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JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item First Look at the Jurassic Park IV Teaser Poster!
We all know this is fake but if we were wrong and it turns out to be real. then it sucks!, because its way to clean. it should of been done with dirt, hard rocks, like bones old looking, washed up feel to it. not brand new. I dont hate it, i just feel its to new.
@justatadmatt yea i noticed, lol but i was talking about movies not tv movies or tv shows. The guys a good actor, he should have been doing more movies than small stuff. i guess hes been to booked to be on those things. either way im glad hes back on the big screen. thats if they dont canned the movie. lol
@StephieBaybee you might be right, lol
Man what has Jeff Daniels been up2, I havnt seen him ever since dumb & dumber. his only other good movie was Speed. dumb & dumber 2, will be an all time classic. along side w/jim carry.
im guessing Mary Swanson doesnt return. She shouldnt. that was 1 story and this is aother. would be good if they brought in the girl they were talking about when they were in the hot tub. fetlcher or watever her name was.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Russell Crowe Interested in a Man of Steel Prequel
why would he return, he died. i dont want this to be like halloween 2 with micheal's mother, poping out every 5mins. i understand this could be used as flashbacks, even with his wife. but as long as they dont take up to much time or derail the main story, its all good. i wont care if they return but i wont miss them if they dont.
agreed, first film was the best dino movie ever made/ while 2-3 were (ok) but not great desperate its updated stuff. Im loving the idea for this movie but i dont know how it can tie down to jp1 when 2 and 3 have been made which means either 2 and 3 never happened. or they did but it was a long time ago. who knows how the years will lap. and come together. but i hope its a treat.
i can see it underwater aquarium featuring water dinos and such. a rapter cage, a bird cage, an open gallimimus running set, not to mention trex, and much more. this is gonna be epic.
if only other directors were this nice.
well respected to America! :)
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Yea i think i remember him now. he was alil yellow car back in the 80s, (not sure what year) but i know who he is now. i just wasnt sure he was bumblebee. and an updated 2007 camaro didnt give it away for me, lol
I might be wrong but didnt they show a Volkswagen in the first film when sam and his dad are looking for a new car.? I dont remember what happens, its been awhile since i seen the movie. but bumble bee hits the VW with its door and a window cracks or something. so sam ends up liking the bigger car, b4 it changed to the camaro later in the film..
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item New Bumblebee Revealed in Transformers 4 Photos
Yea im not familiar with the comics So i dont know if bumblebee is just made up for the film or if hes an actual character like prime and such. I was just wondering if this car was picked out just because its a new model coming out or if bay just picks out watever to slap on a character.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item New Bumblebee Revealed in Transformers 4 Photos
Why does it have to be yellow. not that its a bad thing but why that car and why yellow.
great leaving las vegas 2, :P
And i agree, this guy needs better bookings, hes a good actor, just gets into sh*tty roles that flop. & for that i only blame the directors for wasting his time. If your gonna use him, use him right, other wise dont shove him in crappy movies.
hahahaha @gandoff i couldnt agree more. i always wondered who (toka ad rara were) yea thats what april called them. lol
i would of loved to have had a turtle movie with krang, Bebop and Rock Steady, the big tectndrom or however its spelled. i am loving the new cartoon on tv. i hope the movie follows some kinda org. story but in an updated way.
could of been worse. they could of casted john cho as shredder, LOL
or kevin nash, lmfao!
At this point im fine with the casting of shredder however, Casting an org, Japanese for the lead, does not mean china gets hurt, Transformers is another movie with a diff set of people, which deals with china. So how does working with china not hurt Japanese but casting a Japanese hurts chines? kinda dull.
Just so you know, he who wears the mask is not important as he who runs the mask.
in other words. Any givin actor has to know how to work the mask, movements, fighting and moods, because his face will never been seen onces he suits up. same thing with iron man, siderman, kick ass, jason, myers ect.
It would of made things more kool if they never told us who plays shredder. not even in the list of castings or interviews, but now days thats what gives it away. we read, see and hear who plays what, its like you already know whos the hero, who dies, ors good or bad.
I was thinking the same thing on another clip, i dont remember where in the movie, but it was when superman is flying mid air, the camera is way up in his face, he looks kinda mad (im not sure), but i could see Reeve when hes moving like that. (above clip)
for a moment i thought that was shania twain, lol
An idea on who could play MJ..

(age might be a factor but heres my list)

Spencer Locke
Ashley Greene
Danielle Panabaker
Emma Watson
Emma Roberts
Alexandra Daddario

And Last But Not Least...
Lyndsy Fonseca
Would be kinda funny if she got to play MJ since she plays kick-ass's gf and he brings up alil story "what's the difference between peter & spiderman?.. spiderman ALWAYS gets the girl. LOL
A... Dane Dehaan looks more like a lizard in that photo than a green goblin, lol

B... Whoever gets casted as MJ needs to be a b-c lister, not an A lister. Emma Stone wouldnt be considered a top star in my book. there4, whoever plays MJ should be on the same level as her.

C... I never heard of Shailene Woodley til the spider man news poped up about her. She would be considered a perfect fit since shes not a top star, however MJ'S role does not fit her.
She however does remind me of another actress... Scout Taylor-Compton.
get ready to see a sh*tload of transformers toys taking up space at walmart. LOL
Only if kit from the 80s came back, not the new updated 1 (pictured)
THANK GOD A REBOOT! this movie needed1 so badly. and now its getting it. all new fresh and new direction. cant wait!


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