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@undeadslayer4 lol yea i 4got many others. just listed a few that seem alot better than this movie. but we'll see when it comes out.
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AS LONG.. AS LONG..AS LONG AS...ITS NOT A COMEDY HORROR. for sum reason, comedy and horror dont mix, look at wat happened to "a haunted house" So this better be frighting. scary, creepy, shivers. if its neither. then its crap. and its all for the money. not for the fans.
wheres el chino? jet li. or is he being used as cameos again.
and by the way, who are these idiots in which the movie did not connect with em? cause the remake was a classic from the 80s updated the best way. I dont see how you can hate this. i can understand hating the new freddy but why jason? geeez people dont know good when they see it./
if it wasnt for these people we'd be on jason part 4 by now. instead we might get another reboot that might end up being crap.
I can see it already, a couple of idiots break into this cabin, find cameras and camcorders ect. play these tapes of all these female killings teens and wat not. then in the end... those idiots get killed 1 by the same killer (jasons mom) end of the movie there is ur V,H,S, LOL

Part2... the same sh*t happens only this time, a new set of idiots who break into the same cabin, get killed by (jason)
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"Olympus has fallen" should have been "die hard" 4, or 5.
die hard 6 was the worse thing ever made. Lets pretend like 6 never happened. and move on to where 3 left off. while 4 was ok. i think going back to its roots 1 2 and 3. would be a step up.
I feel that "16 blocks" would have been a perfect die hard with John McClane, a beat up, warn out cop.
but with the way this sh*t has gone, its no wonder bruce wants to retired his character.
they make it seem like splinter is shown fully or face but he isnt, lol its only like a "blink and you'll miss it" kinda look at him. when i saw it , i thought it was bebop or something, lol
Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Avatar film is dumb as hell. wtf is he gonna say "I''LL BE BACK! lol
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Second Neighbors Red Band Trailer
would have been better if they took the "we'r the millers" approached
or 1 of those funny comedies that didnt seem lame as hell.
Im sure this will be laugh out loud funny. but stupid at the same time.

some good stuff..
Pineapple Express, anchorman 2, we'r the millers, horrible bosses, this is 40.
Well not like i was expecting to see boobs or ass in TMNT, i mean this is a "super hero" movie, just like batman, spider man, super man, ect
April was never about being hott or sexy, it was just a reg. girl. like no other. Megan fox will do just fine.
I mean this is like mary jane in spiderman dressing all sexy. or Gwen Stacy. These are super hero movies based on comics, kids, toys, its not like watchmen, if u wanna c megan half naked, go watch jen/s body.
this guy does suck, lol (No offense)
He isn't funny at all. Very doubtful any1 could ever be as good if not better than dave was.
I would have replaced him with Craig Ferguson, but w/out that talking skel. lol now this guy is brilliant! he is funny and gets along great with actors on his "late late show"
If they get Stephen. ratings are going down. i'll stick to late late show or jimmy. until then.
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JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Is Iron Man 4 Part of Marvel Phase 4?
i think they should have gave each character at least 2-3 stand-alone films b4 putting em together. in "Avengers"Trying to give em a stand-alone after the avengers is pretty hard to do. because many of em will be missing in each's stand alone movie.
They can create new characters that dont already have a movie, and were not around when avengers happened, or captin america 2. However maybe a new hero or villian was aready doing something else where during CA2, so they can tell us that story. but to give us another iron man is not a good idea. unless hes part of the team again.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Is Iron Man 4 Part of Marvel Phase 4?
I wouldnt mind seeing another iron man movie, however its not needed. the way iron man 3 ended, its safe to say that iron man is now part of "avengers" and should stay there.
Captain america (2) was kinda dumb to me because even tho its meant to be a captain america film. you cant help but wonder where the hell was eveybody else when that sh*t was going on. like "tony stark", hawkeyes, hulk. ect. watch they make iron man 4 and captain america is nowhere to be found yet Nick Fury is.
No blue?.... make it red then, much better color, lol
Actually Who r they foolin ... NO blue suits, = no Fantastic Four.
As it is, i already hate this cast. The Whole thing looks bad. i never loved an Org. so much after reading about this boot.
Sometimes its not the actors that fuks up a movie. its the story it self that seems very dull. almost as dull as the movie based game put on ps3/xbox ect.
Ghost Rider 2. do i blame cage for that? NOOO the whole thing went to crap. Ghost Rider 1 however, was 100x better than 2.
FF was alot better than ff2, but it doesnt mean "lets reboot it" it can still be saved if you get the story/direction/plot right, using the same cast.

I hope they can change my mind when i c a trailer. until then, im sticking to 1/2
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JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teaser Posters!
They should have shown these way b4 we saw a trailer. and full size images of the ninja turtles.
Now it seems pointless to show us an arm, or leg. any kinda dark shadow ninja turtle photo is kinda late. but they are still kool.
pls NO! I love this guy, and i can NOT see him as a bad guy. I rather see him die trying as a goodie but not killed by bond as a baddie.
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bet i know how to stop him...

give him a Snickers bar.. (wait 5mins)
And watch him transform into robin williams.
enough said. LOL

robin williams: "that felt great..Hey what happened here?!.. looks like somebody had fun." ...walks off.
Ford looks out of place compared to the other guys, then the rest r just not cutt out to be in this movie, but i might be wrong.


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