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47 page treatment to be exact and is 30 to 40 years after the original trilogy.
J.J Abrams has already turned it down.

Spielberg seems more like a producer choice than a directorial choice, and plus his schedule is far too busy

Brad Bird is preferably the most choice... Great with Disney, considering his Disney / Pixar reputation.. and well his transition to film went smooth as a baby's bottom with M.I 4
@Blackout23 @ChiRep-1 @SherlockHolmes2009

While I'll agree, Dujardin didn't get the role because he has an extremely strong accent.

I think JGL or Hardy would have been fascinating in this role... They have the Disney charm, another interesting one would have been Daniel Day Lewis
@narrator lol, script is already written well the first draft has been, so I've heard, which the first draft and the treatment was written by Lucas. Which will then be polished by someone chosen by Kathleen Kennedy & Disney.

Abrahams has already turned down the option to direct...

Mendes, Verbrinski and Bird are the main people in talk possible candidates are Matt Reeves & Duncan Jones
@felipe-11 @k-man

J.J Abraham has already turned it down.

I've heard whispers that Mendes, Bird, Verbrinski & possibly Reeves are in talks
This is all bullocks lol, considering that Harrison Ford hates Star Wars and declared he would never return to the franchise amd his felt the same way for more than 30 odd years.

^ It may be old but well Ford's feelings ain't changed on the franchise for 30yrs... I'll doubt they'll start to now. Also from what I just searched he never said anything other than 'Maybe' on returning to Star Wars, in which he provactively rolled his eyes afterwards.
Disney have already declared they're looking for someone with an eye for story and visual effects that remain true to the saga and following of Star Wars
This is just a rumour and believe me there is no truth to it
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@2movieguys I think overall Raimi needs to pay the rent with the amounts of reboots his choking out...

I'm not going to watch the trailer, I'll wait till I see it in cinema, but meh this is a horror film being released in April, its most likely to already be a flop.

I guess were have to wait and see.
@Zak-Lee-Ferguson Like wise here mate :)
@julianroman Thanks for the review, dude. I don't know where I stand with this film because I'm a massive Cross fan and well, I know I'll be disappointed with Perry as Cross and maybe overall the film, but its nice to know Fox holds the role.

To me Idris Elba is the perfect visual onscreen of Alex Cross
@bawnian-dexeus I guess but I see this ending badly, they should have gone the same direction as Marvel and interlinked the films together to create the Justice league...

Because after a Justice League film... Would you really give a flying Marvel, for a Flash, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Martian Manhunter films?

I wouldn't because the idea is the standalone flicks build the anticipation to the joint picture, which will apparently kick off the new Batman series
@bawnian-dexeus I actually do agree with you

@john-m In clarification to your statement about Kingsley playing Ghandi, Kingsley is of Indian descent, which both Attenbourough brothers were fully aware off.

So in contrast, we are all entitled to our own opinion but in the statement of being faithful to the source material at hand, in which I'm not a Iron Man fan, but I'm sure 'The Mandarin' is of Asian descendant... Ideal option in my eyes... Donnie Yen with Yuen Woo Ping choreographing his fight sequences... Now that would truly be the definition of mind-blowing
@corey Well everyone I know that has seen 'Perks' has given it nothing but praise, plus it has Ezra Miller, who is an immaculate young actor of the next generation of thespians, as well as Watson & Lerman.

I think you might be happy to know that I think Looper, is on the BAFTA hit list foe a few nominations.
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I have absolute faith that Hopkins will do Hitchc*ck proud... After all this is the role that Hopkins has always wanted to play throughout his entire career.
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Great review @corey , much looking forward to this flick and Ruby Sparks as they are getting much critical praise.

Going to see them back to back possibly on Friday or over the weekend with Hotel Transylvania
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@SherlockHolmes2009 Getting to see 2 - 3 days in advance because my workplace is holding a special preview screening that myself and another work colleague got invited too.
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Film wasn't that bad, aside from the editing and pace, but nonetheless a great film and Aaron-Taylor Johnson outshone everyone
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@Kill-Bill But if your prediction is right, then why would Raoul Silvia want to kill his mother... but then again that would make a tad bit of sense with the 'Take The Shot' sequence on the train.