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@thedude1 All I meant was that WB/DC have a story that none of us, but they and all the people involved in the production of the film, know about and we will not know for sure 100% if the actor they cast as the characters in there film will be good for the role or not until we see the film for ourselves. And I know the Ledger/Keaton example has been used before many times, but for good reason as it's actually valid in the fact that people freaked out when they heard the casting news and then when the films finally came out, people saw what kind of story it was and what intrepretation of the character was being portrayed and they loved it. It's quite possible that Eisenberg may just play himself again and it will be dissapointing, but it's also quite possible that he does something different and surprises us all. We'll just have to wait and see.
@therealGoku Yeah, except Nightwing hasn't been confirmed for this film yet. @shuabert I agree, because it won't change the Lex Luthor character at all if he has hair. It's just not that significate and important to the character and like they said, he had hair in the earlier comics. @thedude1 Actually, you have no idea what they are doing. Obviosly they know the vision of what kind of story they want to tell and it seems Eisenburg and Affleck are the the right actors to bring that vision to the screen. Nolan knew what vision he wanted when he cast Ledger as The Joker & Burton knew the same when he cast Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman in his films. We'll all just have to wait and see what they have in store.
@shuabert I was thinking the same thing, and I haven't heard anyone else discuss it which is weird, does Nick Fury die in this film? Hmmm...
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This is so weird and unbelievable, as is the case I feel when any actor as young as Hoffman, Walker, Montieth or Ledger die so unexectadly and out of nowhere. It's hard at the time of hearing the news to believe we won't see them anymore in films, after the ones they had already shot of course. It's just such a weird thing death, and it shocks me and saddens me everytime I hear of someone like this dying. RIP to all that have left us and my thoughts and love go to them and their families.
Nice, I was wondering what Singer thought of Man of Steel. Though I like Singer as a director, even more so than Snyder, I was dissapointed with Superman Returns when I first saw it. I watched it a few more times since, I even own it actually, and think it is just okay. Furthermore, I have liked Singer's films he has made since and look forward to his return to the director's chair with X-Men: Days of Future Past & Hopfully X-Men: Apolcolypse. That being said, I LOVED Man of Steel!! It was what I had hoped all along in a new Superman film, that I thought was absent from Superman Returns, and I was proven wrong by my hesitance with Snyder as the director, which I am thankful for. To me it was defiantly the best film of 2013!
Yay, hollywood ruined Alvin and the Chipmunks, now they will ruin Chip 'n' Dale! It is Disney, so it might be a little better than AATC, but right now I'm not sure it's going to be any different.
@TheObserver Only till 2015? Don't you want to see the movie in 2016? May 6th 2016 to be exact?
Nice! Just as I expected, an out of know where non-expected choice and I'm really liking it. I believe in this project more and more, and can't wait to see what they come up with. Cheers WB!
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@ghostman No, I didn't see it that way, Man of Steel getting bashed, but I did think his appearance and what he said was good.
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It didn't really seam like a spoof in the traditional sense per say, but a homage really, using the man of steel theme and a somewhat similar styled trailer.
OMG, this looks crazy good!
The title is misleading, per usual of MovieWeb most of the time! Obviously Singer was saying that this is more of a sequel to the 'First Class' storyline and timeframe, the past characters if you will, and not the future ones. Not a direct sequel to X-Men: First Class like the title of this article states. @gallagher
The fans do want a Wonder Woman film, I'm sure most of them wanted one before a Justice League film or her cameo in the Man of Steel sequel, but they are not planning it that way. I hope we do get one though. Man oh man, Gal Gadot gets hotter every time I see a picture of her! Can't wait to see her on the big screen in the Man of Steel sequel. :)
Nice, though I've known about this release date since December.
Nice! I've always wanted to visit this attraction, but I like that it's exapanding and will have even more stuff when I eventually get a chance to experience it. :)
@undeadslayer4 You should watch it again.
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@brady1138 The exact same thing as the fan made Mockingjay poster, or the previous Hunger Games posters?
@test-0001 They will show the new Batman suit way before the movie is released, so you'll be able to make that decision to see it in theaters or not when that happens. I'm guessing we'll see it in the next few months, and guessing we'll see Superman's new suit/look first, then Wonder Woman & then Batman. I'm thinking Batman last because more people are anticipating what it will look like. That's just my guess though.
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Nice! With the Man of Steel sequel pushed 10 months back to May 6th 2016, I kind of lost some excitement for films. Though with this news, my excitement is restored and this new Star Wars movie is the movie that has taken the place of the film I'm most aticipated for from now until it's release. I'm very much looking forward to all the news we have in store. :)
This is disappointing for sure, but hopefully we'll get an even better film if not two.