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gumperman added a Blu-ray to his to his Collection:
@bawnian-dexeus I hope that is true, because that would be sweet if they moved it up a month.
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n Correct, I did delete my previous comment due to the fact at the time of writing it, I thought I was responding to an adult minded individual, though a very ignorant adult as it seemed from all the continuous spelling errors and lack of basic common sense. Though much to my folly, after reading your very colorful replies to that comment, "now go start pimping your mother" & "well my opinion is the fart smoke coming out of ur ass goes straight into your moms mouth", I've realized that you are an adolescent minded individual who, hopefully for your sake, hasn't yet developed any current common sense. So I apologize for the comment I wrote before, and hope it doesn't damage your still growing awareness of self image, that most at your age haven't developed yet. This is the last I will correspond with you, as I have nothing else of interest to engage with you in until perhaps you are older and have a real sense of how to communicate with a human being properly. Good day. :)
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n Well now I just feel embarrassed, because it's obvious I replied to a 10 year old.
@brian Oh okay, thank you for the clarification.
So the source mentions First Class, not Days of Future Past. We already know Storm wasn't in First Class, so was this a mistake or something from before the first movie came out?
They did say that the Rhino would be shown for only about 4 minutes, but what if the character is seen more without the costume? So maybe he's only seen in the costume for 4 mintues, but seen in the film a lot more. Anyway, just a thought.
@themoviefanatic Yes it would! :)
@undeadslayer4 Not sure?
@superman81 Yeah, that's what the rumor is. Hope it's not true, for Captain America's sake.
@undeadslayer4 I know, I'm just saying I hope the rest of the film does not have the feel of this clip.
@therealGoku @superman81 Ant-Man has already been scheduled for July 17th 2015, taking Man of Steel 2's old release date, so no worries of it being that.
Um, this feels to cartoony and kind of bad. I hope the Whole movie doesn't have this feel.
@themoviefanatic Agreed, also looking forward to the special and also wondering about that picture. Haha.
Hmm. I'm interested in a all CGI Smurfs film, hope it will be better than the other two films. Another Hotel Transylvania has my ticket purchase as the first was a delight, but I'm hesitant on Popeye (I'm a huge fan of the character & loved the 80's live action film) though not much since it is going to be done by Genndy Tartakovsky and he says, "a character that I've loved since I was a kid", so that's good news.
@undeadslayer4 It's just the beginning of the clip, in the movie she will be shown more before this clip. This clip was just a focus on Cap chasing The Winter Soldier, but it was nice to see her for a bit, even though they didn't need to really. The editing will look better in the movie.
I'm glad to hear that she will be back like Mia & Johnny, but am still baffaled as to why they titled the first movie Alice In Wonderland, when it wasn't even that story in the first place. And now this one is titled Through The Looking Glass after the book sequel to Wonderland, which as far as things are going, won't be anything like it's book either.
@undeadslayer4 Who are you talking about? If you mean Emily VanCamp, she's right at the beginning of this clip. I didn't notice her the first time I saw it, but after reading this article I watched it again and there she was.