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Dude you have to read the comment more clearly and concise, I'm stating that SWATH on its opening day here in the UK will potentially lose halve its profit due to it being released on a Wednesday.

In which over here in the UK we have something called Orange Wednesday which is 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday with the mobile network Orange
@corey Ahhhhh completely forgot about Madagascar 3, but then again I never knew it release date, therefore it will definately be a close shave between Madagascar 3 and Prometheus
@superman81 SWATH & Prometheus were set to come out in the same weekend and day, but due to Prometheus being more popular and more in demand than SWATH... It was decided that SWATH would be moved forward 2 days in advance.

So SWATH is released here on the 30th May and Prometheus on June 1st.
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Prometheus will do exceedingly well, even though it is only being released on British soils first on June 1st. I work in the busiest cinema in the whole of the UK and our midnight sales for Prometheus are berserk, nearly on scale with the midnight screenings of Avengers believe it or not, and my cinema seats the capacity of 3000+, which came to all of us as a shock for an R-rated flick.
As well let's not forget that Prometheus is also in 3D and in IMAX

As well double the fact that SWATH in the UK is being released tomorrow which is an Orange Wednesday, it will lose money since its being released on a Wednesday.

But if it is the case that Prometheus is to be released on June 8th in the U.S, then SWATH will take this weekend's box office and then be taken to second place when Prometheus lands.
@superman81 Ahhhh, well I'm an Empire subscriber, comes with being part of BAFTA. And accepted your requested :)
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@thedude1 Yep :)

Its called MovieWeb Users Chat, if you have any of the other guys here on MW, and they're part of the group then just asked them to invite you in, because if I'm not mistaken its a closed group.
@thedude1 The first cut, yes. Seeing the final cut in the week, in which the cast and Nolan will be present.

Not sure if your a member of the Movieweb User Chat on Facebook, but if you are, well I put up a post giving the option to have your question answered by either the cast or Nolan himself at the screening.
Nice one dude, looking forward to watching this along with M.I.B 3... But more looking forward to this
@thedude1 It tops it, if not equals it
@bawnian-dexeus Ahhhh 'RISE BITCH AND BRING IT', seems more appropriate
@themoviefanatic @vampire2000

And that's because he actually is in the film, otherwise there wouldn't be a reason for his name being within the cast listings, would there?
@bawnian-dexeus @superman81 They've already done a Bane cover, I'm pretty sure of that, so not its time to give Catwoman some coverage and I must say that coverage is looking pretty darn fine from that angle.
Haha nice I've this on Blu-ray... @ejk1 its a pretty decent film
@ghostman 2D.

I say this because its post converted and also they used a variety of different cameras for different scenes so well yeah
nice one dude @SherlockHolmes2009
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@pjwolsker I second that statement