I have been a horror freak pretty much my entire life........I love them all!!
The undead and Vampires are my favorite.

Taken (this movie was great)
Gran Torino - loved it!
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later (Totally Narley)
Last Man on Earth
Evil Dead
Queen of the Damned
Omega Man
The Saw Movies
Night of the Living Dead (old & newer)
Dracula (all of them)
30 Days of Night
John Carpenters Vampires
Halloween flicks
No Country for Old Men
All the Hellraiser movies
Silence of the Lambs
The Matrix movies
Reservoir Dogs
Resident Evil (All of them) Love Milla
The Dark Knight (amazing)

Then theres more:

Terminator (all of them)
Get Smart
Pulp Fiction
X-Files (pretty hard core fan at one time)
The Punisher
American Graffitti
Ferris Buller's Day Off
Dogs of War
The Onion (Hilarious)
Point Break
Phantom of the Paradise
Song Remains the Same

Gosh, there is just way too many to name. Looking forward to some new ones coming out.

I am a huge fan of concert DVD's. I'm also a complete BOOK NERD! Mystery, Crime, Forensics and Horror...NO ROMANCE NOVELS...they are forbidden on my book shelf! Reading is cool...