don't deliver. If anyone's being an amateur, it's this website getting lazy and stirring up their own feed.
So far this sounds only like a big X-Men reunion. Which is cool!!! But I haven't been hearing ANYTHING on the rest of the ACTUAL cast from First Class. I'm glad Singer is back, but I hope he doesn't forget this is primarily a sequel to First Class and not just another sequel after Last Stand... which is a movie that never happened.

If he alters the events of Last Stand as an apology for aborting the last film, then my trust will be earned back once again.
Joker926 wrote a comment about the news item Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs Revealed in jOBS
Okay, okay, call me IMPRESSED. LOL

Continuity is excellent though and he looks like a young Steve Jobs. It should be good, if he's willing to put in the acting chops.
Why is Kick-Ass wearing Big Daddy's armor?

No idea where this is going. o.o
I dug the new look! But if there's a new outfit, I wouldn't be mad.

Perhaps with a new job at the Bugle, that will afford Peter for more to work with; PERSONALLY... I would love to see a black and red color scheme, the cartridge belt, and arm webbing like the original Ditko Spidey.
Oh, I'd like to see how this unfolds. :D
Not quite sure how to take this.
What a waste of a perfectly good IMAX. :(
Big Daddy's costume is in a case and by the looks of it it's contained in a pretty heavy resistance area, given the brick walls and piping; must be Hit Girl's Batcave like gallery/hideout.
Everyone looks AWESOME except Christopher as the Motherf**ker. I have no idea what approach they were going for, but he looks terrible. :\
@Joe-Wylee-LaBallister I did notice that; when I first saw these pictures, my first thought was "............F*#^, is that Dane Cook as the father in Remembering Tommy........?" o.O I haven't seen him in any movies and really don't like him as a stand up comedian, but DAMN! This is by far the most interesting cast I've seen for a film in a very long time. I can dig it. :D
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
Please god no, not them. =O

And Bradley Cooper for Nathan Drake.
I loved her in 50/50, so I approve.
Joker926 wrote a comment about the news item Forest Whitaker Revealed as The Butler
Robin Williams, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, and John Cusack you say... very interesting. :)
Joker926 wrote a comment about the news item Kick-Ass 2 Wants Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars
If he gives us something that would remind me of Robert Davull, then this would be the moving force as to why I'm excited for a Kick-Ass sequel.
Joker926 wrote a comment about the news item Kick-Ass 2 Wants Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars
After watching The Truman Show, The Majestic, 23, and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind... Jim Carrey's gravity of pulling off a more serious character isn't unheard of. I think if he read the source material, watched maybe a couple of mob movies, Adam West's Batman, and read the book... then just maybe I'll witness the change of a life time in his career. It's bold choice for him to be Col. Stars and he needs to be played very seriously, but at the same time a little light having that Stars has that boy-scout feel and proper in terms of telling members of the team to watch their language.

But if he takes it, Kick-Ass 2 just got a little better; and if they pull it off right, put in the effort to not overcrowd the film with characters, and even take a leap of faith and making it a bit more serious and tasteless sense of dark violence... then we might get something truly special. I loved the first film and the books, so it has the possibilities for outdoing it's successor. In the end, it's going to narrow down to the performances and the director, so hoping for the best here.


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