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Dude whats up!!!
I'd see Oldman as more as a Jedi master, but I do like that idea, it's different

I can see Adam Driver pulling off Jaycen Solo, if they go with the Fate Of The Jedi route
Jay.A.Ottley wrote a comment about the news item Special ID Trailer with Donnie Yen
Decent flick, but recently Donnie's recent flicks have been disappointing as this was
WOW, just WOW... can the casting to this film get any more worse?

While I'll agree William Fichtner is a great actor, his not the material to be Shredder. I'd prefer someone of Asian descent alla Iko Uwais or Donnie Yen.

But if we are going for the white descent cast, I'd say best choice is Scott Adkins (Undisputed 2 & 3 / Ninja 1 & 2 and Expendables 2), very under-rated martial artist and has the massive build of Shredder.
Meh looking forward to the possible opening sequence

An avenger gets snuffed off
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This was just one guy's opinion stating that he reckon Synder will possibly wind up doing the JL movie...

Nothing confirmed as of yet
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Hmmmm are you sure this is based on IP Man. I heard it was based on another prolific martial arts that was during the same time as IP Man.

But I've got it and have to give it a watch, looks pretty awesome
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Pretty good film, the action sequences are pretty intense and its not bad for a directional debut.

Saw the film already... Also add to note this was shot with Iko prior to The Raid, so in some way you could say that Keanu discovered Iko
@ghostman He most likely deleted the tweets after he had just released he messed himself up in snagging the role, maybe?
His not the black panther, Marvel-Disney are planning a Black Panther movie, but at the moment it's strandard in development hell as of the current moment and I doubt he'll appear in Avengers 2
Also guys keep an eye out for a new trailer to Iron Man 3, which will touch down in March in front of Oz, and there maybe a sneak preview attached to IMAX prints of Oz.
If any of you like I'd gladly take a picture of the 2 goodies that Disney gave us during the event and my guest badge for the event.

any one up for calling my bluff @brian @corey heck even @ejk1 can call it?
@brian On Thursday morning Disney hosted an exclusive high-profile 4 - 5 hour event in my cinema, which showed the highlights, previews, behind the scenes and concept art of every movie Disney is releasing from now to 2015 alongside an advance preview screening of 'Wreck-It Ralph.'

During the screening Abrams was put on the screen via a live news feed in the Skywalker room which he confirmed the news himself before the lunch break.

I got a ticket because I helped them setup some of the event.
@corey @brian To correct both of you the news was released on Thursday morning by an OFFICIAL source.

Which according to you guys the UNOFFICIAL source was leaked yesterday being Friday.

and btw that official source was Disney themselves.
@eddie584 Bird would have been an interesting choice, i agree especially with how well he transitioned from animation to live-action with Ghost Protocol.

But Bird, although is a great visionary, can you trust him to helm one of the biggest if not, thee biggest movie franchise of all time, with only one successful live-action feature under his belt?
@brian No I didn't to what exactly?
@corey I kind of agree, but who else aside from the obvious being Spielberg, would be the best candidate for the job other than J.J.Abrams.

I think this will be interesting especially since J.J has complete creative control
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Knew this a few days ago since it got confirmed a few days ago, and i agree with @incmob I think it's now in good hands.

@bawnian-dexeus Of course it was... I wonder what will come of it though due to J.J's terms and conditions
Jay.A.Ottley wrote a comment about the news item J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII!
Nice to see that in the end J.J got his way and got his deal done with LucasFilm & Walt Disney.

Also Disney have officially confirmed him as the director.