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Best commercial so far this Superbowl. I love it
Plot Twist: The wife is alive but Bruce is dead walking to heaven
@knightmare90 Oh yeah, He does
well done. Looks amazing. Cant wait for the trailer now.
looks great , I am going to like this movie. Quicksilver aside
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great, i liked Pitch black and the last one that came out.
I will try to see this, Thanks for your review
He was the bomb in "Phantoms"
lol. i love your rating at the bottom of the review., I will skip this. Maybe wait for Netflix to watch it
Fun Fun
Let the shooting begin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your review
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i want to see this movie, good review, thanks
hey dude , is there any movies you actually like in the past decade? lol
how dare you sir !! I like this movie, lol
@bryanyentz well done sir
nice Review.
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I feel Godzilla will set the bar for a movie of this subject matter. Even though P.R. came out first. Godzilla is a major star in all our heart, When that movie comes out. Nothing after will be the same. I liked the first P.R. But i did not want to see it again.