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@mieko-siede Yeah, I was so excited for it after Man of Steel and then the news of Batman being in the sequel, then all the casting announcements. But then they pushed the release date back and I've been dissapointed ever since. Plus there really hasn't been any big news about it thus far. If I was where you were and around where they were filming I would feel the same as you, but from my viewpoint the project is at a standpoint. And don't get me wrong, I am more excited for another Superman film above all other films to be released in the future, but like I said, it seems like it's not getting anywhere. Though, they did just announce Zimmer was coming back as composer, so good news there. I would think they would release some costume pics by now, but they haven't. Hopefully soon.
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@undeadslayer4 Yeah, I'm not sure. At least he was in Cap 2 as much as he was.
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@xenon56 No worries, you didn't spoil it for me, I'm just saying incase you did spoil it for someone and for the future if you do reveal a spoiler.
@thedude-abides Yeah, good point. I wasn't even thinking about the screenplay writer. The reason I responded as I did before was because I was not even remotely interested in another Steve Jobs biopic, until Fincher's name was announced as directing. I'll admit my excitement also came from Aaron Sorkin's involvement as well, but not as recongized as the director. So when I heard Fincher was out, I was out. Though after some time, and your reminder, If a great director comes along and directs this, I will be for it I'm sure. Just depends on who.
@undeadslayer4 I enjoyed Kick-Ass 2. It was nowhere near as good as the first by any means, but it was entertaining I thought.
Yeah, I'm excited he will return. I liked the Man of Steel score & all of The Dark Knight scores. Good news indeed.
If Fincher is out, then there is no need to make this film anymore. Simple.
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Hell yeah, that would be awesome if he appeared in VENOM. I hope the story of the film is great first of all.
Well that came out of nowhere! This film looks great, can't wait to see it.
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Well, it's a step in the right direction after that trash they released last year. The next step should be realizing their mistake and erasing that garbage, storywise, from the Die Hard franchise.
It must be hard trying to figure out how to write a sequel to Avatar, since Dances With Wolves never had any sequels and Cameron can't figure out what other screenplays to rip off.
gumperman wrote a comment about the news item Will Spider-Man Appear in Venom or Sinister Six?
@xenon56 Just FYI, f you are going to reveal a spoiler, you announce SPOILER before you reveal it, not after. Also, it's Scarlett Witch.
@justatadmatt I noticed that too. I wonder if has to wear it at the end, because the new one got damaged or something. Or maybe it's just the mask that got damaged and he has to get out his old one. Should be interesting, can't wait to find out.
Wow, it seems Jon M. Chu leaving, that was the best thing to happen to this film. Any one of the directors this article lists as a potential replacement is far more talented I think, and I'm so happy to hear that this might be the direction this film is going in. :)
I'm a fan of both franchises, as I just love Comic Book films in general, but honestly I've lost interest in the Man of Steel Sequel/BVS. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was amazing, so I am more hyped for a third film and will be even more so after watching Avengers: Age of Ultron. If it is good that is. So at this point, unless Warner Bros. starts releasing some photos or something exciting about BVS, I just don't care about it anymore. I will still see it if they release it that weekend, but it will be after Cap 3.
Okay. They should title this sequel The Kung Fu Kid, like the first one should have been titled. I liked the first one, so I hope this is good and I hope they bring Horner back for the score.
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