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like the guy said below.. Hes not a bad actor, its just, that the story/direction wasnt taken seriously or as it should haved. It doesnt matter who takes the lead, it will still be bad until we get a good director to make it LESS cgi or BETTER cgi and have a well told story behind it. rather than rely on 3d, or cgi. and less kiddy stuff. either way i didnt like it and turned it off 25mins later.
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Funny how we saw less of duke a year ago and now hes all over the list with the other joes.
And why the hell is rock liosted as the main guy in this
photos like this are nothing but wasted web page, lol
I know people want updates but this is not 1 of em. neither are the glasses on another form.
Personally, I think that when dealing with a transformers film, You gotta keep the "people" from coming back for the next chapter,

I feel that TF1 was the best1 "yet".. TF2 should have taken a way diff. direction. There was no point of bringing back 70% of the cast back other than Sam (Shia) and Mikaela (fox) and maybe sam's parents, and maybe John Keller (Jon Voight) too!.
The rest NO NO!,
The GOV. would NOT have let sam keep his alien car, noway in hell.
TF3 is another story. better than part2 but still dull storytelling wise.
Now TF4... Should be the direction part2 should have taken. We yet to find out. I dont care if it takes place on earth either.
After watchin this clip, i already hate it.
John McClane does NOT act at all like he did in the last 4 films, Look at him, he doesnt act at all like a cop. The director Sumhow changed his way of being sort of like james bond or tom cruise in mip. I think its time for a reboot , with a new John McClane actor.
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Damn in the image above, fanning sure grew up alot, she looks at least 23-25yrs. As for this movie, im clueless,
This movie looks good but i miss the cast from the first film. They should have returned. While most of them shouldnt and some could easily be replaced such as cobra, The rest should be in the movie and sumhow, they arn't So we dont know if this is part2, or a stand alone., Even tho it brought parts of the first film, such as the president. But really.. i bet there wont be no mention of cover girl. scarlet, ridcard, breaker, gr.hawk, anna? lol
Anyhow, this better be worth it other wise get Stephen Sommers back so he could bring back his roster.
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Why is everybody bithingz? i think this is a perfect choice. better than giving it to guys like micheal bay.
jj, did a great job with startrek. look at all the money that came pouring in to that. Not every director out there knows what he's doing when it comes to filming sequels or any kind. look at Ghost Rider2, Piranha 2, ect. transformers 2, ect,
I think with jj in the driver seat weither its a remake, reboot or sequel, He Knows what hes doing.
Just know that whatever he brings us, DONT stay in the past. Dont compare it to the star wars we all grew up with, because thats dumb. The past is the past and alot of us need to move on to new things, and be happy with what guys like Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, jj, Peter Jackson, can bring us. But i know alot of people still wont be happy because they think somebody screwed up their childhood movie.
I agree on having Liam Neeson in EX3, He would easily fit right in, as somebody who knows Barney, or something, maybe an old friend. Who seriously would be hard to kill. or "defeat" but that line right there only fits none other than "Steven Seagal" Who i think would be the perfect baddy.
While i too agree that "cage' could use a hit movie right now, the guy is getting kinda old and/or doesnt really seem to make his character(s) believeable. Seems like hes always playing the same character in all his films. Hopefully if he gets the call. that they can give him a real character.
Another guy i had in mind for a baddy could be john travolta.
Ok I dont mind Dylan playing the evil lil Leprechaun, but i hope this isnt a wwe film, because 90% of wwe films SUCK!, Noticed how outsiders studios that feature wwe superstars such as the rock, turn out great, while wwe studios films, are crap.
Now as far as taking this to much darker route, that sounds good to me. Will have to wait and see how makeup turns out tho, unlike freddy's remake. PSH!
i agree, Expendables-1 was way better than part2, for a lot of reasons. Part3 should follow the same route as the first film. b4 it starts shifting into a stupid comedy,
As for a new star in Expendables-3, i would say bring in guys like robert de niro, tommy lee jones, maybe al pacino, and ford. as a group of mafi con men or something like that, But if they wanna stick to 1 top villian then i say.. snipes, seagal or the rock. YEA you heard that right, The rock. a unstopable baddass who could easily live on and return in part4, maybe get killed off in that film. but it would be kool if the rock or ANYBODY kills Gunner, lol i cant stand him. killing him off would the bring the rest of the team to kill whoever murdered Gunner. would make for a good story.
fun fact: i will definitely be there to watch this, However it WONT be in 3d. because im not a fan of that crap. 3d is meant for movies like star wars, avatar, transformers, ect, not gi joe, might as well make the next james bond 3d too, lol
On a serious note, this does look like a fun popcorn movie. Dont go in expecting a masterpiece, gi joe is more of a fun popcorn flick, just like the first film. thats what makes it fun. just like the expendables..
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i love Saoirse's eyes, (and i dont mean those alien eyes either) lol
red-haired girl..still the best in my book :P
You took the words right out of my mouth, This movie seems like its taking forever to come out, yet nobody really wants to see it, but yet they keep giving us info on whats been going on over the past few months, i guess its almost here.
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The Exorcist is still the best horror movie ever made. Nothing comes close to that, However under it i think would be...
Exorcist: The Beginning
The Rite
The Last Exorcism
The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I guess these would be my top 5, but there are more,
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Hope theres no symbol on the back side of the cape, like the old superman, I always felt that it looked way to cheesy, Same thing for the bat symbols on all batman suits, batman begin's was a great suite,
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Ninja Turtles to Shoot in NYC This April
hahaha to shoot in NY as if they were planning to shoot in az, or sumthing, lol the whole damn movie should be shot in ny, or maybe else where they show a nice looking city scape like chicago, or watever.
About the 3d thing. Yes people go to them, (i know) but not every movie being made really needs it, While some look awesome, theres the other half of them that fail at all cost. think.. shark knight 3d, piranha 3dd, ghost rider 2 3d, silent hill 2 3d, ect, just to name a few.
Seems like every movie being made today in 3d delivers more on eye candy than a good movie.
If only movies were more like avengers, avatar, spiderman, (story wise) then it would be worth the price we pay..


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