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JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Neill Blomkamp's Alien Movie Is a Sequel to Aliens
That be like making a new niightmare on elm street 3, wiping out the rest of the films. or child's play 3.
Sounds like a clever idea but its been along time since ive seen the aliens movies so i 4gout how part2 ended. However if all goes well. this should be good. with the right story, this could be really good.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Tomb Raider Reboot Fast-Tracked with TMNT Writer
would be sweet if they got the same girl from the game (pictured).
But hollywood will go for a lead actress than a new unknown who could bring new life into it.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Avengers: Age of Ultron Poster Announces Full Cast
You said it best! The scale is not on par. Everyone could of looked cool, not just hulk, They could of done a "star wars" type lookin poster but instead they cramed everybody in to make it look kool. but it ended up looking like a hi-school project poster cutt-out.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Avengers: Age of Ultron Poster Announces Full Cast
I know its just a poster, but that is sum serious bad editing. The whole thing looks wrong. Like instead of doing a real life-shot, with maybe cgi backgrounds, they just pasted everybody looking this or that way. and it looks dumb. Still a good poster, but not a masterpiece.
True. well like @sean said, we'll have to wait n see how the next turns out! but out of the 4 so far, i think part1 and maybe 3, are good, then again all 4 have something cool about em, i dunno what. I wouldnt give em a 10/10. I guess they are just fun to watch. lol
Question....out of all of the pirates of the caribbean films, which1 was the best1?
Looking at RT, i see part1 is the best1, and the others are about even.
But from a fan's view, which1 would you pick?
this looks boring! desperate of its strong cast,.
hes Jason Voorhes, enough said!, lol
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item New Halloween Movie Gets Saw Sequel Writers
Why the hell do people love originals, so much?
While i can agree that not every reboot/remake is a masterpiece, compared to their originals, You cant really say that eery reboot/remake is crap.
I think rob zombies halloween version was 100xs better. than the original. and i speak for the 1st movie.

When your a kid growing up in the 80s and you watch halloween for the 1st time in ur life, yea thats a scary movie, like friday the 13th. or freddy. but you cant honestly say that its still the best movie ever. People need to stop living in the past and enjoy the future of movie making, re telling, reimaging of those old stories. in an much better updated version.
Just like friday the 13th, i loved the remake better than the original.
However i think nightmare on elm street's original was better than the remake.
Now as far as Halloween 3, goes.. well theres never been 1, the last1 was season of the witch, (which had nothing to do w michael) So this would be the 1st time we see him in a halloween 3 movie.
Hopefully they can tweek it so that it can follow where part2 ended, even if we can forget like it nevr happened..
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Hit-Girl Prequel May Happen Before Kick-Ass 3
iM in, if she/they return .
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Elysium Director May Still Make His Alien Movie
isnt she to old to be back tho? the timeline would be off.
Why does Spiderman have to be a kid/teen tho.? Do they know how dumb it'll look during a fight along side. iron man, captain america, thor, hawk, hulk. , might as well stick that lil boy with glasses, as spidey, lol
In all seriousness.. i dunno how young they want him to be, as for the choices above id go for for the 1 on the right, but the 1 on the left looks dorky so im guessing thats what they are looking for.
Andrew Garfield needs to come back. if theres any kinda weaknesses for him (in-character), it would be the fact that gwen was killed and he blames himself for that. which also gives him strength at the same time.
What i mean by that is because every super hero has some1 in their life who was killed, died, or left him. and they always carry that moment in their heart. it becomes their weakness.,
Not saying that the story should focus on that, but its alil backstory that we already witness in Amazing Spiderman 2. So this would be good understandable if added.
sort of like captain america and his love he left behind.
Is trex the same scale or Size from the first movie? or a smaller version.. i remembr the 1st1 and that was big, stomped his foot and he roared plus made sounds. it was about 45 bucks then. so im wondering if there will be 1 like that again.
forget the reboot. just make part3. end of story.
I rather the beast be CGI like the hulk, Avatar, and ninja turtles., because theres so much you can do w that, than an actual person.
THANK GOD, im not the only 1, who thinks so too!
As much as alot of people hated and dissed the first movie. i think it was the best1 out of the 2. because they gave us many joes, and focused on each1 (storytelling wise) like snake eyes, storm, duke ripcord, and anna, they showed us how cobra becomes cobra, and so many things. While it was cheesy, it was still fun. and things could of gone better after that1 because the dots had already been connected. Which means more and more joes and bad guys would have showed up for the 2nd film. (the rock) being 1 of em. but not as the main guy. i think he was like "make me the main guy and i'll sign on" so they went for it.
So what happened next...
They dont bring back the same joes, cobra is a diff guy, Destro (i have no idea wtf happened to him) ripcord sumhow was replaced
by roadblock. as duke's buddy. Oo and duke gets killed off.
I swear, this movie was a big mess. I want everybody else back on board. but it aint gonna happen.
I think this could use a reboot. LOL
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Poltergeist Trailer: It Knows What Scares You!
i love it. but it would of been awesome if they had used the same house from the org. movie. but i still like it. hope its good.
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item New Furious 7 Trailer Is Here and Is Insane!
my tagline would be "The Best One YET"!
JasonKat wrote a comment about the news item Poltergeist Remake First Look: The Clown Is Back
i red that this is gonna be a comedy and aimed at kids, not a horror like the org 1.


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