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i still dont care. im still not going to see it "in 3D". it's still overplayed on both TBS and TNT making my desire to ever see the movie again, null.
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im not really psyched for this movieas i dont really care to see ANOTHER dumbass origin story but i gotta say that the lizard looks pretty badass in that pic.
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i like who they have listed for the cast of the 3rd one. would still love to see mark dascascos and michael dudikoff show up as well.
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@ghostman holy sh*t i didnt even see that that was her with the blonde hair. whoa!
@narrator no hudgens sure but, come on man, gomez looks amazing.
holy jeebus potter christ thats a huge set!
@narrator i agree with every single word you said there. except the not being a bay fan part. i am a bay fan. his movies are great action flicks that are fun and exciting. thats all i ask for. i really dont care if the transformers or TMNT origin is 100% perfect. hell even with TF, bay didn't WRITE those movies, he DIRECTED them (see the distinction fanboys?) so if you all have a problem with someone, maybe it should be with the screenwriters, dontcha think, fankids?
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and honestly, you all do need to chill a bit. the man directs ACTION MOVIES exactly how "really well developed" do you want them to be? it's not f*cking citizen kane, it's bad boys. get a grip people. action movies are about...ummmm....ACTION. you know, car chases, gunfire, explosions......all those things you are all bitching about seeing too much of. well if thats the case then maybe ACTION movies arent for you and you should stick to tamer fare like THE PIANO.
@styxx are you making a distinction between hysterical and outraged? wouldn't both realistically fall under the same banner?
yeaaaaah. thats never gonna happen. i prefer craig anyway.
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@styxx me either. it looks like a stupid comedy. and the jazzy/funk music in the trailer didn't help it seem any more serious. i was expecting a horror/drama not some lame ass vampire comedy. PASS.
the show isn't funny. the movie wont be either. just more pointless stupidity.
so basically another movie with an SNL cast and steve buscemi thrown in for color.
i'll believe in SC2 when i actually see a trailer for it. until then......
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@phatalphd yeah it started with a book by David Morrell. it's the book that FIRST BLOOD was based off of. (the book carries the same title) then they made it into a movie but changed the ending a bit. i wont ruin it for you but i have read the book and it's a great read.

it is and will be sad to see rambo finally die. he's a character i've grown up with since i was a kid and FB came out. but i guess everything must eventually end and i know that sly will respect the character enough to give him a proper burial. R.I.P. Rambo.


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