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on another note... i would like to say feldman is donatello... just as james earl jones is vader (except for the infamous... "Where is Padme? Is she safe? Is she all right?" and of course "NOOOOO", which was more the script than the actor), mark hamill is joker, and of course peter cullen is optimus. so it would be nice at least to have a familiar voice and hell... would give feldman a bit of work besides the awful lost boy direct to dvd films.
so... what you are saying mr. feldman... is that you kept asking michael bay on facebook to offer you a job... and he blocked you?
@the-movieghost nice... very nice idea.

personally i dont need to see an ID4.2.3 although in 1996 the first one was awesome... ehh... not so much now after just pulling it out of my collection to watch. i understand that anything can become dated a bit, but this has passed its prime of "hell yes" and "oohs and ahhs."
@gandoff i totally agree with you on that 100 percent. they seem to be flip flopping and the news has been really inconsistent. if there is truth to this however, than it is great news
i skipped out on episode I, and almost certainly will on episode II, however episode III i will certainly be going to.

on another note, if done well, the astroid scene with kenobi and fett in AOTC should look awesome in 3d.
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this will have to be seen to believed, however i do have to doubt the tagline.
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COLT 45! Works everytime!
thankful this is almost over and done with... at least until the 800 spinoffs from it!!
F*CK! going to have a hard time with this... everytime i look at robo's helmet i am reminded of K.I.T.T from knight rider!!!
this is good news. lets make it great news... who is directing it???

(for all those unable to read into it... it was an oxymoron... and yes i know bay is directing it)
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WOW... lets hope the film lives up to the trailer... as @thedude-abides said... looks like a kick ass time!
spielberg would be a nice choice given his relationship with lucas... however i could see lucas influencing spielberg because of their relationship too, however spielberg was a choice of lucas's for the original trilogy's ROTJ due to lucas departing the screen directors guild, and spielberg made comments saying he wanted to do one years later but lucas would not let him because it was lucas's "baby". so after that history lesson i would think spielberg could bring a lot to the table... no matter your feelings spielbergs recent films, he is still a great director. and with spielberg... we could guarantee williams would return for the score as well.

@u1sart i had stated that, when news first broke, but a lot of people thought he was too involved with star trek to do it, but i think for what he did with the star trek reboot and the care that he has for that franchise i think he could be a great choice.

i think the most important thing is that it has to be a fan... and most film makers today have expressed interest in filmaking and inspiration are because of star wars. i am sure the rumors and "top list" wont stop though... probably another 9 months of
@ridgl LOL.
@skywise totally agree with you brother (gopher AWESOME!). caddyshack still holds up today as one of the classic comedies of yesteryear. i still laugh at it, the cast was great. this is definitely one of those times that i will just agree to disagree with @SpaceCowboy. besides that... Top Gun although it was a love story, disguised with a bit of machismo was one of cruises better films. how many films can influence an over abundance of applicants into the air force (look it up). The character development, the choreographed dogfights, even the story... loss, redemption. hell even the soundtrack, which is a staple of the 80's (find one person that doesn't recognize a song from that film). I think sequels that come 15-30 years too late, really ruin the original... feels like a cash in. i cant imagine the second one would be anything without scotts vision.
goddamn she has grown up! i feel... almost dirty looking at her the way i am looking at her.... i said... almost.
@SpaceCowboy how dare you! caddyshack anyone?? :)
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oh boy... this is thrilling and exciting news (--insert sarcasm here
@bawnian-dexeus because they are friends... this was purely a business decision. i have mixed feelings as well... just wondering how watered down the property will become even more now, or that disney does actually care about the franchise. however.....

WHY HAS THERE BEEN NO MENTION OF INDIANA JONES?? ISNT THAT A LUCASFILM PROPERTY AS WELL?? what does this mean for that franchise? will they bring in someone that has an original idea for a macguffin on that one as well??
@gandoff actually she lost a lot of her weight here is a link for the before and after... and.. i am pretty sure it was not done with CGI

that was august of 2011 not sure and have not heard if she gained it back or not though.
@john-m absoloutely! like you said i doubt however it would happen, just because of the unfamiliar territory it has with a wide based demographic... everyone knows who c3po, and ewoks are... but you cant market mandalorians and a utility droid but for the fans i think it would be an incredible saga on its own. I just think the new films kind of drained me of everything current... in the past it is away from that continuity, so you can get away with more, introduce new species, ships, planets, and characters, without stepping on episodes 1-6. hopefully it will happen some day though.