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JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Star Wars 7 Won't Use Original Cast in Marketing?
They should do side or back shots of somebody doing something and wed have to guess who that is. undr the hood or in mid air.
If theres less talking and more ufos, monsters, i'll watch. i hate when tv shows do nothing but talk, talk talk and in the end, you get nothing out of it. just a shocker line. but i would be pleased if they rebooted the movie rather than a tv show in which he or they wont be around for the long haul. atleast a movie is every 2-3 yrs,
well since reboots & remakes are all over the place these days , why not let steven take a crack at it. and see how it turns out. but that would be a big waste of money. besides. there are plenty of war movies steven can do that havnt been done b4.
nOW thats the kinda thing i wanna hear from actors who have such great roles but step down from them either because they got tired of it or rather work on something else. other than getting recasted.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Ouija 2 Is Happening
when i read the headline, i was like "QUE"? lol the first movie sucked on so many levels man. it wasnt scary, nor suspenseful. It lackd ideas, looked like it was done over a weekend. the frights were bullsh*t, the character and when i mean character, im only talking about the main girl. either she sucked at acting or the director didnt give her directions on what to do, or actout when this or that happens. .. because when the frights happen, she doesnt act out in a scared situation. more like she already knew what was gonna happen on set. rather than just a random person seeing a real ghost and freak out.
that is the problem i have with horror movies. When your cast has to deal with any kinda monster, weither its a guy in a suit, or cgi. they need to know how to act out rather than just give us that brave chick that doesnt care if she just saw the devil. or a ghost.
Thats why movies like this 1, One Miss Call. House on haunted hill, wrong turn 2-5, among others. seem to fail.
The best acting i ever seen in a horror movie is Elizabeth Olsen- Silent House. Anyone who disagrees with that clearly doesnt understand a horror's vision in movie making.
I know what would be a great role for her in Captain America but people will be against this idea because alot of people are not a fan of hers, dislike her or hate her. But i think if done right, and clever, she could be the daughter of Peggy Carter, Who winded up marrying someone else after all those yrs and Steve Rogers finds out that he has some connection with Kristen's character.
Not sure if she should be a super hero or not, but just throwing her in as a daughter of the woman he left behind, is or would be big news to him.
And how she (kristen) read about him when she was younger, her mother (peggy) talking about him, how he could of been her father.
Anyway. thats the kinda role i would give to her. but like i said, peopledont want this kinda story just to bring her in., but it could be all he has left of his past, othr than memories.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item 221 Things Wrong with the New Ninja Turtles Movie
even the greatest movie ever made, has mistakes. it doesnt have to be a low rated film.
If they ever rebooted the exorist, Jones would have to be it.
Well when Man of Steel came out, i was pumped after watching the trailer but then the movie it self turned out boring, and a long drag.
It wasnt exactly how i thought it would be and thats not saying much.
Batman Begins had a similar approach and i loved how everything turned out.
So with that in mind. i hope this new movie isnt a long drag, and theres a reason for everything being where it is not just for the hell of it.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Outcast Trailer: Nicolas Cage Is the White Ghost
Who the hell books him for these kinda movies. whatever happened to him being in blockbusters!, movies like face off, honeymoon in vegas, next, the rock, hell a better movie of ghost rider, . He could use a super hero treatment by now. either as a goodie or a baddie. in the avengers, or something. dont get me wrong, i enjoy his movies but they are becoming D movies in my option. he needs a breakout film.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Fantastic Four Reboot Praised by X-Men Director
just lastnight i read that sumbody. i think it was the studio that said the movie was a big "mess" and needed a new director plus script.
wouldnt it be better if they crossed over "R.I.P.D."? since they are almost the same.
hOW hard is it to bring back the same cast from 1/2 and just give us a great movie? reboot, remake, is a big waste of money when u can just go from part2 and even tho those movies were to cheesy, it can be better crafted using a good director and story wih the same actors. who we all already know.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Friday the 13th Remake Aims to Shoot This Year
Theres a few Friday the 13th dates in 2015, sadly i feel that it wont make any of those dates, because this should of been filming since summer of last year. and be completed by Feb of this year so all the promotions and ads, marketing would of started by now to get people ready for the movie. this year.
but i think by doing it all in 1 year, is a bad idea. They should just get it right., take their time, and not even bother with a reboot, just make part2 from the 2009, Release It in 2016, and thats it. and for the love of God, KEEP IT R RATED, if i hear its pg13. all hell gonna break lose, its gonna flop big time.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Taken 4 Is a Possibility Says Liam Neeson
haha, ya nonstop. my bad, and i also meant to say "Taken 4" being green light.
it really would of been a great idea with only him, in Non-Stop and then maybe at the end when the plane lands, The Wife & Daughter show up, and they hug,as a small cameo thing. or maybe they could of used the daughter with him on the plane. and they both try to figure out who the killer was.
It wasstill a good movie tho. hell alot of his movies are great,

For some reason he reminds me of Nathan Drake, from "Uncharted" the game, in The A-Team. Tobad he's getting older to play those kinda roles. But he does well in Taken. So i'm hoping for another if they green light it.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Taken 4 Is a Possibility Says Liam Neeson
You know "unstopable" could of been a soloe mini film of taken. on a plane with that bomber, leaving the family thing on the side and just focus on him. but sadly thats a complete single film not related to Taken..
I really hope they green light taken 3, i mean what could go wrong., its an action kinda movie but they can follow where taken 3 left off, i mean the main bad guy is still alive. so are others. so it isnt hard to make more.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item G.I. Joe 3 Aims for Disturbia Director D.J. Caruso
i agree dude, the org. cast from the first film, should come back. even duke but i doubt thats the case. dunno why they wanna focus on the rocks roadblock when Duke is the main guy. from the joes. dunno why they had him killed off either. wouldnt that be like killing off leo from the turtles and making ralph ur main lead? lol
i'll always love the first movie over the 2nd 1. in alot of ways and for alot of reasons desperate the cheesyness
I feel that gi joe 2, was off. felt more like a reboot but using the same story from part1 only switching things around. and it failed.
i think the uss carrier should come back. as well as most if not all of the org, cast members from part1 and part2 and make 3 an even bigger and better film.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Taken 4 Is a Possibility Says Liam Neeson
For any1 who hasnt seen it yet (Taken 3). it was left open. I really hope theres a (Taken 4) on the way, maybe even a 5.. Because There is still much that could be done here with wife dead, & 1 friend dead/out.. 3 left. and somebody's pregnant. So the family could be extending, from here on out. and the whole father and daughter thing really works here. because we joined this family from the begaining, and we got to know who these characters are, why they are the way thy are. . plus background stories ect.
So the people already know whos who here. And with Taken 4. it could open up even more things that could be said and done.
Overall i rate Taken 3, an 8 out of 10, it was a really good movie.

Im looking 4ward to an 'unrated or extended cut" on bluray.
makes u love and respect even more the hell out of the cgi in jp films.
all sizes or just under men?


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