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@bellandedward1... what about all the people that dont have disney xd... that is not even available in some areas, where netflix is accessible no matter where you live... unless you have bad internet service. for those of us that have netflix this is not upsetting at all... for those that dont... throw down 8 bucks watch the new season in a month then cancel.
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I have just returned from the future... i can assure all of you that in 2058 this movie still has not been made.
not sure who is worse... ford with episode VII or murray with GB3!! I realize the backdoor is negotiation but f*ck... give us an answer!
@therealGoku smartest thing i have heard all day... i say AMEN to that!
@moviemaniac66 couldnt agree more, it sounds very lazy. it might grow on me, but cant say that it will.
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actually... this makes perfect sense beings how the robin in Millers "the dark knight series" was actually a girl.
@dfella that was not hate... dude. I never once said bale was not a good batman... in fact... beings how you misinterpreted my post or didnt even get past the "i think this is some fanboys wet dream"... i did say that I "loved bale as batman and wayne" i was simply stating the reasons it could not work, and why in a business sense it shouldnt. before you post your rants... you might want to try to finish reading someones post and let them have an opinion.
i think this is some fanboys wet dream. loved bale as batman and wayne, however i honestly believe bale would be a fool because this would now only be about the money and not about the character. he has stated... we all know... countless times that unless nolan was back, he would not return unless there is a story to tell. of course man of steel 2 could get a great script (much better hopefully then the last 45 minutes of MOS) but would diminish all nolan, goyer and bale set out to do with their done trilogy. i know fans clammored to have keaton return to the cape and cowl after B&R and had he... we would not have gotten bale to show us his interpretation of the dark knight. I know it would save a lot of time on having to reintroduce batman to fans by just bringing in bale, but it seems like a lazy approach. batman is a character that can be redefined and reinterpreted through the ages, and am always eager to see how someone will fill the shoes. i think they need someone younger than bale, that can have longevity (MOS2, JLA, Batman stand alone, JLA2, possible cameos in flash, or GL) with man of steel also they have continued to say this is a different universe than the nolan films... so to completely forgo the whole "realistic approach" of nolans films would be suicide. just like superman, batman needs to be reinterpreted.
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@themoviefanatic whats with all the caps? whats with his plead on movieweb? write michael bay a damn letter... bay has never had the habit of listening to fans, let alone reading forums on movieweb probably.
perhaps he is in a post credit scene on xmen dofp as... apocalypse?
@pjwolsker i really have no defense to that... because... you may be right. however... i didnt see gi joe 2 for the rock, or even the fast five because of him, however i think he draws people in that may otherwise pass on a film. gi joe sucked, and i thought there might be some saving grace with the rock attached on the sequel... i only saw the first fast and furious... but he drew me in on the fast five knowing he was only a supporting character but i think it gives these franchises a fresh face, a bit of validity in a way. so yes i think the rock will attract a larger audience, but would be great that if he does... he can completely shock the hell out of us by being a cold hearted killing machine that harkens back to the first terminator film with arnie... i think that is what this franchise needs. a big boot in the ass to bring it back on track.
@pjwolsker true... however i have thought for the last few years the rock would be good in a terminator film... if... and only if... he is a terminator... like @Celestialforthcoming said... people go to see the rock for his onscreen charm... even in films that he goes around killing people he is charming when he does it... but i think it would be a good fit, and really the john connor story is done. salvation could have been so much more, linda hamilton is too old now... the only sensible thing would be to continue the story on from salvation or go after the whole bloodline
@ghostman deleted scenes however are not always canon.
@kranendonk i heard more than likely she will be recast due to the schedule of "divergent". hopefully. i dont know much about her as far as acting goes, but still cant feel she looks anything like MJ.
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good f*cking news!! kiss off to those that were "didnt get it" on the first.
sorry arnie... the only way to do this now is to cgi the governator. personally i would love to see him back in the role, however i felt even part 3 was not very good either. i would like to see justin lin do it, and hope with scheduling now he can... he seems to be a hot choice given the action and attention to character and the mix of drama and comedy that he can make this work. but the one thing that needs to work is THE STORY. bring it back to its roots and give us something to evolve with. international appeal comes later... hopefully it will be good.
@vanboy THANK YOU! i liked the scene with the arnie cgi in salvation too and thought it was well done. i wonder how many would have scoffed or been so critical had it never even been known it was cgi, or had that scene not even been in the film. the film was not great, but at least that was something to look forward to in the film.
@supermanvenom more than likely it will be the robotic suit of rhino from ultimate universe. i have a feeling those circles are for the motion capture.