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@bawnian-dexeus Yeah, me too.
Yes, yes, YES!!! Can't wait to see what this movie will look like. :)
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Hmm. Is it me or did Segel loose a bunch of weight? It may just be that I'm not used to seeing his side profile.
@mieko-siede Yeah, I wanted it to comeback too. It was such a great show. Well, at least we will get to see him on this show. Plus, do you watch The Walking Dead? If not, last nights episode it was revealed that Michael Cudlitz will be on that show now, which I'm also happy with. Also, did you ever see End of Watch? I liked the movie well enough, but I kept thinking, this is just like Southland. But not as good of course and I couldn't get behind others saying that it was such an original new kind of movie after watching Southland for all the seasons.
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@undeadslayer4 True, people can watch both and I defiantly will. I was just saying that my most anticipated movie of 2015 was the Man of Steel sequel, but now it's Star Wars. :)
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Good news, but why are they using a fan made picture of Ant-Man with Dare Devil's body?
Makes sense since the film was set in 2015,October 21st 2015 to be exact!, that they would release them then. Sweet, can't wait to own a pair! :)
Oh, I guess Pharell was confirmed first, but I missed that news: movieweb/news/pharell-williams-to-perform-at-the-86th-annual-academy-awards
Sweet! We know that Idina Menzel will perform too, via news from Monday: movieweb/news/frozen-star-idina-menzel-to-perform-at-the-86th-annual-academy-awards so now all we need is confirmation on Pharell Williams performing 'Happy' and Karen O performing 'The Moon Song'
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Why @gallagher do you say this is her directorial debut, when she didn't even direct it? Her husband, Ben Falcone did. It looks pretty good and I am a fan of hers, so I will see this.
Sweet, It's nice to hear news like this, previous actors associated with the character returning for the new incarnation. Plus Tom Cavanaugh will be in this!?!? I'm sold! I'm defianlty looking forward to this and Gotham! :)
Defianlty looks great, can't wait to see it and happy to see Depp in a more of a straight role then usual. Atleast no one will be, although there will still probably be a few sadly, saying that this is a just another incarnation of Jack Sparrow, as has been one of the more poplular complaints towards him as of late.
Looks bizarre, but I liked Birth, so I'll see it.
Nice! Can't wait to see this performance. The song is totally going to win.
Nice! I was a huge fan of Southland and liked him on that, so I'm happy to hear he will be Gordon on Gotham.
@thedude1 True, we do need to talk about something with it being so far off. We need to see pictures of the costumes or something to further our interests. And I see what you mean, they do keep mentioning the backlash of Ledger being cast with all these new casting announcements. Hopefully what they say will be shown to be of merit and not blow up in their faces.
@shuabert That's true, it does show him beat up later in the trailer. Though, there is a scene in the trailer where it shows someone laying on a bed in a hospital with a oxygen mask or something, being looked after and Captain & Black Widow are looking in at him. In the scene where they show the body with the sheet over it, Widow is crying. So it's someone she would know very well and someone Captain didn't know very well since he wasn't crying or showing any emotion, just concern. It would make since if it was Fury because Captain didn't know him as well as Widow did. Hmm. Could be a fake out too, since it does show Fury beat up later.
Nice, I hope they decide on the release for this film soon so we all know when we can see this wonderful looking film.
@thedude1 All I meant was that WB/DC have a story that none of us, but they and all the people involved in the production of the film, know about and we will not know for sure 100% if the actor they cast as the characters in there film will be good for the role or not until we see the film for ourselves. And I know the Ledger/Keaton example has been used before many times, but for good reason as it's actually valid in the fact that people freaked out when they heard the casting news and then when the films finally came out, people saw what kind of story it was and what intrepretation of the character was being portrayed and they loved it. It's quite possible that Eisenberg may just play himself again and it will be dissapointing, but it's also quite possible that he does something different and surprises us all. We'll just have to wait and see.