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oh gosh
Great to hear, I like Cruise in action movie, he is the real deal. I will watch this soon. Thanks
I will try to go to the NY Comic Con but in 2015 to hopefully get a first look at Star Wars Ep. 7. Might get tickets for this June but doubtful
not sure this film will sit well with the fans of the original. 1996 is a long time ago. Better movies are on the horizon, Will we care when it is released?
I do not thing this toy line will be popular at that time.
i thought it was almost done ?? This should be the last , at least for a while
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It will be nice to see a Deadpool movie done right. Ryan is perfect for the part
nice review. Looking forward to seeing it. First Class was good. Glad this movie is on point
@brian I noticed that too, LoL
@julianroman Yep, everyone is in agreement about the fighting (or lack of) Enjoy X-men looking forward to your review !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow. love it. i did not think they will go with "VS" but i will take it,
I just donated, It will be a trill for me to be on the set.
@chuckconnors Agree with you 100%
wanted/ender game feel to it
saw it in IMAX 3D it was great to see in that format. Is it great to see a movie like this done right. A little more time on the fight sequences for the next movie will hit it right on the head.
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Not Good
"Those who Kill" is a good show on lifetime. I think that channel will be different. Start showing more stuff then just love love love, lol
@bruce-Hey, I guess you right now that i think about it. But I feel these movies are really for us. Not for my 12 year old nephew. Either way i will check it out
why, 13 year olds are running to theater to look at these films ?? I don't get it