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@moviemaniac66 Oh, I see now, that was an attempt at a joke. Right....
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@bellandedward1 You're welcome!
Guess the person who wrote the press release didn't get the memo on the third Hobbit film's title change. Haha. And anything with Evangeline Lilly I will watch, not that I wasn't going to watch Ant-Man already, just happy to hear she is apart of the cast.
Sounds like someone didn't read the page. @moviemaniac66
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Hmmm, maybe the GOTG will be in the third Avengers film?
@themoviefanatic I like both actors, and will probably enjoy both takes on the character. I'm more familiar with Evan Peters, who was Quicksilver in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, since I am an American Horror Story fan, but I know, or hope rather, that Taylor-Johnson & his Quickslilver will be great too.
@mieko-siede I know, I wish I could have been too!
Looks great! :)
Very Nice! :)
Sweet, I'm looking forward to the trailer.
Well, we now know that the cowl is black. :)
He says, "...but no not Batman or Superman right now [on TV]." That doesn't mean never. So I'm hoping Tom Welling will make a cameo at some point, as those universes would be more likely to be the same then the film universe & tv universe.
Wasn't that the reason that Marvel decided to make a Guardians of the Galaxy film, to connect it with all the other Marvel films? That's what I expected anyways, that they would eventually be in an Avengers film.
@undeadslayer4 I only noticed it because I saw a very large high res version of it. Check it out!
@gallagher Did the photo mentioned in the title of this article get removed? I still don't see it.
@bellandedward1 Actually in just a little over 5 months. 5 Months & 5 days to be exact! :)
Cool! Can't wait to see how the great HOBBIT trilogy ends and how it may connect with THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. I hope we get to see the teaser trailer soon, as comic con is coming up fast.
Sweet, I love Zemeckis' films! He is my second all time favorite Director only after Tim Burton. I am very much looking forward to The Walk. :)
Oh Sweet! Good news indeed! I knew they were planning on making this movie, but didn't know it has already been filmed and defiantly didn't think that it would come out so soon. :)