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plague by issues this movie will not make the money i thought it will make. I wish it was a "best Godzilla movie" but it falls short. I did enjoy the movie.
Saw it last night, Looks good
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@c-a-r-t-m-a-n I saw it as well, godzilla played runner up to the other monsters in the movie which had allot of screen time. Not sure why the director did not "bring it" in the final half hour of the movie, I expected a nice final battle scene. I liked the movie i would say go see it, It was a great monster movie. I did not count the time Godzilla was on the screen but it did feel like he was there for like 10-15 mins i know what you mean. To anyone who has not seen this , just think of Cloverfield and how much attention they gave to the actors while we don't see much of army battle with the monster. well that is how this film felt, minus the shaking camera of course.
i don't thing any of the movies are sequels
perhaps it is possible that they are stepping up their game since Nolans work is the Bar.
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looks good, not a fan of the suit. it will grow on me
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First season was great. this will be cool. like others have said. Morgan and him will be awesome
Wow. Sold !!!!!!!!!! That was awesome at the end of that trailer. IMAX for me
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Got my Ticket for 7 pm Tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait
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looks great. can't belive this is happening !!!!!!!!!!! Teaser should be coming December. Hopefully
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Not watching any clips , want my mind to stay fresh for next week, I CAN'T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow. looks like i saw the whole movie. thanks save me some money
i like the title
This movie... where do i begin, I enjoyed the movie. It was not a horrible movie. It was a movie that was pulling me in different directions. Good story telling takes a special blend of characters we care about, and time. you can do a movie like this but it can not be in 2 hr.21 mins. If webb was smart he would of split this movie in two. part two coming in August. but that being said the use of Rino was a waste. that seen at the end should of been the start of the part 2 movie i was taking about. Everyone out acted Andrew. He made a acting mistake in the middle of the movie while he was taking to his aunt. came in too early on a delivery of his line. Sally, Emma, Dane where great. Jamie should of not done the role. I am not an actor but i could of a better job. trailers shows almost all the action in the movie. parts where cut out of the movie for whatever reason. Looks like they have to do a better job in part 3. looking forward to see the next movie as it will be better (I hope)
@julianroman Ok, thanks i am sure to enjoy it
@julianroman Ok, thanks i am sure to enjoy it
Very nice review, I will will watch it this weekend, Any reason to stay to the very end of the credits??
Hey, thanks for the review, Should we stay to the very end of the credits?
There is something really wrong with this production. I get that you might want to change some stuff in a Comic Book Movie. But come on, this movie is like a bad dream coming true.