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Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie Mars Needs Moms

"A fun and endearing movie that is enjoyable for the entire family. While the film is original, funny and very touching, it is the movie's incredible 3D experience and terrific computer-animation that really sets it apart from other 3D films."

"A funny, entertaining and heartwarming comedy that benefits from its hard R-rating. While the premise is not completely original, the actors play their roles well and the movie proves to be a fun '80s spoof."
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie Beastly

"An unnecessary interpretation of the classic fairy tale that is at times difficult to watch. The plot is silly and much of the acting is unintentionally terrible with the exception of Vanessa Hudgens and Neil Patrick Harris who give decent performances."
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Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie Rango

"A surreal and beautifully animated film that may confuse its audience as much as it entertains them but in the end is a satisfying yet bizarre motion picture."
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie Drive Angry

"What would otherwise just be another ordinary revenge flick is elevated by the film's excellent 3D effects and supernatural storyline. Nicolas Cage gives a strong performance but it is character actors William Fichtner and Billy Burke that steal every sce"

""While the movie's tone is mostly filled with good hearted fun, the cross-dressing gag begins to wear thin by the film's end. Fans of the franchise's past installments will most likely enjoy this one, but those who are new to it may not like it as much.""
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie The Eagle

"An interesting historical drama that attempts contemporary symbolism with its unique casting but eventually falls short of its goal. Channing Tatum is respectable in his role but ultimately is over-shadowed by the other performers in the film."
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie Gnomeo and Juliet

"Despite featuring somewhat creepy looking characters, the movie is sweet, charming and entertaining for kids. The classic story is one that adults will enjoy following, while Elton John's equally classical music is a great addition to the film."
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie Waiting for Forever

"A touching film about true love, loosing family, friendship, growing up and going home. Tom Sturridge carries the movie, while veteran actors Blythe Danner and Richard Jenkins fill out the cast with equally impressive performances."
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie The Roommate

"A typical and extremely predictable thriller, which despite its shortcomings is oddly entertaining. This college-set remake of "Single White Female" is frivolous and fun, even if you know what is going to happen before the characters do."
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie Sanctum

"While it starts off slow, the film eventually picks up momentum and takes the audience on a very satisfying thrill-ride. The 3D is excellent, the underwater cinematography is breathtaking, and the cast delivers believable performances."
Jami Philbrick gave this a Thumbs Up
Jami Philbrick gave this a Thumbs Up
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie From Prada to Nada

"A corny and contrived romantic comedy loosely based on Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility." The film features decent performances and a nice message but in the end feels empty and is not very memorable."
Jami Philbrick reviewed the movie The Mechanic

"A mildly entertaining action movie that doesn't blow you away but will hold your interest throughout. Statham and Foster successfully inject life into what would otherwise be just another mindless action flick."
Jami Philbrick gave this a Thumbs Up