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why damnit. just let it go. let him RIP geeez lol
go make me a sequel to 2009s friday da 13th. b4 it gets to late that they will want to reboot that standalone lol
Either im starting to like fairy tales now or this was just a good tesed trailer.
Johnny is only good at acting in these types of films. because he plays a character that only he is good at bringing to life.

He could do a very good joker or riddler if casted,
By the way... i thought movies came out on fridays, i looked up Sept 11 and its on a thursday. Im guessing that would b a midnight screening? unless they dont have that over there then why isnt it shown on a friday like here in the U.S. which would make it Sept 12 to them.
On Sept 11. instead of being sad, depressed , mad and trying to get over everyday drama, why not go out and see TMNT. & enjoy ur self w ur kids eating candy and popcorn. geeez.

i bet the people who are offended here are those who dont like or watch movies that are "based" on true/actual events, such as texas chainsaw, the strangers, world trade center, Zero Dark Thirty, Home of the Brave, The Hurt Locker, Stop Loss, die hard, true lies, Olympus Has Fallen, white house down and the list goes on.
Weither some are based on true stories or not. its nothing to get mad about. So dumb if they get worked up over a poster which to me...would look baddass as a bluray cover. or poster to hang on your wall, hell any kid would like that. And this isnt the 1st time i seen such poster like that. Resident Evil had that kinda art work. Die Hard, ect.
Remind me never to watch Friday the 13 on a friday the 13th. psh
tHEY should just keep the poster and push the movie date up to Sept 12. or 2015 that would shut em up. lol
No really. I see nothing wrong w the poster at all. its TMNT man. wtf do they wanna see. the ninja turtles relaxing on an Australian beach eating pizza drinking koolaid movie poster? lol
as long as they keep Paul W. S. Anderson away from this im in. LOL
The game is a hit and the movie should follow he same route.
Hope they ake it "r rated" because it wont look good pg13.,
Same goes for uncharted.
Not really judging it in a bad way. just saying that i hope thats not how he'll look/be in the whole movie. I am fine with it being something special he has, creates or watever. during night or a fight. . all im saying is that i hope hes not looking like that all da time. or at random times in dark shadows while hes just talking to spying on some1.
Sorry i dont mean to bitch about it. or about the whole film. im just as pumped as everybody else about this movie. Yes it started off rough with the casting of WW and all these things they were planning to throw into the film. but its looking up good so far. but only time will tell when we get a full trailer.
We need to hope for the best.
Lets face wont be a step down from the last 3 batmans. its the next big step!
whats up with those batman eyes? it looks stupid as hell. was that really supposed to turn me on and get me excited? LMFAO
Im sorry but that kinda sh*t only works and looks ok on cartoons. in the real world, you just cant expect people to buy it. its not believable.
In the dark knight, batman had sum glowing neon lites as eyes but we knew what that was. in this1 its like taking it from the cartoon where as batman does not have eyes its just white.
Superman glowing red eyes, works because we know what he can do. or how he is. but batman just doesnt work.
I hope its not like that thru out the whole film.
I think the center of her head should have a cervy thing to it and by that i mean hair should be there going left to right, but instead, its her 4head that is shown..
meaning that head piece should cover that head part that does not have hair or it should have hair but it looks weird like that.

Over all, she looks like just a random girl wearing a really good halloween costume. rather than a real super hero.

i dont hate it but neither do i like it. but i hope that ones i see a trailer w her in it. it changes how i feel about it.

I still think gina carano would have made an epic wonder woman.
shes got the boobs, body type, shes pretty and bitch can fight, lol
she fits a kinda role like this but instead..they got this girl. so again..lets hope she can prove us wrong.
even tho its real...THIS looks like a fake. something about it feels off.. and it has nothing to do w her bewbies. its something else. but i cant seem to put my finger on it/ maybe its her face i dont know.
i do like the outfit tho.
it doesnt matter if this movie bombs or not. i want them to keep making tmnt movies. same as they keep making saw movies, scary movies, and american pies. tmnt is 1 of those movies along side scooby doo.. that should get a new film every 2-3yrs. it'll be something fun to look foward to when they come out. so im hoping for a green light and hope they can bring in a ton of new characters.
it'll be a nice suprise seeing krang in this1 since he was never in any of the last 4.
the "ears" on the let suit has em big, while the front suit has em "daredevil" size. im guessing there'll be more than 1 bat suit.
It would have been funny if during the elevator scene. right after they all get out screaming... sum1 goes "wrong floor man" and they get back in. or some sh*t like that, lol
completely agree with your post.
people are never happy these days, , and they always compare something w something that is wayy diff.
if you asked me, Its really simple. You either like a type of movie or you dont. Sometimes i wonder if some guys are really guys cause they act like girls, dissing over a die hard movie. lol
NINJA TURTLES to me looks a million times better than all 3 tmnt combinded. How hard is it to just go in. kick back, and enjoy a popcorn movie? geez, lol
i noticed the film has not been Rated, even tho we all know it'll be rated PG13 but i think it should atleast get an R rated for saying "sh*t" or "damn" maybe a few blood stains here and there. unless that can be said & done under pg13. then its all good.
Hopfully theres an unrated version comes bluray time.
Whoopi should win a best supporting role here. she still got it. lol
Whoopi should win a best supporting role here. she still got it. lol
call me crazy but if this happened b4 the conjuring, why does it look like its in (our time) while that movie was shown in the looks and feel of the early 70s and 80s.
looks just like the cartoon come to life
that pic with all of the "suits" hanging w/name-tag would make a great poster.


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