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Take it to Kickstarter... If a Veronica Mars script can get money (Over $3million), this should bring it in by the bucket full. If not enough for the movie, at least enough to show the execs there's people who want it made R or NC-17... Have they ever read a Deadpool comic before?
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If it's real, sounds good to me. Hopefully he can do for Wars what he's doing/done with Trek.
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Sigourney Weaver is a must... she set the bar. Michelle Yeoh, Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, Linda Hamilton, Kate Beckinsale, Uma Thurman (Kill Bill is a favorite), Cynthia Rothrock, Pam Grier, Summer Glau, Carrie-Ann Moss, Katee Sackhoff, Lena Headey, Lindsay Wagner, Rhona Mitra (Doomday)... they have plenty to pick from.
Why not try to grab Antonio Banderas? Desperado series, Assassins, Spy Kids, both with Stallone. Granted, Spy Kids is a family movie, I think he'd be a name to throw in. He should've been the sniper over Hemsworth. Would've been fun to play off the Assassins movie.
I don't mind Crowe, but Bardem makes me feel somewhat uneasy when I watch him on some of his movies. I believe his acting of Roland alone would've made this an epic series.
Looks like a maglite on the end of it.
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I see Hollywood is taking a creative edge to this. Beuatiful is the last thing I'd think of with the true story and sheriff??? Better do some basic fact checking. It was a Col. who's brother was over five days late returning from a trip, that tipped off everyone to the murders and a lynch mob that tried to track the Benders all down afterwards and failed to catch the entire family. I'm guessing they're also going to have a two story house like Little House on the Prarie. In the real world, the house was a one bedroom that seperated the eating area by a sheet that they would stand behind to club their victims while they ate and a trap door under the table to dump the bodies into the underground dirt cellar.

Sorry... I grew up 9 miles from the original site.
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Read the book and WWZ with my son, just for kicks... wasn't as horrible as reading Twilight with my daughters. We're looking forward to this one.
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Epic & stunning trailer... can't wait.
@justatadmatt agreed... the guy has to fall into the punch bowl.
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Unless she's angled weird for the pic... that's the smallest bow in the world!
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@ejk1 Thank you for the confirmation.
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@frankenfate I could be wrong, and I'm sure I'll be corrected if I am, but I think the original Spidey used the artificial web shooters. Organic webs came later. If anyone can confirm or correct my statement... thx
I'm still trying to figure out why one lizard hand has 4 claws and the other 5. I also don't remember the mouth and jaw opening as much, in previous pictures, as it does on this mask. I guess the previous pic was before full transformation? I'll hold judgement until I see a better trailer.
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@bruce-ha Agreed.
@justatadmatt Most people I know tend to like Pitch Black better and dog a bit on Chronicles of Riddick. I actually liked Chronicles, but I dig on sci-fi, so I'm biased. I'd say, at least give them a shot, you may enjoy it.
I vote Savini. Not only one of the Godfathers of the Zombie Movement, we're talking one of the founding fathers of slasher f/x. This guy was my special f/x idol throughout the 80's. Just remember, when you see Jason's head slide down the machete in Friday the 13th part 4... this guys has that bust in his garage. This guy was Pixar before CGI came around.
@cupid my point is... the entire site is one big spoiler alert and most come to find out about upcoming movies. What else would you be here for? This does not include the guy/girl that keeps telling me to buy from the discount site or the other one telling me I can find rich single millionaires on their site.
So... one of you still read the article and the other just came to troll the forum. Gratz, A$$hats!!!
I don't get this. Okay, I get that he put the "Spoil" in the title, but wouldn't 99% of you read it even if it was titled, "Catwoman plot revealed."? Seriously, you're coming to a website to read info on upcoming movies... Troll away.
ARRRRGH!!! I came to MovieWeb to read about upcoming releases and this $hit happened.