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haraldderhammer wrote a comment about the news item The Dark Knight Rises Trailer!
Who is the person standing in the background during the fight scene?
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@robbie wow man, thanks a lot!
Does anyone know what the title of the song is they are using??? The sound editing is superb, and the song just fits perfectly.
I think you guys shouldn't just copy and paste press releases, but rather say that these statements come from the production-studios. That text isn't only retarded, it has marketing written all over it
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Thanks for the add.
hm, I know what you're saying, but advanced screenings have always been a controllable promotion tool, whislt it is just not profitable if a movie is, let's say, "being made available" for the public to judge beforehand. I mean, let's face it, if it isn't something like "The Departed", "No Country For Old Men" or "The Dark Knight", then watching it once is enough for most people, especially the general, "I-watch-a-movie-in-the-cinema-once-a-month" public... But you are right on your last point, if a movie is great, at least I would pay for it later just to redeem my soul :D.
True that, Schneebly, especially the "using what's out there" part. However, 10 years ago we would just go to the cinema and judge a movie roght there, not beforehand based on an unfinished online-leaked version. I get your point, but on the other hand the romantic (literature kind-of romantic) feeling that surrounded movies will be gone forever if things are going on like that... It's a thin line, and I admit that I am not innocent when it comes to downloading. But I do think that the overall enigmatic, surprising and often very fulfilling experience of watching a movie in theatres will never be replaced by online divx-rips leaked beforehand.
Awesome article. I must admit, I had it on the computer already, but whilst watching the first three minutes I was so heavily crushed by guilt that I deleted it. As it is a cinema-must-see and I can go to the cinema for free, I decided to do the right thing... and I can wait.
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