I was born from and adopted from Russia and i know nothing of my language or my culture, the reason is, because i was only 2 when i was adopted. I have Black hair and DarkBrown eyes. i'm Slim/Slender, My Style is: Layered shirt, TightPants, Shoes(vans). My Religion is: Jewdiasm and i like to SkateBoard and Got Outside and Excersize. I like to Watch Alot of Movies, My favorite genre is: Horror/Comedy/Action. I love Music and My favorite Genre would be: Rock/Alternative/Metal/Heavy/Hardcore/
Punk/Scream-o/Classic. I love to Read Comics, My favorite ChildHood hero is: SpiderMan, and today i still like him, he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. My Favorite Animals Are: Dogs/Cats. My Favorite Actors Are: AdamSandler, BenStiller, TimAllen. I love to Sing, I have A good voice, even though i hate Chorus and Music at School, Just because it's Lame.