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I know people wont agree with me on this but its kinda true. If it wasn't for Megan Fox, saying what she said about Bay after TF2, we wouldnt be dealing with these things. TF3 would have been a totally diff. story, part4 would have never happened, I think things would have taken a different turn, Nobody really knows what the outcome would have been, but it would have been a nice trilogy.
Because of that, we have these kinda TF films being done that dont seem to connect with eachother. It feels like a reboot after another, (thats if rs Mark Wahlberg.) doesnt return.
I think TF4 was more action than story. I hope part5 isalil bit of both, that could very well take place on another planet, or in space, , who knows maybe on the moon? I dont see how humans would fit in if done in space, maybe half of the film is on earth, then the rest , the bots take it into space, then come back to earth at the end.
This looks better and better. I hope it does not end on a cliff-hanger, like part 3 did..
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I know people dont like "to much" in trailers but this was bad. it could of been better. makes the movie seem like its gonna be dead slow with nothing. I hope im wrong and its a power house!
why has he been making crappy movies as of late?, shouldnt he be cookin up some good flicks with other top stars. The only 2 movies i liked of his was Under siege & Hard to kill.
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I like how each Super Hero, is shown in their own lil world (even if you dont see much of anything). Right now i think Wonder Woman, has the best poster, Batman's view should be on a building in darkness with the bat signal in the background. & Superman's poster can be 1 of 2.. in the city where he lives now, or in his home planet. maybe earth in his background with a few stars. As for ww i dunno what her poster would be but i like this1 so far//
the only good thing here is that they kept the same looks to him and penny. she by the way reminds me of April from the tmnt cartoons,
Other than that, i dunno what to say. maybe im getting old to say WOW! or YAY!~, then again, i still enjoy alot of cartoons being done by disney, dreamwork, and such.
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Really? i dont recall hearing the hulk, other than 'i'm always angry" which is still banner saying it. right b4 he turns into hulk. i'll have to rewatch it again to noticed these it.
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yea the thing looks like an old lady trying to smile for the camera, I liked the thing better on the Org movie.
If this is in fact a real poster, then damn, thats 1 fuked up poster,
It could of looked more professional. maybe just the face of all 4 actors, leaving tyhe rest to the imagination, (not that we havnt seen him already) but you know, how it goes, leave lil things like this out of posters, or make the damn poster better,
a $100, he tells that girl "wait here, i'll be back" LOL
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His looks was never the issue, it was his acting and voice, When he's s guy, he should act and talk normal, or like the guy would in his role, but 1s he becomes the thing, his voice should turn up bass and talk like a beast or something. *by the way, i dont think i ever heard the hulk talk, i wonder what he sounds like. as hulk".
me neither, he's a good fit for his role, they'd be stupid if they let him go. not that he sells tickets or anything but its his look, that fits perfect as Aquaman, plus its no big deal what he said, so i dont see why they would take it personal.
@monkeyiron 2.0
Nope, why would i be?
Who cares about these spoilers. when im at the movie and i see something i didnt see coming, i dont go all OooooOOOooooo, my mood dont change, its the movie as awhole that matters if i dig it or not.
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shouldnt this had been trailer 1? lol. and the very last sec of tom hanging from the plane, looks like an indian stuntman, lol
i have da feelin' everybody in the theater is gonna clap & cheer at the end of the film, with maybe tears,
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Alien 5 Won't Interrupt Prometheus 2 Plans
would be funny if the title was "Predators" lolz
@the Real Goku
Well apparently alot of people seem to want less of April & more turtles, because I'm guessing they dont like megan fox, or something? i really dunno.
I saw nothing wrong with her acting, she's supposed to act that way, she's not supposed to be smart, shes young and dumb, just like in the cartoons, she dont think twice about the choices she makes, even if it'll get herself killed. I guess because its Megan Fox we're talking about here, its a stinker.
Lets be honest, The whole movie was bad, its not her fault.
If i had casted an 'April" i would have gone with jessica chastain and made the movie alil more serious.
but i'm fine with the way it turned out. Only time will tell how part2 comes out.
@b. Alan Orange
Personally, I see it the other way around. Aprils character, is spot on. (perfect). she brings something that no other turtle movie could, and thats "character" The main story should focus on her, and having the turtles as the secondary-story. which then connects into 1.
T That's not to say we will see less of the TMNT, just that the april story is what brings us to the turtles' story.
Shredders role had 0% personality-character, he was like an 'add on, extras" if you will. (which everybody already knows that by now) As for the turtles them selfs, they were all good in their roles, as well as splinter/
If there was any 1 annoying here, it would be april's cameraman. but its not to the point of getting rid of him, maybe just tweek his lines a bit.
I think TMNT was far better or a much better "update" than all 3 turtle movie combined!. However story telling as awhole, only goes to the Org. which makes the reboot fall short. non the less. it was still good. and i hope tmnt2 brings more of everything. and then some.
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After so many movies today that have lots of high flying stunts, its like, none of it gets you WOWED anymore. because you seen it all b4, not saying this wont be cool. but its like blah.


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