The Amazing Spider-Man

"Amazing in some aspects, mediocre at best... Spiderman how it SHOULD'VE been, but Webb perfectly lays the foundations and hype for the sequel which should be the best Spiderman ever...BRING IT ON!!!!"
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 3.0 Stars

Marvel's The Avengers

"WORLD PREMIERE: Prepare for something that is truly indescribable as your theatres roars in applause... Joss Whedon has officially created every fan boy's dream"
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 4.5 Stars

Wild Bill

"CAST & CREW REVIEW : Wild Bill is top class! Memorable performances that will blow you away with a gritty story of a broken family and what it means to be a father that will drive you into the narrative at full throttle, within the heart of London."
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 5.0 Stars

The Hunger Games

"RED CARPET REVIEW : The whole world will be watching..."Battle Royale for the Next Generation!" but still its own unique, faithful emotional tour-de-force... THE FIRST BLOCKBUSTER OF 2012 ARRIVES!!!"
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 4.5 Stars

John Carter

"STAR REVIEW: John Carter is a spectacular 3D IMAX adventure to the land of Barsoom with an expectation of being as brilliant as Star Wars on Mars but Edgar Rice's adaptation lacks the luster of development to bring the world to life."
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 3.0 Stars

This Means War

"SPECIAL COMMENTARY REVIEW: The Buddy love cop drama is back on top form in this hilarious American vs British action rom-com with a twist"
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 4.0 Stars


"Soderbergh takes the grittiness of Bourne miraged with the sophistication of Bond for this intelligent action flick that just may be too smart for its own good with poor and disappointing execution"
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 2.0 Stars


Jay.A.Ottley gave it 1.0 Stars

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked

"The third outing of the chipmunks is far better and more enjoyable than the second chilly outing of the trigger Happy Feet penguins but it is no where near the third dimensional entertainment level of the first outing of a Puss In Boots."
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 3.0 Stars

One Day

"One Day is simplistic tale of tragedy, love, rise and fall explored within the day of one surpassed within 2 decades and well adapted"
Jay.A.Ottley gave it 3.0 Stars