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can i count on you indy?? the comeback
Rorschach   »  Indy_Of_Jones
oh and Burn America and Hitman Hart is on our side so add them
Rorschach   »  Indy_Of_Jones
Theyre talking sh*t on CHeadle's topic for Iron Man 2 check it out bro
f*ck you leo hahaha *sshole I was going to reveal that. Not you man oh well its true im on Leo and GNR's side. Rorschach I didnt get your email man send it again
Indy_Of_Jones wrote a comment about the news item First Fast and Furious Trailer Hits
This should have been the sequel all along..there's no way this is a 1.5!! 1.5? Wtf, that doesnt even exist!!! Well all know this is the 4th and Hollywood also knows that they f*cked up when they made 2 Fast and Tokyo Drift!
Indy_Of_Jones wrote a comment about the news item Woody Harrelson Goes to Zombieland
Didnt Shaun of the Dead do that already..I dont find zombie characters interesting and at least Pegg tried to do something with the zombies
Indy_Of_Jones wrote a comment about the news item New Twilight Behind-the-Scenes Photo!
this looks gay as f*ck!!
I agree with Ringwraither, I think they'll have a way of explaining that the bullet somehow missed his brain...complete bullsh*t...they should make a new serial killer and start over!!
@ movie buff, hahaha dude you have Twilight as an avatar and youre talking bout good movies??? haha!! Thats crazy, and yes this movie sucked....alot.
Vamp   »  Indy_Of_Jones
Alright, I have finished if you'd like to look.....
Vamp   »  Indy_Of_Jones
Ah it's going good, I'm currently working on my review of The Dark Knight, when I finish you can check it out, and no worries, I don't have any spoilers in it. I don't do that sort of thing.
Indy_Of_Jones wrote a comment about the news item Hyde Park Set for 10 Remake
lol Rarschach has a point, only I did like The Happening
I'll see it again tonite!
That was harsh Billy
and i agree with you on the Maggie part..shes not that pretty but shes a good actress
Damn it i wana see this!
Good review. Funny too lol
Vamp   »  Indy_Of_Jones
Thank you for the add! How's it going?
"talents" hu? lol


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