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JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Mummy Reboot to Follow Navy SEALs in Iraq?
i liked all 3 mummys but hated that the lead girl did not return for part3. it felt flat w/out her. since she played a big role in the first/2nd movie.
Now i dont know if this reboot will be any better. but i hope its just as watchable as the 3 were. and not let it get to c*cky.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Christian Bale Is Steve Jobs in Upcoming Biopic
mind if i say "dude"?
"dude" jobs was a great movie, its still fresh, Ashton Kutcher did a fantastic job.
I think the ending could of been alot better tho. with maybe the updated ipods, cells, imax and all that stuff that has been out since the date of that film. so that it tells a story of how high APPLE has gone to making new products, rather than leave it in 2001-2002, Jobs was 1 of those movies that only works 1s, and as a "single" film. not need sequels to it.
Ovr all it was still a great film. Now i dont see why they need to makeanother, bale doesnt even look like him, i sure as hope he can act. cause he looks NOTHING like jobs, unlike Kutcher was spot on.
The best batman teaser was the dark knight, when all you see is the bat roaring in neon blue flairs, alfreds talking and bale i think. then they get interrupted by jokers laughing and saying "people will die, im a man of my word" hahahaha,.
now i wonder if this movie will bring us sumthing as special as that teaser was.
batman looks dorky in that photo with all the super heros, lol
he was fired, or as they call it "replaced" he sucked as the hulk . Mark is a much better choice. but i do understand his point of view. 1s u put on a suit. its hard to takeoff. in other words.. your locked in to making more movies of 1 type, rather than spread your wings elsewhere. after so many, it gets tired some. but at the same time. they should have told him up front what he would b getting himself into in the long run. that way he will say well i cant make a commitment.that way they would have found sum1 else whos in for the long haul.
but again.. he didnt step down. he was let go. he makes it seem like he has been making more movies ever since, lol ya nothing that could beat Avengers Universe. :P
if im not mistaking. doesnt Wrong Turn have like 7 kills rather than 10 like it says on that chart.?unless they are including the dead deer and the killing of the deformed killers that get killed at the end.
Everything else that was dead already, shouldnt count because we never saw em die. like the onwer of the tents, parked bloody cars, fingers and teeth in the cabin. ect,
They should just stick to how many people got killed in the movie, not add more which we didnt see.
Part1 will forever b the best 1. 2 and up all look cheesy, fake, dull, and you dont care for the characters unlike the first movie where you actually care if they lived or die. Now they are just milking it with the same kills, it got boring. for those who never seen any of em..... just watch the first 1 and dont expect the rest to b just as good. unless you wanna see boobs and stuff,m then go ahead. but as awhole..the movies sux. hopefully 6 is a big time improvement but i know it wont be.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Every Halloween Movie Explained in 2 Minutes
that was the dumbest video i have ever seen. LOL
it does not explaine sh*t.
that scale chart, looks wrong. some of those are not as big or short as its cut out to look..
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Dying of the Light Poster Featuring Nicolas Cage
Cage, love him or hate him, he's working his ass off. but writers/directors dont seem to give him anything good to work with. hope this1 is actually good.
sum sort of jail. bunker or hideout. i have a feeling this place will be blown to bitz!
For sum reason i'm against this idea. part of me thinks hell yea, do it, but the other half of me says NOO!. it'll suck!
i dont think Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady fit in at all in a live action tmnt. it would be so fake and dull.
But you look at Amazing Spiderman, lizard fit in,
look at batman begins, Scarecrow was revamp into a guy/mask rather than an actual scarecrow like in the cartoon. Reason why man-bat wouldnt fit in either.
The only way they could bring in Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady was if they reinvent them to look feel and b more beliveable!. not dull as hell like toka and razr from turtles 2.
at this point. im 50/50 about this reboot. It could b great, but it could be bad too.
It all depends on what kinda "funny" they are aiming for.
If its the "hangover" kinda funny, then im in. but if its "the heat/Identity Thief " kinda funny, then im out, because thats dumb.
It need a strong cast, clever jokes, things that just about anybody can relate to, not just a few people.
In fact, a Ghostbusters movie is not really supposed to be funny. but it doesnt mean there shouldnt b clever jokes along the way.
i sure as hell hope the story is good,
To piss off Stores. they should release it Nov 27th, 2015. The day after Thanksgiving. which is 'blackfriday"...Xmas shopping.

hahaha. people would b like hummm.. starwars or my Xmas list.
stores would b all dead or slow that day.
i dont get this gonna b a movie or a halloween ride.

Which by the way, it sounds like it would b a kool halloween movie, or horror type.
it reminds me of that movie "Dark Ride" & "detention".
i know what Digital is but what are they really talking about here? arn't these movies on bluray already? not to mentioned, remastered. So whats left to fix,re-do or edit.?
well if you ask me.. i think jeff was always the main guy in the movie, not smith, i consider will smith's character, supporting actor. behind "david's dad" so really.. smith doesnt need to come back, but jeff yea. if it had been the other way around with smith returning but not jeff, it would have been odd.
Hope watever the story is about, that its a good1.
The only Robin Hood movie i ever liked was the1 with kevin costner. that movie was pure Gold!. everything about it was perfect.
The remake was trash. they tried to update it by makin it more modern but i liked the other 1 better.
Robin Hood: Prince of 1 of those movies you should never remake/reboot/ or touch it at all. in fact. i think it should get an imax treatment. but not remake it or anything like that.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Annabelle Vs Chucky Movie: Could It Happen?
First of all..i say "NO!" to this idea, and heres why.

Chucky has been a complete flop ever since the 2nd movie came out yrs ago. & ever since then, they have been making and milking more child's play movies.
The last chucky movie was (to my mind) was a tribute to the first child's Play film. because it went back to its roots.
But still, thats not enough power to start sticking or mixing him with any other doll kinda movie because the whole thing needs a clean reboot/remake. a more updated fresh take, darker, horror if you will.
But because chucky is still fresh (for all the wrong reasons) its to soon to start making ideas such as this1 annabelle and chucky.
Chucky has been a joke, 90% or even 100% have seen the chucky movies which are the stupid comedy 1s, and that sh*t leaves a bad taste in ur mouth, because its just bad!.
Annabelle is new, fresh, and dark. (something chucky should have been by now.) but aint.
And by the way, Annabelle should be a stand alone film, theres no need for a 2nd or 3rd film to that. but i have a feeling they will start milking it like they did to chucky. BAD IDEA man.
I dont think The Conjuring needs a 2nd film either. it does however need a new story to that1 so that it can be a puzzle kinda movie. that tags along with Annabelle, The Conjuring & something else. I thinking Poltergeist should be that next film. it fixs perfect.
Chucky is far from these. should stay away and do a solo reboot/remake, in hopes that it does well. on its own.


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