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There's a MySpace page on this book now, seems to have developed quite a cult following!
Thats quite a description you've got there Riverboat

The first chapter is definitely quite saucy! i think the scene with Roger and his patient in the gallery illustrated that quite clearly

Its almost like literary porn!
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What? Gary Busey had a stroke? When? I must admit I don't follow his films religiously, but I didn't know! I love this film big time though - really sad when he dies. Awesomely shot skydiving scenes.
Its got to be Doctor Doolite.... 2
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A rogan josh from biriani house last night

I made my lunch for work today

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Hey i went to see the post-apocalyptic children of men yesterday at the cinema...

Me like very much, is it worth reading the book by PD James?
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I don't like it because its a contrived script lacking any substance or style... There is absolutely no way that that could have possibly ever happened in 1912 and there is certainly no way that the swashbuckling artist commoner would ever have been in a position to become a master draughsman..

the only good thing about the film is the you know what bit at the end
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He also arranges his marriages and is a complete control freak with no regard for anyboday but himself...

and he looks as bland as a pigs rump!
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well ive been reading the glass books and here's my summary of it...what does everyone else think?

So far it does not seem to be Victorian Gothic in even the broadest, most liberal sense of the term. The style of narrative suggests a Comedy of Manners. (But for that to work the author needs to know the milieu he/she is satirizing, inside and out, and so far it looks like he doesn't. If he means to combine Com with 19th century Gothic, I would suggest a course of Thomas Love Peac*ck.)

The first pages are full of details about Miss Temple's life and her previous relationship with the man who has just jilted her. Then comes a sequence on a strangely empty train, where she discovers that the (very few) passengers are all wearing masks which is strangely disquieting. But any uneasiness the reader might feel is diluted by a lengthy scene of a sedate ride in a coach, during which the occupants exchange vacuous pleasantries, until Miss Temple -- inexcusably, one can't help thinking, considering the very slight provocation -- pokes one of the other women in the eyes.

Yet things will start to feel creepier when they reach their destination. In the meantime, it reminds me of how Le Fanu, or Stoker, or Collins, or Gaskell would have handled the train ride, investing the whole thing with a menacing atmosphere. And I've now realized why so many authors of Victorian ghost stories and novels of Gothic suspense chose protagonists who were high-strung artistic types, or students or businessmen just recovering from nervous breakdowns due to too much studying or overwork -- such characters are keenly sensitive to mood and atmosphere, and the reader is able to experience every thrill of terror along with them - Miss Temple seems to fit this bill also.

so what sort of Victorian Gothic novel is this book is supposed to be? Anyone who doesn't have the same love for 19th century fiction that you and I share is probably skimming this message by now, and wondering who are these writers, Le Fanu, Gaskell, and so forth and why should I care? So I'll move on to something more likely to interest them:

Modern readers, accustomed to the style of contemporary writers, will probably think the narrative of The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters very wordy with a slow pace.

But this, too, seems to improve as the story goes on. The book must have something special about it, to attract so much attention. I'm willing to get the subscription and keep reading...
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Transformers are good because transformers gave birth to many excellent T-shirts as well as an excellent Drum and bass night called none other then optimus prime

Plus the TV series had the most excellent cheesy 80's guitar wankery soundtrack ever!!

bad doesn't even come into the equation
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It certainly has, online reading is the way forward, its free!
I've been really getting into this! I love the character of Miss Temple and the scene in the coach at the end is really good reading.

Obviously they want to end each chapter with a cliff hanger which i actually think is better because it makes the book read like a film script almost.


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