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@felipe-11 EXACTLY! although motion capture is expensive that is the T-800 i want to see. I want arnold to be a part of it, but i dont think james cameron's idea of a terminator blending in, was that of one in an old folks home, playing chess and watching murder she wrote at 6pm every wednesday. age does not lie (even in terminator 3, you could see that he had aged from T2). and the terminator does not age, so as far as arnie's involvement there are few options.
I am torn. yes it would be great seeing arnold as the terminator again but like most think that he has aged too much to stick with it unless he was deaged... however that is still not perfect (tron had an excuse as good as it was... bridges was a computer program). I would still like to see what Linn would do with this. Personally i think i was one of the few to like the cgi capture of arnold in salvation, and think they could do that to a larger extent with arnold doing the voice. but again... i feel the story ended with james camerons vision. thankfully when the rights revert back to him, the franchise will be buried once and for all.
honestly i think i am looking forward to this above man of steel. After reading this article it just cements my anticipation that much more. although not a big fan for the extremis content, it sounds like they are still doing there best to keep this somewhat real, especially after avengers.
the first was great in 84, another would be embarrassing in the 2000's. I really think they need to leave this one alone... if they do another, it will definitely be direct to dvd, like all the other sequels. this would be the exception for a remake that i would not mind seeing. in comparison... it would be like making another porkys film.
what in the hell did i just watch... this might be the smartest movie or as @basquat said the worst, but it definitely has me curious
"Metallica's way of doing things is to jump into unexplored creative endeavors with no safety net whatsoever."

so... lars... that explains anything that came after the black album huh. sorry... you are simply unforgiven.
cliff burton has been rolling in his grave for the past 20 years. This just reaffirms that.
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just wanted to say too that tina fey and amy poehler did a great job hosting as well and was entertained for most of the show.
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@dan1 well... there was speculation... everyone knew ricky martin was, and george michael and rob halford, and elton john, and tom cruise... ... but jodi foster kind of came out... i would not say it was a full confession. regardless, she is a truly great actress, and should not matter whether they are or arent.
@narrator great ideas! never even thought of a bruce/bats feature that would give the game great versatility, but no game has yet to explore that really except the brief levels of the batman begins game. to step it up a notch, i would love to see a few features for the fans, and give the opportunity to design and share your own batcave as well, possibly even your own batmobile... not to constantly beat that into the ground, but batmans vehicles are very much an essential part of the lore, plus with the span of gotham, if they could make it as big a map as say skyrim or GTA, batman would need an easier way to be able to get around instead of just zip lining. i would not mind seeing some sort of reputation meter as well, which would be intrical for intimidation and whether civilians turn you in to either the GCPD or the villains.

@SherlockHolmes2009 if you are implying the jokers red hood, i would option for the jason todd version. i agree... although the joker is to batman as peanut butter is to jelly, i think it is better to leave him dead, bringing back dead characters is a cliche, and there are plenty in batmans rogue gallery that could be just as menacing as the joker.
@narrator exactly my thoughts. not only the whole experience of gotham but as batman as well. almost like a grand theft auto feel, where you have access to the batcave, the batmobile, but also the opportunity to save citizens much like saving guards in the first two games. i like the idea of "the wall breaking down", which could be part of the story where the inmates have escaped arkham, and would make for a triumphant ending for the arkham series. i think with rounding up the criminals, including the use of vehicles and the batcave, the exploration of gotham as well as possibly black gate and again arkham, and having an interactive experience with citizens of gotham, it would be enough to satisfy any fan of the series.
@SherlockHolmes2009 that could definately work, and from rumors dating back to july of last year, they might be going with a prequel in the silver age. personally, although i love the joker and the way he was portrayed in the games would like to see the red hood as a possible contender for the main villain. however if they are going prequel, then the joker will probably star once again.
@remy72883 agreed. i know there was alot of stink of peter weller taking over batman in the dark knight returns, however there is a guy on you tube that does the mark hamil joker to a T. here is a link to one of his videos

here is one of him doing the hamil voice with nicholsons joker
@narrator I agree with you. personally my thought is i would love to see the next arkham game explore gotham city as well, and not just restricted to the confines of arkham asylum. but yes, looks to be more for a game than film if any of it is officially from warner anyhow.
@bawnian-dexeus totally agree with you. and that is exactly what star trek the next generation did. at the time it was also one of the most expensive shows on tv with a price tag of 1 million per episode. advertisement, and syndication was a huge way of bringing in some kick back for the budget. if people watch it... the ad companies will come.
@ROFLitschristian my apology... i was not implying you thought everything had to be TDK. but to date, since TDK was released, because that film got so many things right, many expect it to be the mold and formula for any superhero film. I do agree with you though... they are delicate and very easy to screw up, which has been more often than not.
@bawnian-dexeus yes i consider it a reboot, i think the similarities in Returns was simply homage to the original source of donners films, not a direct sequel so to speak, although a lot of people might feel this is the unofficial superman 3.
wtf is this movie about anyhow... maybe i dont know from laziness, however i think it is that i just dont care.
@ROFLitschristian not necessarily. superman is on its third reboot so to speak, the hulk got a third chance in avengers and punisher is times three as well. i just think they need to scroll back and look at the mistakes of the other ff films. superhero films do not have to be oscar worthy, but not all superhero have to be like the dark knight either. i think with ff there is a balance which some films have gotten right... the humor, the action, effects and character build.
@smokemon i can name a couple of reasons directors are turning it down... number one... disney has the reigns which for most directors means LIMITLESS CONTROL, wheras lucas had too much control... other filmakers will not fair the same. secondly... who wants to be the first to start a franchise that has already burned, and milked the fans in the past 13 years. expectations are high... if the film does not get done right... the director is almost always to blame... just look at movieweb comments if you dont believe me. so it will either explode a career or destroy it depending on the outcome and not many filmakers want to take that risk... i can bet the second and third films get more willing participants after hollywood sees how the first film does.

P.S to the people with nolan boners still... good filmaker... but not for star wars.