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I think thy should hold up on that for another 2-3 parts b4 replacing her w an older female. unless she ages well..then stick w her but i think
Scout Taylor needs to return for 3, 4 & maybe 5. b4 handing over the ropes to her child which was annie, wasnt it?
I like the idea that they r sticking to part3 than restarting over.

on a side note...Jamiee lee needs to do sum kinda cameo. it would b sweet!
wat about the girl w glasses, (pictured) rather see her drop the towel :P
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wouldnt Aaron Eckhart be the lead actor, , Sure Gerard Butler, is the1 doing all the hits and kills, but Aaron is the president. Same thing happened with "batman Forever" Tommy Lee Jones was the main guy not val as batman. why cause hes not a big star?
Anyways no big deal. just thought this was strange.
the story does sound good tho. Something "die hard" should of been.
sounds fine. we can wait as long as they give us the best and final chapter.
Not saying its a failure. if theres alot of ninja turtles camera time and less humans.
just like if they think to much ninja turtle CGI means more to them than story then thats dumb. "think transformers 3/& the reboot"
Howevr the way they went with April's story and having less turtles was really good because it shows theres really a point and a story behind that. rather than just all turtles.
but because this was part1, thats how every first movie starts. you dont really see much until half of the movie. But with that out of the way. Part2 is not gonna be about shadows. And i have a feeling it will have more CGI and less of April and Shredder...
But again. I think having less of them gives the movie more balance of both worlds. or atleast in this case, the ninja turtles, shredder, April, maybe casy jones, and the others.
if im not mistaking..didnt ben play Superman in the movie.."Hollywoodland" so now he's playing batman while the person in front of him, plays Superman.
i dont agree with 4/5.

I think and feel that The Technodrome should be a spaceship rather than a mobile thing rolling thru the city. it just looks plain stupid. But having it as a spaceship in out of space. with maybe a few mini spacecrafts coming to earth to 'distroy it" sounds kinda cool & fun. There could be more than 1 krang (since we'r talking about an out of this world thing here. The Technodrome would be "The krangs' sort of command center
Then maybe William Fichtner could be the mastermind who comes up with a way into this world So he finds a way to open some kinda portal. whitch then leads into the ...Technodrome.!

#5... i think the direction the movie went, was awesome. I think that the story should be about April. rather than the turtles, (i know that sounds dumb) but it gives us a reason to like her. understand her life and story. rather than just have her there to look pretty. to much camera time on the tutles is actually bad, that sh*t would get boring so fast.
I like the idea of April getting caught and the turtles or kc jones is there
to save her. her cameraman is a nice add-on. they both fit their roles perfectly.
As for everything else listed.. its nice to dream... but not everythibg will or should make it all in 1 film. i think turtles2, should just have kc jones and sum1 else but not krang or bebob and rocksteady. save those for part3.
there has to be an 'Extended" version of the film. I mean keep it as it was on dvd for the kids but give us, the adults..... the extended cutt on bluray.
they 4got the movie "What Dreams May Come" which was breathtaking. such a powerful story. and film.
I heard Actor..jason momoa would take the role of aquaman or sumthing..the new movie ...but after looking at him, he looks more like General Zod from Suprman 2.
@the Real Goku
i agree with what you said dude.
Not sure how many movies would be made between now and then,be4 it dies down after 3 or 4 and get boring. unless theres a way to keep it fresh.
Like you said..they can bring in stockman. bebob and rocksteady or sum1 else, while keeping shredder alive because lets face it.. he aint dead. hes mad as hell. and now would be a good time to bring in somebody bigger than or like him who can face the turtles.
i sumhow feel that krang would be pointless in this if he was brought in. just like the footclan. but it wouldnt hurt to bring him in at the very end.
i know bay would jump on that idea in a flash, because he wants to make sumthing from another world like the turtles being aliens but that was trashed by the fans so he changed it.
but with Dimension X in it. hes sure to bring it by 2016. lol

& lets not 4get we need kc jones.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Michael Bay Doesn't Want to Direct Transformers 5
yea yea hes saying that now cause the last1 was really bad, , imagin if it wasnt bad, he would be back on board in a heart beat.
Transformers is 1 of those movies that really needs a reboot, we can just pretend like (4) never happened but that be hard to swallow. and it wouldnt be fair to the people who already paid to ee it. not to mention ANOTHER REBOOT".
But if bay is gone 4 sure then ya it needs a reboot from scratch . recast evrybody. from part4. focus on a really good story. and take it from there.
Transformers 9part1) was the best1. hopefully there will be another just like that1. but extended to 3 films rather than have 3 diff stories going on.
Theres really nowhere to go after how bay left it. so a reboot/remake is a much but i think they should wait it out until 2017 or 2018 maybe 2020.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Is Coming in 2016!
Saw the movie today and i have to say that i give it a 50 out of 100.
it was like watching a cartoon come to life. (in a good way)
Sure it could of been better but it was still good enough to me , its watch-worthy and it does look like it should keep going for more films.
Hopefully theres an extended bluray on the way because i felt that it deleted sum things from it. like..
according to the toys and figures ..the foot soldier comes with a clear "removeable" mask that was told it plays a role in the movie and that didnt happen.( or i missed it) We didnt see Raph in his famous "coat" & hat out in the open (or at all).
The turtle Van also has a go-cart that shoots out from the back which they also said it plays a role in the movie and that didnt happen.
plus alot of other things were left out. which is why im hoping theres sum kinda extended set on the way.
non the less...i still liked the movie. megan was perfect for the role as April,
I know alot of people are not gonna like it or hated it. and these are the same kinda people that hate the newer starwars , but love the old1s. same as saying, freddy myers, ect.
But really its simsple, you either like these kinds of movies or u dont.
Its like telling a girl to watch a james bond movie and shes gonna not like it or not get it. because its not her kinda thing.
So ya this movie was good, but like i said, it could of been better and chances r the next1 might be even better. but it sure as hell wont be any worse than the old1s.
So to those who havnt seen it yet.. you should, you might actually enjoy it like i did.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Camp X-Ray Trailer Starring Kristen Stewart
looks & feels like1 of those slow dramas to me! not that thats a bad thing, just looks like that type of film. Something new for her..for a change.
havnt seen it yet (TMNT) but already just by knowing and reading that megan and those 4 guys have a 3yeardeal. or watever that means, im guessing 3 more movies? which means they will be locked in for 3 more movies i hope. i would hate that sum1 got replaced like fox as April.
Havnt seen it yet so i dont know if shredder dies or not, i hope thathe doesnt get replaced if hes still alive. because if theres 1 thing. i hate when actors get replaced (for watever reason)
I think this kinda movie looks fun. to watch. will bring joy into people's eyes those who grew up in the 80s should atleast like it. Sure you dont have to love it, Dont go in expecting a Dark Knight kinda story or Avengers. Its meant not only for kids but its a gift to (us) those who grew up w those toys, and morning cartoons.
The same sh*t i felt about gi joe... yea..i liked it. the first movie, (while the 2nd1) for me was just blah. because it wasnt as fun as the first1. but i still liked it.
Anyhow im glad this movie made plenty ..enough to green lite a 2nd film. but i think that1 will be a 3-4 year wait from now. For tje time being...i'll enjoy the first movie. and own it on bluray because tru fans like myself...should own this1.
i havnt even seen the movie yet and i already know who is who. lol
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Kick-Ass 3 Is Not Moving Forward at This Time
i loved KA and "sort of" liked KA2.
for me, jim didnt bring much to the film, i didnt really care if he was in it or not. i dont really care that he died. as much as Big daddy's death. but his death made that movie much more stronger, powerful and i actually cared about him, hit girl and kickass.
In kick ass2, i didnt care about any1. other than kickass and hitgirl. but the movie felt dull. something was off/missing or weak.

The main villian is now dead, so where does that take the 3rd film?
Sure they can play it safe, bring him back as if he actually lived aftr that shark attack. . Only to give him that 2.0 version upgrade like kickass got in the first film . (fix those little key mistakes) from KA2 and stick to the roots of the first film. Get rid of all those superheros, & just stick to the main leads. Jim's role is forgetable so they dont really have to go back or bring him up. but i think they can bring back BIG DADDY, who is now solo looking after hitgirl from far away and watching her rise on her own, and consider kickass her 'new" partner.
But bringing
him back would mess everything up. or i say. just leave that alone and just either...bring back version 2.0 motherf*cker. or give us a more stronger powerful villian.
im sure they can cook sumthing up, its really not that hard. it cant be as hard as bringing back micheal myers after how part2 ended. this1 can find its ways.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Amazing Spider-Man 2: Watch the First 10 Minutes!
First movie was 90% better.
This movie was way to cheesy with so much thrown in, it lelt as if you wre watching a 90 min trailer. hopefully the 3rd movie is much better.
Cage is a fine actor who's always being booked under crappy movies all because (he needs the money) Its not because he sucks as an actor. He just gets casted on the wromng kinda movies.

nOW i know why cage's films have been sh*tty.
Because the director or writer focuses to much on him, way up in his face. than the actual story going on in the background, and that is wat causes the movies hes been putting out lately to fail. None of em have good writing, plot direction. they just cast him because hes an 'A" lister (ok yea we know he isnt) but from the rest of the cast in his movies, hes the top gun to book, just to show his face in the movie and not have him act out anything but what is being giving to him.
That aside... You look at this trailer and you could tell the writing is much better. They focus less on him. so that we get to see whats going on behind him. and when the camera does pan to him.. hes really acting as to what is going on behind him.
So again.. this movie may not be anybetter than the rest but it does show improvement. Hopefully people know what im talking about here.

Movies that have failed in my book. (because of sh*tty writing)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Seeking Justice
Drive Angry
Season of the Witch

Only time will tell when we finally see this1 in action.
if Kristen Stewart doesnt return, then whats the point? She is like the main lead of all of this. you cant just replace that. either she returns or dont do it at all.
Hollywood should stop going after actors and actresses that only wanna make 1 or 2 films. because its only a hit when all of em return. (unless somebody happens to die)
I liked the first movie. I dont see how , Charlize Theron might return but not Kristen. lol (i know people dont like her but i think that if you didnt like her then you shouldnt have watched this movie in the first place. This is just 1 of those movies just like twilight, that needs her in the center. other wise making a 2nd film is worthless.


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