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Okay. They should title this sequel The Kung Fu Kid, like the first one should have been titled. I liked the first one, so I hope this is good and I hope they bring Horner back for the score.
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"Children will love it!"
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"Not Excellent, but Great!"
I don't like this! I love the classic Pete's Dragon from the 70's and don't think it ever needed to be remade. Just watch that one, it still holds up.
Hmm. I was hoping she would still be Mary Jane, but it makes sense if she doesn't seeing how Divergent is huge now. Such a great film too! I can't get it out of my head and the score is amazing! Very much looking forward to the next two films.
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@ObiWanShinobi I know, it's pretty cool! I like when movies have mysterious things in the trailer and you have to figure out what is going on.
Oh wow, I knew it was doing well at the box office, but I didn't know it would become the Highest-Grossing Animated Movie of All Time. Good for it, it is such a delight.
Ah, Disco. It looks like Pisco, and I was like, "what the f is Pisco?"
That looks badass! I'm defiantly seeing it this weekend!
@undeadslayer4 Yep. On the film & soundtrack album release, the music is credited to Hans Zimmer and the Magnificent Six, featuring Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr
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@ObiWanShinobi I didn't know of his 9 picture deal with Marvel before reading this article, but in the trailers it shows someone laying on a hospital type bed with sheet over their body and Black Widow is crying. In a later shot it shows Widow & Cap looking through a operating window and watching someone being resuscitated or operated on and it looks like Fury, so that's why I thought he might die in this. It would be the only explanation to why Widow would be crying I would think, since I don't think she really knows anyone else that much to cry over them, unless it's someone who is introduced in the film that she has known for a long time.
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Okay, so I guess that means he doesn't die in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Good to know! :)
@balanorange Thursday the 27th, today is the 26th!
Jake, you were 15 when Jurassic Park came out!
Although I think Bradley Cooper would be an interesting choice, I hope Harrison signs on for at least one more. Bradley could still be in it as his protege or something and then take over the franchise, taking Indiana's name to continue his hero's legacy. Anyway, that's just one way I would see it working.
It looks like a very entertaining & solid film. I can't wait for this.
This looks fantastic! :)
@undeadslayer4 No way, I LOVED the first film! And one of the main reasons was because of the score. I still listen to it every so often and it pumps me up during the triumphant sections and breaks my heart during all the sad music. I was going through a break up at the time this film was released and the sad music got me through and helped me heal. So I have a personal relationship of sorts with it and am still disappointed that Hans Zimmer is now doing the music and there won't be that continuity musically between films and that music that I fell in love with. I'm just film score lover in general and I know Zimmer will do great, I LOVE the Man of Steel score and countless other scores that guy has done, but I was just hoping Horner would continue with the franchise.
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@undeadslayer4 Not sure? That's up to the film makers, but I will be happy seeing him again at least.