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HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item Teen Wolf Renewed for Season 2 on MTV
not sure if being the "highest-rated new series" on mtv is cause for another season.. should that really even be considered an accomplishment?
had this discussion the other day about a different movie franchise. I feel that if you are a "fan" of a certain genre, director, writer, cartoon series turned movie, etc... Then you should be excited and hopefully optimistic about news relating to that specific genre, director, etc... I am always disappointed to see these supposed fans chime in with the negatives regarding something they claim to be a fan of... especially when its as early in the process as this bit of news is.

as for me, I am totally on board. Raimi and Campbell are great and look to be going about this the right way. Hope it all works out because i am a fan of the EvilDead movies, SamRaimi as a director and Bruce Campbell as an actor.
HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item Godzilla Lands Writer David S. Goyer
good director, now good writer...hopefully this equals good Godzilla movie.
..thats one tall biatch
HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item Jason Sudeikis Joins Eastbound & Down
Kenny Powers! Cmon!
im pretty sure its not supposed to be funny... but that was hysterical
HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item A Liar's Autobiography Starts Production
lame... EPIX is not apart of my cable package. Otherwise, im definitely looking forward to seeing this... or not seeing it cus i dont get friggin EPIX!! put it on HBO damnit!
...some people may be in for a surprise how graphic this movie could be. If you are in the dark about the books or haven't seen Oplev's version from only 2 years (still annoyed on such a quick turn around) This will definitely shock some people who don't know what they are geting in for...
...saw it 3d, non imax. wana go again, but not sure if the imax 3d would be an overload. .?.. Im guessing from most reactions that I am wrong in assuming that ??
HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item Second 30 Minutes or Less Red Band Trailer
Kenny Powers!
HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item The Wolverine Lands Director James Mangold
I like how movieweb mentions "walk the line" and "knight and day" -Are you serious ?? The director of "knight and day" is supposed to make me excited about him directing Wolverine. Good job movieweb. Leave it to everyone else to mention that he did "3:10 to yuma" which was great. ..and does anyone else remember "cop land" ? -it was a while ago, but i remember it being pretty good as well. -anyway, we'll see what happens i guess
HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item Sixth Transformers: Dark of the Moon TV Spot
@photoman -I was going to do the same thing...but it didn't last long. -Saw this spot during the finals last night.. it was pretty sweet. Plus it gave a little plot insight that we haven't really heard before... *and so glad the Mavs won. Suck it Heat.
HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item Salt Sequel Happening at Sony Pictures
...couldn't believe this movie made that much money. I always have a tough time with having chicks be the lead bad-ass in a movie. Call it whatever you want, but it's just something that turns me off from the beginning. I remember reading they wanted Tom Cruise for the role originally, but when they couldn't get him they gave it to Jolie instead.. I thought that was super lame, just like the idea of a possible sequel
HighCaliberINC wrote a comment about the news item Terminator 5 Wants Paul Walker as Kyle Reese
I agree with most here... Lets be honest, nobody ever really "wants" Paul Walker. ..and I believe Terminator Salvation to be a better movie than it got credit for. Can't wait to see how this potential monstrosity turns out...
@supermanempire -that was very well said.. and kind of funny. (ie, use of the word mantastic)
@k-man -haha I wrote one sentence and you said I was defensive...what does two full paragraphs entail ? And opinions usually involve " I think.." or "I feel..." You may want to master the difference between your opinion and trying to pass off your personal feelings as absolute facts... then talk to me about whatever you want.

@tropicthunder217 -agree
I can use BIG letters when I write too... Doesnt make what Im saying any MORE or LESS true. ..
I enjoyed Thor ... but there is no way this movie shouldn't make more. It is just simply a better over-all movie. I hope it does gangbusters!
oh sh*t... that trailer was serious! ..and yes, the title has too many "of the's" in it.


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