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JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item V/H/S/2 Red Band Trailer
looks good. loved the first.
isnt this the guy from "shoot em up". from far away, it doesnt look like him.
So im guessing the turtles will be "CGI" something like lizard from spider man? Hopefully they dont look anything like Tokka from tmnt2. lol
from the looks of its casting, I only know megan fox. im not familiar with the rest other than William Fichtner. So im guessing this will be megans debut leading role rising-star. Im sure there might be other suprises, but it looks like its all in her hands.
i almost thought she was fired from the set, and film it self. lolz
kiijs like the avatar direction as far as facial expression/movement ect. the foot clan look 50/50, i hope it doesnt have lame cheesy jokes when they are fighting the foot. And i hope its actual ninja fighting, not the "KABOOM!, WAM!, CLUNK CLUNK" kinda fighting. lol im talking fighting like bane and batman. or kit girl and those thugs. tor and his bro.
Does megan nor know how to ride a bike?, lol whats the stunt person for? lol Im guessing its a sense where shes being chased by bad guys, or something. maybe shes suposed to do bike moves that only a stunt person can pull off.
He doesnt really need to hang up the suit tho. They can stop and/or "pause" making iron man films, thats all. maybe just1 every 6or 7 yrs, that way the other super heros can play "catch up." So on the other hand. we will still see iron man, just not in his own films, rather in avengers 2,3,4 5 ect. Hell not even that. we can even see him in the hulk remake with Mark Ruffalo, or perhaps thor 3. maybe spiderman 3.
Because i feel that robert is tired and needs a break from being the main or lead guy from the group. thats where avengers come in. he wont have to much presure on his back because he'll only make lil parts for his role. if that makes sense.

I think the lil kid can take over. Didnt tony buy that lil kid or gave him alot of his stuff? in his garage, he could grow up to being the next iron man.
@thedude1 I was thinking the same thing. So he's done with ironman films. But will be in avengers 2-3, It wont make any sense
to have him replaced in between those 2 films for ironman4 (with another actor). and then go back to Robert Downey Jr. for avengers 3.
Even if they plan to make both films back to back. still both films wont be in theaters the same year.
Now I dont know what this means... Bringing Robert Downey Jr. back under a new contract will likely cost Marvel a pretty penny,
Robert makes them money, and a ton of it. I dont see why not paying the man what he wants, is a bad thing. Replacing him or not offering him more money, will make them lose money with the next iron man if he does not return. Weither they handpick a top star or not. might as well start over.
i dont know if thats really the spiderman actor or just a random guy. but it would of been a classic if that was the real actor, taking off his mask as he greets juan, still the movie is looking sweet.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic Park IV 'Return to Isla Nublar' Set Photo
Yea i read it. but i always thought Isla Nublar or the only island where jjp took place was the only 1 around, unless an island has diff names and areas that i didnt know. but im glad they wanna bring it back to the org island where it all took place.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic Park IV 'Return to Isla Nublar' Set Photo
i feel like JP2 was the weakest, no jeeps, explorors , jp gate, fences, ect. Why just an open field of running dinos.? Yea we might of seen buildings b4 they called for help, but neither1 was the visitor center. I think that when you finish a movie like jp, even if the same director does not return, the same settings should remain the same, even if its trashed up. You cant just make a movie and not show us what we saw in jp(1) Sure you can show us what we didnt see, but you gotta bring back the jp logos, the exploror railing on the ground, tracks, fences, let us believe that we are back in jurassic park. I hope that jp4 brings those things back. rather than just make movies of dinos and people out on an open field. .
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic Park IV 'Return to Isla Nublar' Set Photo
looks like another location where we might see Gallimimus running in groups b4 getting attacked by.. (NOPE, NOT TREX) this time, by raptors. :)
huge fan of Saoirse Ronan but i dont think this movie suits her, looks like another D+ movie on RT she should hurry up and make hanna2 b4 she gets old. and i agree with @josh, alexis does look older than 15, i would say 26-30
Personally i liked Fantastic 4 (part1) Im not a comic reader, never was, But i liked the film(s). even if the comics were better. To me they got everything right in the movies, except the direction it self. I dont mind if they keep it simple, kiddy friendly but sometimes when your making a super hero film. you gotta make it as serious/believable as posb, Think "batman begins, amazing spiderman,ironman, kickass ect. Movies like ghost rider2, the green lantern got it all wrong and should have never gone to theaters. it was just plain BAD
F42 si cant quite put my finger on it, but it spent way to much time on something that should have been avoided.
Lets hope this remake gets the "direction" right keep it intresting. and less cheesey.
@time yea something like that.
I wonder if ninja turtles will have some kinda back story, or like "batman begins" where he learned to fight and stuff b4 becoming batman.
Then again it might be like "gi joe" where they show storm shadows and snake eyes as kids, and why they hate eachother grown up.
all in all. i hope they dont make it a slow movie, or way to kiddy friendly. but i have a feeling, they will. with bay on set, it might be like those 2 lil robots being stupid and telling bad jokes, or sum not al hahaha lines.
If im not mistaking, isnt shredder suposed to be chinese or japanese? because of all the ninja stuff. with splinter. So with that in mind. would they go that route again or have an american take over. Ken Watanabe seems about right but they will wanna go for a much bigger, taller buffer approach. unless they can make ken seem bigger.
@tomp1210 ..
fuk yea, dude. Anna Kendrick as April would of been brilliant acting as well as "casting her" would fit the role just perfect. Megan is just eye candy that will prob failed her role. (yea not ereybody thinks of her as eye candy) but really her looks is all that gives her roles. i really hope she can prove us wrong in this, but anna is everything you could want in watever role she plays, she brings it. As for the turtles, i dont vreally care who plays who since they will be doing voice-over. As for shredder .. thats another big question. i dont know if he has been cast yet or not, but lets hope they find the perfect guy even tho we'll only be able to see his eyes, lets hope we never see his face, that should be left alone.
sounds like a stupid idea just to bring him back at all.
I had no idea Agent Coulson was that important to the avengers. I thought he was just 1 of those fillers.


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