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@gallagher You wrote The Desolation of Smaug, not The Battle of the Five Armies.
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@mbrandon11 Sweet, looking forward to it.
Hells yeah! It sounds like this is coming together nicely. Can't wait to here that they are greenlit and will start filming and then the release date. :D
I'm sad that's going to be over, but excited to see it in IMAX tomorrow, or acutally today since it's 3:29am. So in just 15 and half hours, I will be seeing the final Middle-Earth film and the Bridge between The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings. I can't wait to get this on Extended Edition Blu-ray and watch all 6 films back to back. :D
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Oh man I've been anticipating the first look at this film and here it is. I got to admit, the first half was a little different in feel than I'm used to with Malick and seemed like he was trying for a different direction in film approach, but then the second part came and brought it all back to Malick goodness. Can't wait! :D
@themoviefanatic Indeed it will. All are very beautiful ladies.
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Hell yeah I want this! I would LOVE to get the chance to see Burton working with Keaton again, not to mention another Beetlejuice film! And to hear Elfman tackle the theme again and write new music for the character, would all around be a dream come true. I agree though, it has to be perfect and I'm glad they are making sure it is and not half assing it just to get it out there.
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My only vote is, not Justin Lin. The other 4 sound fine, especially Rupert Wyatt, but we don't want Justin Lin directing the next Star Trek film.
@thebiglebowski Okay, but to be fair you did say both films and not all of the films, which would actually be 10 released so far. But I see what you mean now, you mean the clips from both just Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. And I agree, it would be implying that they would both join up together at some point, showing clips from GOTG & all the Avengers films and yeah, what would the point be if they didn't?
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@undeadslayer4 He already did one for 2014, but I do hope he does an ultimate mashup trailer after the year ends like he did with 2013. Will you do that? @mbrandon11
@thebiglebowski Oh, that was what your were referring to, the announcement presentation where they showed scenes from all of the past Marvel films, leading up to Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet (which was the only piece of new footage if it will in fact even be in the film) and then the title for the 3rd & 4th Avengers films. I thought you were saying there was an actual official teaser released for the film, with scenes from the movie (besides the afore mentioned in question Thanos scene), which is impossible since they haven't started filming it yet. If you think the scenes they showed were from the 'Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1 & Part 2', it sounds like two things; 1) You haven't watched the previous films close enough and don't remember those scenes, and 2) You're the one that needs to do some research.
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Well, they're still making movies, so no. Have they lost their spark in great film making, is what I think you mean, so I will also say no. They may have had a few "not up to standard" films as of late, like Cars 2 & Brave, but Monsters University was really good and a step back in the right direction I feel. Though I would say they've had a bump in the past as well, when trying to get their feet up and running as a company and releasing Monsters, Inc. back in 2001. It is by far my least favorite Pixar film. It was only after then, to me, that they started releasing consistent quality film gold, starting with Finding Nemo, which is by far my favorite Pixar film to date. :) We'll have to wait and see though. If the films they release next year, Inside Out & The Good Dinosaur, are not so good, then I will be more worried about them. I'm pretty sure Finding Dory in 2016 & Toy Story 4 in 2017 will be up to the past quality greatness though, plus they have The Incredibles 2 coming, so I don't think all will be duds, just a few if so. It's hard too though because since John Lasseter became the chief creative officer for both Pixar & Disney Animation, the differences in quality have merged it seems, and the lines between the two have blurred. So once in awhile you will get a really good film from Disney Animation & not so good with Pixar. Like for instance, to use Brave again, Brave came out in 2012 and it was okay, but not up to Pixar standards and than later that year, Wreck-It Ralph comes out from Disney Animation Studios and it is a wonderful film. It was almost like the companies were switched last second with Brave really supposed to be from Disney Animation Studios & Wreck-It Ralph was really a Pixar film at first. Thanks for the question! This is a subject, Pixar films, I have great interest in and love to discuss. Cheers Mate!
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@therealGoku They did leak some unreleased films, like you mentioned Annie, and also Mr. Turner and Still Alice. They also leaked a film without a theatrical release date yet, To Write Love on Her Arms, but I know what you mean, those are not that interesting. I would also like to see some footage from better unreleased films.
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Actually @balanorange Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is being released on December 19th, not Christmas Day. Into The Woods however, which could be an event movie, opens on Christmas Day.

Also, and this may only be an event movie for me, but still, Tim Burton's Big Eyes comes out on Christmas Day too...I hope. It may only be in select theaters, but I hope it is released wide. :D
When reading the headline of articles like this, "Will 'Avengers' Crossover with 'Guardians of the Galaxy'?", I always think to myself, "Isn't that the point? Wasn't that always the plan?" I'm expecting them to crossover, they share the same universe, it would kind of be pointless to not crossover.

After reading the article, It sounds like they never did have that planned 100%, which is weird to me, but I guess it's fine if they never do crossover. I hope they do though.
@thebiglebowski I don't think there is a official teaser trailer for that yet. The first part doesn't come out until May 2018, so I think you saw a fan made teaser.
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It sounds good, I'm excited for this film. See, if Marvel & Sony do agree on a deal for Spider-Man, this is how they can do it, introduce him as already having been around and do flashbacks for the origin if needs be. Or do a THE INCREDIBLE HULK and show the origin in the beginning credits. Haha!
Reading through the comments, you can tell who read the article and who just read the title. Haha!
Oh man it would be so sweet if Sony and Marvel can make a deal and Spider-Man ends up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Come on Sony you know your running out of ideas, partner up! And good, get rid of Garfield if this happens, I didn't care for him much anyway. :)
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To me it just sounds like they want to get the new Star Wars film out and released and then they may begin developing ideas for a new Indiana Jones film. I don't think they will wait until all of the Star Wars related films will be released to focus on Indy. They could do it and the same time and I think that's what he meant.