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Out of the 5, though I haven't seen 'Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny' yet, I was only really dissapointed with 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' because the first three were all so good. Though I have watched it a few times since it's release and it's wathable, but will never be of the quality that is the original three. The other 3 movies mentioned are okay, not horrible, but not really memorable either. I would like to suggest a movie, and I'm not sure if it's part of the 'Disappointing Movies That Deserve a Second Chance' catagory as I'm not sure if it was disapointing to all. I know it didn't make that much at the box office, so I'm not sure if a lot of people have seen it. I do know that I have heard from a few people that have seen it and they all dismiss it as a silly comedy. So I do think this movie does deserve a second chance, because it is one of those movies that you have to see more then once and start to see what the movie is really about. You start to notice symbolism and deep meaning that you wouldn't notice the first time or even probably second time around. The movie my friends is the great 'Joe Versus the Volcano'! If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and see it, and then wait for awhile, see it again, and again and again. If you have seen it and are one of those, 'That movie is a silly or stupid comedy' watch it again and be awakened by something that you never expected. Cheers!
@mieko-siede Yeah, I think I would prefer they did the dark blue or a navy blue and drop the black. Burton unveiled the black suit and it was cool, then Nolan kept it going and it was still cool, but it would be cool to not only change the design of the suit this time, but the color(s) too! I'm very eager to see what they have decided on and can't wait to see what Affleck will look like in it.
I think he would be good! Love him in LOST and would love him as Lex Luthor!
@mieko-siede Yeah for sure. They may also decided to use blue for his cape, cowl, gloves & boots instead of black this time as well, but maybe more of a dark blue. Hope we get to see soon.
@mieko-siede I think the new Batman suit will be the black cowl and look like the New 52 Batman, without the underwear, just like how the Superman suit from Man of Steel looks like the New 52 suit. That's just my guess though. Can't wait to see it either!
Just keep him away from the DC films, we don't need a Pacific Rim type movie.
@masterofthemoon Haha!

He is good in Girls, and I'm sure he would be good as Nightwing, but we'll see.
@balanorange Yeah, did you even watch this before writing this article? I'm guessing not since you wrongfully stated that they would reveal a new poster for Batman Vs. Superman.
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Well there goes any chance of the next movie being any good. I was hoping Tony Gilroy would still be involved one way or another, if not director and writer like on The Bourne Legacy, then just as a writer like on the previous Bourne films. Goodbye Bourne franchise, it was good while it lasted! It is as they say, all good things must come to an end.
@mieko-siede Oh yeah, true. I guess I keep forgetting that this is a bridge film from Man of Steel to Justice League and not a traditional sequel. All the points you made are spot on.
@themoviefanatic Yeah, maybe or just that she will only be Bruce Wayne's love interest. They may release more news about it pretty soon, so we may find out what exactly the role is going to be. Or they will just keep it a secret unil the movies release. We will just have to wait and see.
@themoviefanatic They would be fine too since they are not already associated with another franchise and a role that is too similar to Wonder Woman. It may be just they are being considered for Bruce Wayne's love interest though as Warner Bros. stated. I don't know where this Wonder Woman casting rumor came from, but I feel it's being blown way out of proportion. Of course it could be my own personal frustration with the casting rumor as I feel they shouldn't be including other Superheroes in a MAN OF STEEL sequel as I feel the introduction of Batman is enough. Save the Superhero ensemble for the Justice League movie I say! :)
I must admit movieweb, it's a good strategy to get people to read your article, putting FALSE information in the title. Look at all the comments so far, discussing these actresses as playing a character that the article itself says may not even be Wonder Woman, admitting "a casting description stated that they were looking for a tall, brunette, athletic and exotic actress to fill this particular role. Most speculate that it is for the role of Wonder Woman, also said to be Bruce Wayne's love interest." As far as I know, only movieweb has been the sole speculator in starting the rumor that this role was for Wonder Woman, when it obviously may not even be the case. The role could be as simple as it says, Bruce Wayne's love interest. With that said, of the 4 actresses mentioned, the two highlighted in this article and Olga Kurylenko would be fine choices to me and wouldn't mind seeing them as Bruce Wayne's love interest, but Alexander just wouldn't work as she is already in another franchise. And that's me saying she wouldn't even work as Bruce Wayne's love interest, not to mention she defiantly shouldn't ever be considered for Wonder Woman. So that debunks your FALSE statement "We like Jaimie Alexander, but if she must decline, we hope Olga Kurylenko is next in line.", because we don't like Alexander in the role as she is already in THOR! It's not that I don't like Alexander, she would be fine as Wonder Woman. But she's already in the THOR films. If she wasn't in those films, I would say she defiantly should be Wonder Woman, but then I wouldn't know of her and know to consider her. And if that was the case, another actress had been cast as Sif, all the fan boys would be saying that she would be perfect for Wonder Woman. There are other actresses out there people, open your mind!
@mrchadlangen Tom Welling was never asked to play Superman in Superman Returns! Who told you that?
Olga for sure! Nothing against Jaimie, but she's already in the THOR movies so I'm not even sure why she's being considered.
@ridgl I know right! The American Bilbo poster was horrible, and this French one is great! Also, I thought the American Evageline Lily poster was hot, but the French one is defianlty hotter. :D
The Bilbo one sucks, but I love the one of Evagaline Lilly! :)
@mieko-siede Agreed, plus you will have average movie goers who may be confused and think, "Isn't that the same actress from Thor?" and "So does that mean Wonder Woman is in Thor?" or vice versa, if they see her as Wonder Women too. I like her enough and wouldn't mind her as Wonder Women, but I'm sure they could find someone else and don't have to use the same actress who is in another comic book film. Just like Chris Evans, I will always think, "They couldn't find someone else to play Captain America, really? They use the actor who was Johnny Storm!" Not that I don't like Evans as Captain America, I think he's great in the part, I just still think they could have found someone else who wasn't already another comic book movie character, failed franchise or not.
I thought Into Darkness ended with the beginning of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew's five-year mission. I have never seen Attack the Block, but I have heard good things, so It may be a good thing since JJ is busy.