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no Johnny Depp?
Breckin Meyer?
Lawrence Fishburne
Patricia Arquette......????
chris brown and rhianna count as two. along with the other six listed, they count eight. do we all get it now?
why did they change the title of THE TOMB? it sounded better that way. "the escape plan" sounds really lame.
please tell me he's going to actually SPEAK in this movie. the whole "talking through the radio" gag got real old real quick.
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ugh. i thought tatum got killed in the beginning of this movie? that was a major motivator for me seeing it.
so if all this is true then Han will not be in FAST 7 because he dies in tokyo drift. damn that sucks.
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if taylor lautner is in then im out. wont even watch it on HBO.
so are they planning on bringing bale, cavill, and reynolds in for this or are they gonna f*ck it all up and recast it?
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those posters are badass. they should sell those.
vin diesel is perfect for KRATOS, not this. honestly if patrick stewart were a lot younger, he'd be perfect for this.
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*get it
i just dont et it. is ben over 20 years. GB2 sucked big balls and now they wanna do 3 more sequels 20-something years later?? gime a break. no desire whatsoever to see this. let it die.
fantastic movie. saw it the other day.
so much for character continuity. way to go marvel. another spidey i wont be paying to see.


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