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why, 13 year olds are running to theater to look at these films ?? I don't get it
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Great news, cant wait to hear how did are doing the story for the next one. i hope there are three more coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@moviemouse flaws come in editing and directing. Love the Godzilla design but if we are waiting for a fight between to monsters we do not cut away to another scene too quickly. Maybe the next film will some of the issues . I will buy this on iTunes when I comes out.
@themoviefanatic I agree TF4 will be a better movie
@aryaza I am sorry sir but it was a good deal away from perfect but I respect your desire for this movie. It was a good movie but many flaws
if you count the scene where he is swimming in the water like maybe 12-17 mins. if we are taking about fight time, that will be about 3-4 mins tops. if you take out all that we saw in the trailers about 5 mins total new scenes but that will be a rough count
@themoviefanatic , oh ok. well if you can catch a matinee you can go check it out. there is one scene in towards the end that was cool. Movie never got out of that third gear (if you are in a five speed car) I did like the movie but left wanted more
@themoviefanatic , did you see it yet? Let me know what do you think when you see it , I am curious.
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like @c-a-r-t-m-a-n this movie will not be received well by most people. I like the movie but wish it was allot better
plague by issues this movie will not make the money i thought it will make. I wish it was a "best Godzilla movie" but it falls short. I did enjoy the movie.
Saw it last night, Looks good
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@c-a-r-t-m-a-n I saw it as well, godzilla played runner up to the other monsters in the movie which had allot of screen time. Not sure why the director did not "bring it" in the final half hour of the movie, I expected a nice final battle scene. I liked the movie i would say go see it, It was a great monster movie. I did not count the time Godzilla was on the screen but it did feel like he was there for like 10-15 mins i know what you mean. To anyone who has not seen this , just think of Cloverfield and how much attention they gave to the actors while we don't see much of army battle with the monster. well that is how this film felt, minus the shaking camera of course.
i don't thing any of the movies are sequels
perhaps it is possible that they are stepping up their game since Nolans work is the Bar.
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looks good, not a fan of the suit. it will grow on me
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First season was great. this will be cool. like others have said. Morgan and him will be awesome
Wow. Sold !!!!!!!!!! That was awesome at the end of that trailer. IMAX for me
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Got my Ticket for 7 pm Tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait
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