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But his not the director... The director has allegedly already let it slip his taken up the project
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Jay.A.Ottley posted in the forum: Disney Buys LucasFilm

When "Star Wars: Episode 7" was first announced, there was a rumor that Disney will first reach out to Hollywood's top directors before beginning talks with anyone else. The three names mentioned were JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg and Brad Bird.

Abrams and Spielberg have already stated that they are looking forward to seeing the film in theaters, but will not be directing it. As a result, fans have been reaching out to Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol) on Twitter to see if the helmer will take on the franchise. Bird eventually replied, simply writing: "Not doing Star Wars."

He did, however, have some kind words for everyone involved. "Michael Arndt is a fantastic writer and Kathy Kennedy is a brilliant producer," he continued. "I will be first in line to see the new STAR WARS."

Bird went on to explain that he's too busy working on his own Disney sci-fi film, called "1952," which is being written by Damon Lindelof (Prometheus).

Source: Twitter & Worst Previews
Jay.A.Ottley posted in the forum: Disney Buys LucasFilm
Great review dude. I loved this flick and is by far one of my fav animations of the year possibly alongside Paranorman and Madgascar 3.
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@the-movieghost Great review dude.

I throughly enjoyed this and will get round to my review eventually. I agree on many points.

But ideally take into consideration that Oldman's character was meant to be a big-shot gangster, so it did need a performance of high caliber. But I would have liked to have seen more Oldman.

I was lulled into this film by the simple fact it was a gangster flick with Hardy, Pearce and Oldman, that was enough to buy me but i found out that alot of people in my showing laughed when Hardy did his character's signature groan/moan.

But great review overall
@kguy That's because it is the game cover lol :P
@Number1Wolverine Ideally but Nolan dropped out off producing Man Of Steel, but because ideally he did help produce it in a way, so Warner have kept his name on the project for promotional and selling purposes. He dropped off Man Of Steel during post production or the end of the production due to control issues.

And well he dropped the next Batman saga due to the fact that Warner Brothers want to kick off the next Batman series with a Justice League film, which ideally in my opinion as DC fan will fail horrendously... Because after a JL film why would you give a damn about solo spin-offs for the other characters possibly aside from Batman & Superman.
@Number1Wolverine Well according to Lucas who has written the treatment for the first installment of the new trilogy, its an entirely new story written by Lucas which is not influenced by any off the other sources, so unfortunately no Bane or Thrawn or KOTOR... They could possibly infused some of the story elements of The Force Unleashed with the antagonist being Vader's apprentice, now seeking to bring back the Empire.

There are so many stories from the Star Wars Universe that can be composed to screen, which fan would die for and well ideally this may be a surprise but a Boba Fett movie is at the top of that list.

Take Star Wars as being in the same concept as Warner Bros owning the rights to DC Comics, it's not being utilised to full effect in my honest opinion
@moviegeek @corey ... What about thoughts of Breaking Dawn Pt.2 being knocked off the top spot in its 2nd weekend by Rise Of The Guardians?
@corey Ahhh completely forgot about Les Miserables, we get both that and Django in Jan 2013, unfortunately which sucks.

Django will do well because its Tarantino and well Life of Pi does look visually amazing and the book does have quite a following but then again Les Miserables has an even bigger following.

But ideally I meant as in terms that have created a reputation before their box office release dates, but The Hobbit does have that gap to dominate and rake its box office during that time.
@ghostman @corey & @themoviefanatic

Let's not forget to take into consideration that Skyfall & Breaking Dawn Pt.2 ideally have no grand competition on a big scale.

While The Hobbit has to battle it out for box office glory against Django Unchained & Life Of Pi, despite The Hobbit will reign on top.
@corey Pretty much the same here, but Skyfall broke records in our cinema with the most admits ever in a singular day 14k plus.
@Number1Wolverine And well on to the topic of Star Wars continuation, the fact that Disney now owns LucasFilms, doesn't really bother me that much. Disney seems to be on the up.

I think a lot of directors are turning down the project because Star Wars is considered as a masterpiece in terms of film and is a great story compassed within a trilogy. And well no one wants to touch Lucas's baby project, and that's understandable from any director standpoint.

I, myself want a new story from the Star Wars universe, bring me Thrawn, Bane, Knights Of The Old Republic or the fan's fav and desired, a Boba Fett spin-off.

But in fairness, I couldn't care less what happened after Star Wars Episode VI... Also to be fair and honest where can you take it? Is by far the most interesting question that surrounds this new trilogy. The Republic and the Empire is gone, Darth Vader is history, the trilogy went full circle... What more is there to tell and who cares what happened 35 years or so after... what Han knocks up Leia and leaves her a single mum and Uncle Luke shall have his revenge and then the final twist is that Luke is the father...
@Number1Wolverine Well ideally on the topic of Batman, as Nolan said "Batman, of all superheroes, has thrived on reinterpretation and almost is strengthened by it. So when the time is right, whenever someone does whatever the next iteration of the character is, they simply need to be true to whatever it is they want to see, to what they believe in, not worry too much about what everyone else is telling them it should be."

^ That is ideally how creatively controlled Nolan was on Batman, and well it's a shame and a pity that Warner nor DC are taking Nolan's advice for the next reinterpretation of the caped crusader.
@ghostman If so second one that Bond has smashed and I believe it is
Brad Bird is the next choice and in my opinion the best contender...

Think of this sprawled on the teaser trailer to Episode VIII

"From The Producer of Toy Story 3 & UP"
Director of Ratoutille, Incredibles... & Mission Impossible 4

^^^^ Now that's a big selling point
@redcameraman Abrams turned it down already, he was the first contender alongside Nolan, in which both turned the project down internally.

Abrams turned it down to focus on the next 2 installments to Star Trek, pretty much the same reasons @corey stated.

Nolan turned down due to its not his style nor genre and that the franchise is not open to reinterpretation as Batman was.
@Number1Wolverine Despite Nolan does get highly praised and is a great storyteller and after all did reinvent Batman. But Nolan loves creative control and so does Disney, so what you would have is a clash of horrendous proportions which would equal to the result of Spiderman 3... Star Wars style.