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I can't help but recall the interview with Neeson where he says, "I don't think there'll be a 'Taken 3.' She can't get taken again...that's just bad parenting."
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Oh look, Bank Gothic...again.
ignitedspade wrote a comment about the news item The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Poster
Lol someone in the design department has a really, really poor sense of perspective. The logo in the sky doesn't match the perspective of the city below, at all. Not to mention Batman is just floating there in mid-air. This is lazy work.
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I've been hoping for this for as long as I can remember. I'm extremely excited to hear what Zimmer comes up with. Stoked beyond words!!
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I venture to bet that it doesn't rain once in this film. Although the film looks amazing and am looking forward to seeing it...I must say that the rain effect in posters is getting a little too cliche now. Along with flares.
ignitedspade wrote a comment about the news item Katy Perry: Part of Me Poster
I don't even find her remotely attractive. As soon I saw what she looked like without all that makeup caked on her face, there's no going back.
"...second installment of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures Batman series." Really...? I didn't know BB or TDK was just some off-the-grid bonus movie.
My bet is Wizard.
For once can we just get a movie where the villain isn't tied to spiderman? I understand you want character dynamics and a deep story, but whatever happened to "Here is a super hero, who just kicks ass because the villain is some pain in the ass who needs a whoopin'"? Im getting bored, tired, and disinterested in Spider-man movies that have the villain tied to him. Why cant we just have villains like Rhino, the Shocker, or the like, just so we can see some ass whooping without any stupid sympathy. /rant
So let me get this straight. "..he was tricked into signing over his interest in the comic book to Robert Kirkman before the TV deal with AMC was made." and yet he signs over his share, because he THOUGHT the show was going to fail? Seems to me he already knew a pitch (to whatever network) was going to take place. Seems pretty sketchy to me. This needs to be thrown out of court. He signed over his share, thats that. You lose. Start another comic book if you feel so angry about it.
I take it this B. Alan Orange guy is some kid who likes to have "Exclusive" insider news all the time...even though its fake news. I wonder how many Wikipedia pages he's created and/or modified. As well as IMDB pages, too.
Totally forgot Ray Stevenson was in this. Now I know I'm definitely going to have to see it.
You know what Excorsists, Ghost Whisperers, Psychics and diapers have in common? They're all full of sh*t. People who believe in this crap are mentally retarded and lack the intelligence to sustain an IQ of more than half their shoe size. I didn't even have to read this to know that its one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

This wouldn't even be an issue if Heath hadn't passed. Leave it alone. Stop trying to make yourself look more credible at the expense of someone's death.
So wait, this isn't the true story version where Bin Laden died of kidney failure 10 years ago? I guess we can hang with fiction movies loosely based on a death.
Make up to conceal tattoos in movies are airbrushed, and is flush with the skin (you cant see the make up), this make-up is intentional to look this way. My best guess is to make them look like burns, from fire, or acid. Best bet is Acid Burns.
He needs to get over those glasses. They just look ridiculous.
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Video Games being suckish or not, you all know you want to see a Bioshock and an Infamous movie. I really hope they get things going with this. My guess is after the release of Bioshock Infinite, they will get the ball rolling again on this project. I like Wentworth Miller, and I think he deserves to do a movie like this.
ignitedspade wrote a comment about the news item Three The Muppets Twilight Parody Posters
Oh no, its okay to completely mis-match color schemes for a movie poster. Aka, its lacking the consistent blue tint. These look fan-made.
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I honestly couldn't even finish watching this. I wasn't expecting a comedy vibe at all, and it completely threw it all off. Nathan Lane is the only thing going for this movie as far as I'm concerned. Its ironic how I had hopes for this movie and none for SW & the Huntsman. Seems like its just the opposite.


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