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Isnt Bandai the same company that dissed the thundercats product. They suck at making toys as well as advertising their stuff.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item jOBS Gets August 16th Release Date
yea so did i. lol They keep changing dates on movies. or like whenever a teaser is shown for the first time, it says April 14 then trailer 3 comes and its changed to June 8 or whatever. lol
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item jOBS Gets August 16th Release Date
in 2 months and there isnt even a trailer out yet? or is there?
Good choice for a actor in Ashton however this movie wont lead anywhere. other than just computering, should have gone to lifetime on tv rather the big screen.
I liked Superman Returns. It was a big time improvement from the older superman films that came b4 that1. However Man of steel is a work of Art. I feel that Man of Steel needs a few more films. Just like Batman begins did with dark knight & dark knight rises.
WBs. Are stupid if they put this1 back on the shelf after Man of Steel.
I would of been very pleased if they would of made a next to Superman Returns but sadly they dropped it. I consider that a nice stand-alone superman.
Man of Steel is gonna be "Awesome."
They just made the biggest mistake of their life.
I see dollar signs $$$ all over this, and so do other movie studios.
Bring back Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels, and you have your self a million $ box-office hit. Just like friday the 13th last week. will make another studio rich. whoever at WB let this1 go, is nuts
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This looks like a comedy. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING GETTING IN THE BACK FOR? " lol "WHAT YOU WAITING FOR..SHOOT EM' (puts on his glasses)
Im sorry but james is to young to be the president. they should of made it more realisic and gave him grey hair. or cast a much older guy like denzel washington or something.
Even tho i already seen this movie already...olympus has fallen, White House Down feels like a action comedy entertainment popcorn fun type of movie. its not a must watch but rather to watch this year. if theres nothing out that week that you might like.
wasnt Saoirse Ronan gonna be casted for Scarlet Witch. ? And Robert Downey Jr. better return as tony stark . I cant see anybody else in the iron man suit other than him.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item GIVEAWAY: Win Super Prizes from Man of Steel!
the shirt and hoodie are the best. must own.
Im Down with Hansel & Gretel: 2. The first was very good. I love alot of the stuns they did, and makeup was pure gold. alil scary for kids but who cares? this isnt meant to be seen by kids under 13yo. Anyhow. i hope part2 is as strong as they say its gonna be.
did i just hear that theme song or tune from the dark knight near the end?
the name doesnt fit this. more like "DodgeBall 2: A True Chick-Flick" lol
"Hot Flashes" sounds like a film with hot babes in new orleans flashing boobs or part2 of "Spring Breakers"
When they say friday the 13th, they better be talking about the rebooted 1, not the80s version. the remake was a classic in our time, very well made and should bring back the bro/sis if not, bring back awhole new set of cast but keep the same jason guy. not a short dude like freddy.
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the bug-eyes kickass makes when he sees something he hasnt seen b4. is priceless. it cracks me up everytime i see it.
hope she isnt wearing that outfit thru out the whole movie. Not that its a bad thing, I know its her iconic outfit. its just might feel like shes either poor or everything that took place in the film happened in 1 day.
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@monkeyiron 2.0
Oh i must of missed that , my bad! I thought the whole internet thing was just so they could find out about the glasses which connected them to sam.
And by the way whos idea was to make those dumb immature bots in part2? the 1s that kept fighting with eachother.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Autobot Hound Revealed in Transformers 4 Photo!
Are the transformers gonna speak english? These are suposed to be from another world and well why do they speak perfect english?
On other news.. Im liking the new designs but Lets wait and see where they take this new film. (Part1) was the best1 yet, then they failed in 2-3 I would have hoped that they rebooted part2 but O'well. :ets hope this new time around, brings somebody we havnt seen b4.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Machete Kills Trailer
this looks as stupid as the first, yet in a good kinda way. lol
One of those "leave your brains at home" kinda movie. Other wise you wont enjoy it.
looks like a hot-wheel...or is that the point?
It seems as if he's mocking young stars who could fill these roles. being funny/silly not serious, Saoirse Ronan, could fill any role in this but Justin Bieber is another story. Dont even throw his name because it be a big joke to us and to you!


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