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JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic World Trailer Is Here!
Normally i'd say something like..."this is what part2 should have been" but in this was actually perfect timing. CGI has come along way AS well as directing and writers. This looks like a masterpiece. in so many levels/ Cant wait!
Time for a reboot. Time for him to go back to making movies like twins, and kindergarten cop. lol
Not saying it would be cgi in the movie, just in that trailer. why you ask? well that i dunno. maybe cause its cheaper to do than build an actual gate and do that kinda trailer. who knows. ?
However with that in mind, im pretty sure alot of things will be cgi, but wer talking about that small footage of the gate opening, as the camera pans in. the bushes on left/right, still look the same and real. you can even pause it right at the moment to see it. the gate clearly looks cgi.
any1 noticed at the begining. When they show the JP gate-opening, that it looks to fake, along with the background. Pay close attention to the plants on the left and right..they look real. compared to the rail/gate/background.
There better be blood. i know its not kid-friendly but we'r talking about a dino chewing you up. there has to be blood, a leg or an arm, ya know?
THANK GOD John M. dropped out. i hated his version of gi joe. He dropped the ball in so many ways,
While alot of people would disagree with that, its fine w me, evrybody has their own take on this. So not very many people like the first film. i can deal with that. Sure it could of been better, but at least it wasnt bad. i actually enjoyd it quite a bit. It was a loud sillyness, fun popcorn flick. what more could you ask for?
So after the way it ended, it left so many doors open and great opportunities to bring in new characters as well as the same joes-team back. Plus villians that are still alive such as cobra, storm, detsro , ect.
All of these and more could of made part2 alot better than the first movie and JOHN M.failed. He completely scrapped the whole thing. and all of suddent made the rock the main character & got rid of so many good 1s. im guessing money was tight? lol.
So while he did make it a step up from the first movie. i simply feel that it failed on so many levels. Which is why im glad he dropped out and hope summers returns to direct or sumbody else that could better it.
Ok maybe not dead but really old. and he shouldnt even exist in this time of the film. unless he plays a bigger role that we dunno about.
wouldnt that dude in photo 5 be dead by now? since the story of the film takes place yrs later.? i remember him from the first movie, hes the guy holding the baby raptor in the lab.
is there even a point to these films? they are all the same. seems to me like it started off as a car flick only to take it a diff. direction and put a story behind it, while still keeping it a car movie. but they all seem the same to me. like "Saw"
LOOKS like a flshback that should have a fuzzy washed out image while hes thinking. a sort of brownish white tone, (less color) fading into lil color, still washed out.
This however reminds me of "gangster squad"
say wat u will but i loved the first movie. and 'liked" the 2nd.
everybody knew their parts, the actors were spot on. sure the story/plot wasnt a hit but it was a fun movie. i wouldnt have mind if they made a 3rd with everybody back on board. but i guess things change. sum times its a good thing but in this case..its a bad thing.
this would be like changing batman's name to manbat, or peter in spiderman to gary. you SHOULDNT change something as iconic as their names man. other wise its not FF. there has to be something really strong to back it up.
like everybody else...i need a trailer to know for sure that it'll be good.
if only this could of been a few months back. they would of gotten all 4 members. Still nice to se em all back.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item James Bond 24 Brings in Edge of Tomorrow Writer
Edge of Tomorrow was he dumbest movie i ever seen in my life. I got bored after the 4th take of its repeat. whoever loves that kinda crap. surely has'nt seen a great movie if they consider that brilliant. How that got a 90% on RT is beyond me. LOL.
Hopefully bond doesnt have that same repeat thing to it or its gonna fail.
what die hard should of been. first movie was awesome. hope this is as good if not, better. :)
After looking at that photo of pinhead. theres only 1 actor i can think of who could play him. & thats Edward Norton. Picture that, in a complete make over, w all that makeup. no fair, pins, bright look. dark suit. Edward could nail it. if hes such a good actor like he thinks he is. :)
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Christian Bale Pulls Out of Steve Jobs Movie
EASY AS 1, 2, 3...GET Ashton Kutcher. he looks like him, and would make "jobs" an even bigger impact. bale was just not right since day1 im glad he pulld out of this. meanwhile seth is good, but with Kutcher in//itwould be kool. a much darker or well told story than jobs, and with him back in as JOBS, this would be epic.
when i read the headline, i thought it was saying that a clip from the movie "landing on the moon" looked fake. lol
i think 'Batman Begins" was the best batman yet. While people might sayu TDK OR DKR were the best, i think BB was reallly good "story wize"
Moving on to other hero movies. i think he should direct anothr, but it would have to be sumthing random. because thats what hypes things up. not batman, spiderman, superman, fantastic four, nothing like that. i think he should get his hands wet with sumthing bay seems to fuk up these days. childhood movies.
Ive always wanted to see a "Thundercats" live action movie. Something that has never been done b4. but nolan doesnt do those kinda things. Nolan might as well do a "knightwing"
IT better be longer than 2 mins, and not just sum random space shot in imax lol


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