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@ChiRep-1 much obliged bub, i was in a bit of a hurry when i wrote this so its def not my best, And This is a great flick im glad you enjoyed it as well.

"America! F*@#% YEAH!"
Im reserving my expectations until this gets into more development, after the crapfest that was Origins, this has alot to make up for "the best there is"
The state of our societies I.Q defeciency will be determined if this turd is succesful or not.
@comicbookfan nice! hahahahaha
Bad actor in a worse movie franchise.
I gotta admit bub, im liking your reviews alot more now that theve been trimed and strait to the point. Another great to add to the list, Hemsworth wasent my first choice as i would have liked to see Charlie Hunnan of "Sons" infamy play the character but Hems knocks it out of the park in this. Portman has also impressed me as of late outside of her star wars role, might be due to the fact she's no longer acting next to a cardboad cut out for a love intrest. Hopkins as usual is as legendary in every role he plays, an Stratiznsky does this as brilliant as his recent Thor before it goes without sayin nice review, maybe its about time yer ol buddy Blaze brushed off the claws an started putting up the comedy on this site again.... maybe with a review of a certain Avenger?.... maybe i should make it my "First" hahahahaha jk keep up the good work bub ;)
Great opening line bub, and since were being so critical of movies about Teenage turtles who perform pizza and eat ninja ( hahahaha jk) my memory may be a bit hazy but as mr. Twisted pointed out us twenty somthing year olds def hold a soft spot for this movie, thanks for the reliving some great memories of our childhoods... @comicbookfan
Im just glad Musketeers failed that movie looked horrible.
Nice review bub, looks like mr. Smile has returned to form, This was an awsome movie as you said not just for Lee's last role but for the performance he shines in. Which makes the film THAT more tragic and intense. Looking to both watching and Hearing this in HD. Thnks for the insite. bub
@cupid Avengers will be a monster of a movie with many characters and plotlines, itd be nice to focus on Cap alone dealing with his situation as a man instead of a leader.
@moviemaniack1993 realy though listen to yourself, third entry in what three years? and next year well get yet another shaky "blair witch" clone sequel. c'mon bub realy there gonna pump this well clean before the first movie hits the bargain bin.
Great review bub! been awhile since i read a good review on this site as most of them tese days consist of four word sentences and four letter words. I like your new style in how you break down every aspect of what worked and didint work. Gotta say i aree 100% on this. nice job Webbed Wonder.
Sounds cool a ww2 era sequel woulda sufficed but this sounds intresting to see how he adapts.
@Dragon1991 Exactly IM so sick an tired of Year after year sequels just look what happened to the Saw series, A great original movie that got plagued with crummy sequels year after year hom much is too much?
Best action hero's ever. Great pic.
Scott Adkins cool, i liked him in Ninja, kinda cool he's in a movie with his Idol Van Damme.
This is the best news in awhile. Hopefully we A Wolverine movie the best there is at what he does deserves.
@thrashnasty190 That's WHAT im Talkin about! the first was such crap the only saving gace was the fact that Wolverine was in it. Hopefully this will make up for it il believe it when i see it though. Heres to an actual good movie about the best mutant in comics.
@moviemaniac66 @Stansfield your Dam right "Reality" tv is such crap an Shore is the worst of the worst! WTF worst show ever made!!!!