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"Transformers: Dark of the Moon is on track to earn roughly $165 million through the July 4 holiday, which is well below Transformers: Dark of the Moon's six-day tally of $214.9 million."

@summit10 Agreed. A DC Universe city would have been a cool Easter Egg.

Let the "Dick Grayson in high school" rumors commence lol
Cobra Strikes? lol
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@ejk1 You seem pretty passionate about your music. Awesome.
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@moviemaniac66 Very nice list. Very similar to mine.
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@narrator He also seems to be past his self-pity and more preoccupied in just making good music.
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@narrator I see where you're coming from and I respect your opinion. But Eminem is who got me into rap. Have you listened to Recovery? It's far from a sob story. I mean, he still raps about his troubles, but it's more hopeful in nature.
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Prostituting his personal life? I wouldn't call it that. You write what you know and feel. That's what he does. @narrator
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@thedude-abides Just listened to his cover of One. Good stuff, but there's something about's just so powerful.

@corey Beiber will probably be on the Stones list in about 15 years. Mark my words lol
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@thedude-abides It's an excellent song...but it's pretty much the only Johnny Cash I know, which is sad considering it's really his last release. Nice, diverse list.
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Johnny Cash? I haven't heard too much of his stuff. I do love "Hurt," though, but that was pretty much a "good-bye." @slysnide
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T.Clark posted in the forum: Greatest Artists of All Time
So I picked up Rolling Stone's latest edition of their 100 Greatest Artists of All Time at a grocery store the other day, and it got me thinking about who I'd pick and what YOUR thoughts are. So, for poops and giggles, and possibly some debate, let's post our top five. Remember it's ALL TIME greatest, so try to keep it sensible. I tried not to be too bias with mine, but obviously, our lists will differ based on our taste/knowledge in music, so don't be afraid to post your opinion. You don't have to offer reasoning like me, but it's welcome. When all is said and done, perhaps I'll compose top list based on all the lists if this goes well. Let's get started!

1. Elvis Presley
You might be asking yourself what a hip-hop fan/18 year old knows about Elvis, and more importantly, why he'd choose him as the greatest artist of all time. Well, my dad is older than the average dad. To put it in perspective, he was a grandpa before I was even born. That means he grew up with Elvis, meaning I grew up listening to Elvis as well. Despite how much I've grown to love rap, I can't deny that Elvis is THE greatest artist of all time. Before Michael Jackson introduced the moon walk, Elvis was up on the stage introducing his own sexy dance moves that rocked a generation and upset the status quo. He grabbed at the hearts of girls young and old everywhere. He was the embodiment of cool, with a swag that was was unseen at the time. More than that, though, he had a voice that shook you to your very core. His rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water is still one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. It's a shame the downward spiral he experienced later in his career, but that's the price most pay for being the best. Elvis Presley IS the King of Rock and Roll. It's not just a name he gave himself. Hell, I'd go so far as calling him the King of Music. Period.

2. Eminem
If Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll and Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, then Eminem is the King of Rap. Some may find that to be a bold statement when keeping Tupac or Biggie in mind, but let's face it; Eminem has been making waves since he blasted onto the scene and with his recent comeback/sobriety, shows no signs of slowing down. If you don't agree with me now, you will in about 10, probably even 5, years. No other rapper in the game right now spits rhymes or writes sicker flows than he does. Even the most talented MCs probably ask themselves how he thinks of the sh*t he does. The answer is so simple it's not even funny; he doesn't have to think it. He's lived it. Eminem writes about his life and struggles, and puts it down on paper, then spits it into the mic, with passion that's rarely seen today. He says what he thinks and doesn't care what other people think, a characteristic that often lands him in a pile of controversy, but is to be admired and respected all the same. He's matured a lot as an artist, so much so that he's made us forget the fact that he's a white kid from Detroit; he's not a white guy in a black world's his world, and everyone else is just living in it.

3. Aerosmith
My discovery of Aerosmith is a funny story that you may laugh at. Just keep in mind I'm an 18 year old who didn't grow up in the 80s, so I had to be introduced to this band in...other ways. When I was a kid, I don't know what age, I had watched, wait for it, Armageddon on TV. Yeah, you know where this is going. I liked it, so I made my mom buy it on video for me. At the end of the film was a music video for Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, one of the best love songs ever. That's how I found Aerosmith. On a Michael Bay film. Let the laughter commence. But I've loved them ever since. Steven Tyler has one of the funkiest voices in all of rock, Joe Perry knows how to play a f*cking guitar, and Dream On is one of the greatest songs ever. There's a reason they're the best selling rock band in America. They bring a certain sexiness to their songs that is undeniable and irresistible. Hell, it's strip down naked worthy. I hear the band is reuniting. And I'm not gonna miss a thing.

4. John Lennon
I'm not a big Beatles fan. In fact, I very rarely listen to them. It's not because I don't like them, I just don't listen. But, as a solo artist, I have huge respect for John Lennon. Imagine is one of the greatest songs ever written. I relate to that song so much, so in a way, I guess I relate to Lennon in terms of beliefs. When I listen to that song, it's like Lennon just "gets it." He understands the world's problems, problems that embody even today's world. And the song was released in 1971. That makes it timeless. It makes Lennon timeless. And that is what makes artists great. Lennon wasn't afraid to voice his mind, and it's believed by many to be what got him shot. He was the voice against war and for peace for an entire generation. He represented the best that we can be. Some people just can't handle perfection like that.

5. Tupac Shakur
Tupac was like John Lennon for the black community, speaking out against inner city violence, racism, and social injustice through the power of rhyme. He quickly became an icon for the black poverty-stricken community and in the rap genre of music. If there's one artist who has stood the test of time despite his too-short career, it's Tupac, thanks to a loyal fanbase that is ever growing, me being a prime example, as I've been listening to his work as of late. Pac was at his best when he rhymed about peace and prejudice through emotional lyrics (Changes, Life Goes On, Ghetto Gospel), but he wasn't above the "thug-like" music either. But he did it better than anyone else, and he developed his own sound that some try copying, but never get right. It's tragic, but fitting, that he died the way he did-in a feud that resulted in him getting shot-because that's what he voiced out against so often in his songs. It's not hypocritical. It's vulnerability. It shows that even the biggest of icons are still human. This line from Hail Mary probably says it best: "I ain't a killer, but don't push me." I think we can all relate to that to a certain extent. I think that's why Tupac will forever be a legend. Now that he's dead, he's bigger than he ever was, larger than life, but he's still grounded on our level.
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Sounds kinda stupid. Also sounds like they were influenced by A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Very well-written review. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens with $13.5 million on Tuesday night"

You mean we're re-living Revenge of the Fallen??
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@zanyzap I've listened to a few of the tracks but I haven't picked up the album yet.
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@dan1 Idk. I just know it's a good song haha
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