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@SherlockHolmes2009 and i say no f*cking way to gordon-levitt. There is no similarity. sure he has some charm on the screen, and no doubt they will probably take a look at him, however i think they need to find an unknown or someone not as well known. when ford was cast he was relatively unknown, and he brought a sense of charm to the character, and we had nothing else to identify him with. Honestly i dont think a solo movie will work that well, for the fact that ford is so identified as that character, which is how i feel as good as the indiana jones tv show was, it was definately no indy with sean patrick flanery. its just my opinion but with a well known actor i dont think it will work that well.
for a solo movie i would say either fillion or josh holloway... of course, it is hollywood, so they will probably get joseph gordon -levitt or jack black (sarcasm)
@dmu009 honestly... I SECOND THAT!
if there is a fett film... two things i do not want to see... DO NOT have him remove his helmet... and DO NOT have him flirting with intergalactic hookers.
I think the saddest thing about all of this... is how much i wish george lucas was back in control :(
@skywise I am hopeful for this film. aside from the cast, nolans production and david goyer's ability to take something from the pages of comics and giving it substance on the big screen (blade and batman), along with snyder directing (which has been a hit or miss), i feel this film will certainly give us a film with depth, and action... however, i think the pressure is on. fans are worried. Not only is there pressure from fans, and the studio, but there is pressure for property of "superman" to make this actually work on screen. Personally what gives me some hope is that WB knows where they have messed up. Although i loved the homage of SR to the donner films, it wasnt done right for what the fans wanted to see, as proof from the new films trailer showing action (almost to appease the fanbase), and not supes flying around and lifting up cars, and romanticizing lois lane, unlike superman returns. but... like you said @skywise not just the action the fans want to see... BUT A GOOD STORY as well. if not, i think fans will be breaking out the pitch forks, and torches, and their faith will lessen of everyone involved in this film.
@ROFLitschristian I agree. i think it is too little too late. there are franchises that would benefit in their prime with a film release. Halo, Gears of War, assassins creed, WOW... etc. but i think they tend to wait too long in sheer fear of previous properties, not to mention that although they tend to cater to one demographic, even word of mouth can be a killer. WOW's popularity, although not significant has waned and a film based on it, could only endulge MMO fans for so long. yes it would probably turn a profit, but it is not as recognizable a property as say, batman, or transformers, or pixar. good luck to them though.
on a different note though...i still think it is going to be so weird not having the 20th century fox fanfare prepping us for those words on screen "A long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away." it has almost become a character of the films, as much as the crawling text.
again as i have said... star wars fans... i think we are in good hands
@bawnian-dexeus I could not agree more. look what happened with x-men... prime example and history will once again repeat itself. however i dont feel that abrams will do to star wars as bryan singer did with superman. there is a slim chance paramount will wait for abrams, however there is a chance abrams might want to do other things after ST2.

@bawnian-dexeus also... i was thinking...

"I directed Star Trek and Star Wars, and all i got was this stupid t-shirt... and... a bazillion dollars, bitches!"
@ejk1 F*CK YES! THANK YOU! i am so sick of hearing people bitch and moan... hell, maybe they should have gotten uwe boll or maybe even GOD FORBID, brought Lucas back to direct. I understand people have their opinions but this is exactly what needed to happen to kickstart the franchise... Star Trek and Star Wars are too different breeds, and abrams has a diverse style, unlike say... zach snyder, or roland emmerich, or the watchowski siblings... any way you look at it, abrams is like any other director taking this on... they will be loved or hated for it, but at this point from his track record thus far, i say he has a pretty good shot at being loved.
incmob wrote a comment about the news item J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII!
i think this is the best news so far. if he can do for star wars what he has done for trek, i am sold.
funny... isnt that what we were told in 1998 too?? (clears throat) mr. darabont, i hear mathew broderick is still looking for work :)
@felipe-11 EXACTLY! although motion capture is expensive that is the T-800 i want to see. I want arnold to be a part of it, but i dont think james cameron's idea of a terminator blending in, was that of one in an old folks home, playing chess and watching murder she wrote at 6pm every wednesday. age does not lie (even in terminator 3, you could see that he had aged from T2). and the terminator does not age, so as far as arnie's involvement there are few options.
I am torn. yes it would be great seeing arnold as the terminator again but like most think that he has aged too much to stick with it unless he was deaged... however that is still not perfect (tron had an excuse as good as it was... bridges was a computer program). I would still like to see what Linn would do with this. Personally i think i was one of the few to like the cgi capture of arnold in salvation, and think they could do that to a larger extent with arnold doing the voice. but again... i feel the story ended with james camerons vision. thankfully when the rights revert back to him, the franchise will be buried once and for all.
honestly i think i am looking forward to this above man of steel. After reading this article it just cements my anticipation that much more. although not a big fan for the extremis content, it sounds like they are still doing there best to keep this somewhat real, especially after avengers.
the first was great in 84, another would be embarrassing in the 2000's. I really think they need to leave this one alone... if they do another, it will definitely be direct to dvd, like all the other sequels. this would be the exception for a remake that i would not mind seeing. in comparison... it would be like making another porkys film.
what in the hell did i just watch... this might be the smartest movie or as @basquat said the worst, but it definitely has me curious
"Metallica's way of doing things is to jump into unexplored creative endeavors with no safety net whatsoever."

so... lars... that explains anything that came after the black album huh. sorry... you are simply unforgiven.
cliff burton has been rolling in his grave for the past 20 years. This just reaffirms that.