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@undeadslayer4 i will feel hurt of course. but lets see what was the stunt. maybe it was something he should of let someone else do cause of his age. Look guys he is old. Maybe he could not make the door in time. Who knows.
Hope is ok. Hate to see something like that @brady1138
@brady1138 He was not running through a door in Temple of doom
Like Glover , He is getting too old for this Sh*t
sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Should be awesome, Love the whole court room drama bit
Love it, Amazing how they can make a film look like a comic
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nice list, I hated the "Honeymooners" so much i throw the DVD away. And it was not my DVD.
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@jasonkat i agree with you
thats cool
Movie was c- at best
saw it already, it was OK. Kind of like a TNT movie. Or maybe a FX movie
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Good choice
sorry wear*
@undeadslayer4 That's the case, I will love to see a "Good guys where black" reboot or sequel with Chuck Norris
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Wow. i really think they should of though of a better excuse. The film is complete don't give us that special effects crap !! we are smarter than that. G..JOE did the same thing. it kinda work for them i guess
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just stop. Let it go. this is not a James bond thing. So only one Actor can fit the role. If he is too old, please just don't make another movie.
May the force be with you
thanks for the review, i was on the fence on this movie , glad it is good
I do understand the need to make a movie because you feel it was a good movie but you feel you can make it better. Or you love the source material so you want to make your version of it. But why the &%$ would you reboot this movie, Is Hollywood really running out of idea? really? really?