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@narrator Well if you can see Robocop fighting off terrorists and the taliban, then it will go in the direction of Dredd, but that would be extremely unlikely.

There are a variety of reasons that Dredd was such a massive success main one being that John Wagner had such a creative control on the film alongside Alex Garland and the rest of the cast and crew.
@basquat I guess so, but you haven't read the worse of it, lol.

In ideal sense, if any one here has watched any of Jose Padilha's film most preferably Elite Squad 1 & 2 think that mashed together with Robocop but more Hollywood
@crypt The previous 2 films were Shaun Of The Dead & Hot Fuzz, in which all three Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost were involved in making.

The ideal of the 'Cornetto trilogy' is that in each of the films one or both main characters eat a Cornetto, which is reference to 'The Three Colours Trilogy' by Krzysztof Kielowski'
@narrator I;m very much looking forward to it, since i've been on the set and also the title of the film is named after my local pub 'The World's End' In Camden.
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Technically the lead runner for Best Actor alongside Phillip Seymour Hoffman in The Master.
@narrator @basquat
Basically throughout the film he gets various upgrades to fit into different scenarios and locations or when he gets too damaged
This film is just going to be awful. Its going to be glamorised with violence and just be a massive letdown.

I've read the script and well these pics are just a meh...

But on a better film news related note. Adele has just been confirmed to produce, record and sing the theme song to the next Bond film
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@corey Awesome review dude, and I know how you feel writing a review that is literally difficult to explain, going through the same phase at the moment.

Nice review though, looking even more forward to this now. :)
@crypt No idea, as far as I'm concerned it's called 'The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy.'

So i'm guessing its just an inaccuracy on behalf of the @balanorange
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Lol, good times. This film is looking amazing, filming in my area at the moment :)

Best part was though where The Rock chased some hoodlums down the road, in his FBI uniform, because they tried robbing one of the vans from the set.
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Now it's not a surprise that the mission that resulted in the assassination / killing of Osama Bin Laden has become the high story of Hollywood, as the result of the mission has struck a nerve, especially to those across the pond.

Also it's no surprise that several movies about the mission are in development namely to name one Academy-Award Winner Katheryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thiry. But now comes rumour and speculation that one of the biggest names in Hollywood is set to take the Bin Laden mission events by storm, and no it's not James Cameron, his still on Pandora, but none other than Steven Spielberg.

But word on the latest book to retell the exclusive details of the events of the mission which come from Navy SEAL Matt Bissonette writing under the pseudonym, Mark Owen in which he recalls the events firsthand. In which the book is titled 'No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account Of The Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden' has now become Hollywood's hot property after they suffered a numerous 50 Shades of Grey..

But Spielberg is a busy guy, with his highly-anticipated Lincoln on the horizon and is next film to be Robopocalypse, which ain't due until 2014. But despite the rumours flairing up the net, a spokesperson of Spielberg, Marvin Levy stated, "Neither Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks Studios or DreamWorks Television will be optioning Mark Owen's book, No Easy Day."

But I guess we can wait and see what happens to this highly anticipated account of the mission, but it seems that it will be, No Easy Day getting it adapted.

No Easy Day will be released Sept.11 2012 and is available to pre-order.
Now having seen the preview screening to the original version of G.I Joe 2, this was of course prior to the film's release date which was originally set for 2012, which it was delayed and pushed back until March 2013, for a 3D conversion...But that's just one part of the story for the nine month delay. The real reason is this guy...CHANNING TATUM

Beware because here come some spoilers from the original version of G.I Joe 2. Intially Tatum's character is killed of within the first action sequence which takes place within the first 20 minutes of the film. Thus this resorted into the film being headlined by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson & Bruce Willis. But due to 2012 sky-rocketing Channing Tatum due to super-stardom and impressing auidences with his versatile acting skills. In which 2012 saw him show his softer side with The Vow, then kick some ass in 21 Jump Street before stripping down in Magic Mike... Now hailed a superstar, the tester viewers, despised that Tatum was whacked off within the first 20 minutes.

But is this a good thing for Hasbro, despite their Transformer franchise is still a massive success and bringing in bank. As well 2012 didn't start off on course for the company as the sensational Box-Office failure of Battleship, in which the release date of G.I Joe 2 would have been left in the midst against its superhero contenders The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises (which that sentence wasn't meant to be Spidey punned). As well lets not forget to mention that Peter Berg blamed the failure of Battleship due to the success of The Avengers... Hmmm, not sure if I agree with that, but ok.

But is this ideally a good thing for Paramount & Hasbro, As for they now have to go through substantial reshoots which will apparently cost a fair few million, plus a decent 3D conversion costs between 10 - 15 million as well as a new marketing campaign... I guess were have to wait and see come March 2013.
Good review dude, have yet to watch it, despite it's doing fairly bad in my work place, but first I want to watch 'The Imposter' & 'Take This Waltz' then maybe I'll catch this.

Good review though, btw what area of the UK are you in dude?
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@mcleve02 You said it, mate

@moviemaniac66 Watch the original, trust me there is no way on Earth can you make 13: Game Of Death any better than it is in terms of a visual and grotesque visual levels
Throughout the whole of the first film his character is built up as this monstrous character that annihilates everything in his path and shows no mercy.
He comes at the end of the first flick, which by what I've seen and read looks pretty f*cking radical.
@mcleve02 Well Ridley cancelled his current shooting in London for, The Counseler for an entire week gave Fassbender & Pitt the week off same with the entire cast and crew and caught the next plane to L.A