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Sweet, I'm looking forward to the trailer.
Well, we now know that the cowl is black. :)
He says, "...but no not Batman or Superman right now [on TV]." That doesn't mean never. So I'm hoping Tom Welling will make a cameo at some point, as those universes would be more likely to be the same then the film universe & tv universe.
Wasn't that the reason that Marvel decided to make a Guardians of the Galaxy film, to connect it with all the other Marvel films? That's what I expected anyways, that they would eventually be in an Avengers film.
@undeadslayer4 I only noticed it because I saw a very large high res version of it. Check it out!
@gallagher Did the photo mentioned in the title of this article get removed? I still don't see it.
@bellandedward1 Actually in just a little over 5 months. 5 Months & 5 days to be exact! :)
Cool! Can't wait to see how the great HOBBIT trilogy ends and how it may connect with THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. I hope we get to see the teaser trailer soon, as comic con is coming up fast.
Sweet, I love Zemeckis' films! He is my second all time favorite Director only after Tim Burton. I am very much looking forward to The Walk. :)
Oh Sweet! Good news indeed! I knew they were planning on making this movie, but didn't know it has already been filmed and defiantly didn't think that it would come out so soon. :)
@undeadslayer4 It does to an extent, but there are some modifications that I think are great. For instance, if you notice in Man of Steel, his belt buckle thing was round and here it is square and it has an 'S' in it. That's just one example, but there are many other changes. :)
@undeadslayer4 Haha! Hopefully we will get a lot of great movie info and pictures from this years con. :)
They must have taken the photo down, I don't see one of Raphael facing Splinter, let alone one of Rapheal at all.
Simply AMAZING! I'm so glad that the changes they made to the costume are not so extremely different from the first film, that it's too different. I actually like this costume better. :)
I'm excited for this! I'm hoping Orci hits it out of the park!
The first movie was okay, better than I thought it would be, but I don't think I will be seeing the sequel. Depends on if the trailers amaze me or not.
Sweet! I was hoping there would be a new Rambo film, and I hope this does get made.
Sweet! We shall have a new Pirates movie soon enough, hey @themoviefanatic
I have still yet to see this film. Looks like I need to fit it in to my 'to watch' schedule this week. :)