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Wow Orange just wow. -_-
This movie looks like it could be based on an actual true story; that's how cool the trailer is. It feels real; yet has enough fiction to reel me in as a moviegoer... I'm sold. Early oscar buzz to Christian Bale; you herd it first.
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Not watching it for the story; watching for the nostalgic fights that's about to fudgin go down!!!!!
Add Woody Harrelson; Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson play well of off each others roles!
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Dat asssss.
I always think about this, how will the marvel saga be like 10 to 15 years down the line... Actors can't stay young forever, will we start seeing different roles passed down to different actors ala Don Cheadle, Mark Ruffalo or will they just start killing them off... In parallel to what happens in the Ultimate Universe these days...
He doesn't even look like Splinter.
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I think this will be great.. The Fast 7 will give us all the high octane action Fast Five gave us, with the familiar backdrop from The Fast And The Furious.... Adding Jason Statham as the main villain is just icing on the cake.
If it's anything like Hawaii 5-0 i'm there.
Joe Carnahan is bringing in some serious imaginative; unique and artistic ideas to the world of film; especially with the sizzle reel he did for the now debunked Daredevil reboot. It's a shame the big studio execs don't feel the same way. :\
I for one is excited.
Nicolas Cage is Superman?
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The prize will be mine because, "IT'S MY DESTINY!!!"
Hollywood... D:
What are you doing Hollywood? D: D:
Agreed with @Aylaga's enough with all the fudgin adds, can't afford to keep the site up without them? Close down.... I get enough adds on my tv shows... I come to the internet to escape the trivial adds...
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Yes seriously, "When" exactly is this movie to take place? I hope it's feasible to avoid a lot of the continuity errors this movie may be stepping into otherwise.

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