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the "ears" on the let suit has em big, while the front suit has em "daredevil" size. im guessing there'll be more than 1 bat suit.
It would have been funny if during the elevator scene. right after they all get out screaming... sum1 goes "wrong floor man" and they get back in. or some sh*t like that, lol
completely agree with your post.
people are never happy these days, , and they always compare something w something that is wayy diff.
if you asked me, Its really simple. You either like a type of movie or you dont. Sometimes i wonder if some guys are really guys cause they act like girls, dissing over a die hard movie. lol
NINJA TURTLES to me looks a million times better than all 3 tmnt combinded. How hard is it to just go in. kick back, and enjoy a popcorn movie? geez, lol
i noticed the film has not been Rated, even tho we all know it'll be rated PG13 but i think it should atleast get an R rated for saying "sh*t" or "damn" maybe a few blood stains here and there. unless that can be said & done under pg13. then its all good.
Hopfully theres an unrated version comes bluray time.
Whoopi should win a best supporting role here. she still got it. lol
Whoopi should win a best supporting role here. she still got it. lol
call me crazy but if this happened b4 the conjuring, why does it look like its in (our time) while that movie was shown in the looks and feel of the early 70s and 80s.
looks just like the cartoon come to life
that pic with all of the "suits" hanging w/name-tag would make a great poster.
Right now, no but later after i see it in action and the reason for it, then i'll be.. lol
looks dumb.
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i pee longer than what i just saw, LOL
as who as Alfred? LOL,
the man sure loves leaving his mark in all these films.
when they say...Stan Lee recently wrapped his role in 'Age of Ultron:. it makes it seem like he was there along side w the cast months, shooting and filming , yet he only shows up for 30secs, lol
Is this a follow-up to the 2003 haunted mansion? If so...shouldnt it be part2? rather 3d. which to me means (part3).

I by the way.. liked The Haunted Mansion (2003) with Eddie Murphy. but it slowly went down hill. or to me got way to cheesy. They should make1 that isnt "kids friendly" and more of a serious take on it. If done right, it could play out very well. It could still be funny but dumb-funny. lol
It could be 1 of those ghost hunters types, maybe will ferrell could be the main lead. sort of like "land of the lost" only this is a real haunted house, and he and his team start hearing and seeing things, and it could really be fun. i can hear him in the dark after he or sum1 farts and he goes "DID YOU HEAR THAT?"
Either way. i wouldnt mind this haunted mansion 3d, but i'll wait for the trailer to know 4 sure.
would of been better if they used a realistic mask than a 99c mask. still funny tho. lol
ok the part what looks to be like splinter teaching em how to fight, ...looks rather cheesy, , and the turtles as babies . evrythng else looks fine.
I think 1 of the highlights here would be splinter vs shredder since we never really got to see that in any of the films. other than the 1st movie but that was to quick. this looks like shredder wins the fight but not the war.
i really dont think dirt works for imax. imax is more of a details kinda thing, , like face, buildings, city view ect. think batman, spiderman, superman, jurassic park, avatar, transformers , those kinda films. while star wars might be good in imax, not everything needs to be shot that way. it should take the tron route and only shoot the good stuff. like space battle , indoors, or jet chase, but again. what im looking at is not really needed for imax, but who knows what is really on the other side, could be aiming at something not shown. like a green screen. or something.
THAT doll looks scaryer than chucky,
i was wondering why there wasnt any pizza company picking this up. since pizza fits right in as a sponsors, Pizza Hut is spot on Perfect for the choice.
a heros accomplishments, will live on forever.
RIP to a wonderful man who served his country. he'll deeply be missed by those who knew him as well as his family and friends! :)
THANK YOU! Louis Zamperini.


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