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I would love to have the solar chargers with speakers so that I can watch Transcendence in my smartphone after it comes out on Google Play. This Will Transcend me. Really it Will. :-)
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OMG, bring my soul to life, re-animate me, Dr Frankenstein.
Good luck to everyone!!! I want the gift card to rekindle my life :-)

Henry Q

OMG, I am a big fan of Frankenstein!!! Please give me the gift card.
I will use it to buy a Frankenstein movie t-shirt. Thanks movieweb!
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I love Kristen and Chris. They are wonderful actors. I will watch it this weekend. Looks like a very visually enhanced fantasy tale. The trailer is really great. A big fan of classic Snow White, and I hope this will be a hit.
Plz let me win the T-Shirt! A big movie fan :-) ! or else I will turn into a Grouchy Dwarf. LOL!
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Dear MovieWeb,
I love your website! I am looking forward to see Wrath on Mar 30. The movie is much better than the first based on what I have seen from the trailers. More richer story, more exciting plots, and larger than life monsters. I would love to have the leather band watch with the Wrath moniker. I have entered several contests on MovieWeb but never won anything so far. I am hoping this would be my chance. Great website, great movie, great fans, good luck everyone!
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I love good story telling and original stories. Hunger Games is all that and more. Hopefully the movie will transcend and do very well.
I would love to win the prizes and give them to my students since they are big fans. I believe this trilogy will be very successful and
feed us for a few years with great p!ots, twists, and adventure. Good Luck to everyone!
I would love to use the Shuttle H7 PC for building a website on how to volunteer and help one's local community. This would greatly help the homeless, low-income, and less fortunate people of our communities. I think by doing this Sherlock would be so happy and Watson would cheer me on. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.
(The audience does the WAVE to celebrate Henry's winnings.)
(crowd sighs and cheers): "Give him the books!"
Plz I want the books! (Skydiving to earth to hopefully inspire the gods to give me the books.)
(Glimpsing into the God mirror and reading Hunger Games...boy this is what I call a sneak preview.)
Love the story...adventurous and intriguing. Hopefully, the first movie will be successful, then we can get sequels! Would love to win the books and enjoy the stories. Plz give me the books, I love books :-)
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J. Edgar is a intriguing and wonderfully filled man that will make this film an Oscar contender. Especially with Leonard DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood to tell the story. I am a big fan of biopics and J. Edgar, DiCaprio, and Eastwood make for a great and compelling storytelling that will win Oscar gold. Please share the prize by giving me the messenger leather bag with 35 years of great WB films on DVD! Thanks!!!
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I grew up and watched Greek mythology. From Hercules to Perseus to Theseus, the heroes of these tales made my childhood adventurous and wonderful. Please let me remember the film and mythology, by giving me a T-shirt as a memoir. Thanks...
IMMORTALS forever!!!
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I would love to win the 2 books listed. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and this would be a great opportunity to read before watching the movie. I love it, so please give me a chance to grab the books and enter a world of suspense and thrill. Thanks movieweb!
Just saw Red movie last night. It was suspenseful and full of twist and turns...I am glad the story is different and that the direction was good for this tale. Throughout the movie I keep second guessing who the wolf was...Believe me it was good just trying to figure out the Big Bad Wolf...It was fun and exciting. I would love to win the Red Hoodie sweatshirt or Men's Wolf Tee shirt (size men's medium please). I love this Movieweb website since like many years ago. Thanks for the chance and I hope I win.
I saw the trailer and if you pay attention Optimus indeed has wings.
May be he had some Red Bull! :-)
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OK, here is my pitch to win the prize. This story of UNKOWN is cool. It resembles a lot like "The Fugitive" starring Harrison Ford. Anyway, Liam gets into an accident, loses memory, finds people around don't know him, basically erases his existence, he tries to find his life back,..spoilers... OK I will stop. Anyway, I am typing this with my new laptop. I need a new built NY laptop case. So please movieweb and UNKOWN give it to me. Thanks so much!

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