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Awesome! I'm excited to see how this scene plays out with those 3 versus Reverse Flash. And yes, @gallagher as @Pat-Richardson corrected, Stephen & Robbie are cousins, not brothers.
Man, I hope this third Star Trek film is good. I lost interest when Lin was hired to direct, but with what Pegg is saying I'm kind of feeling more optimistic towards it.
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Just a few date error corrections in this article.

1) The first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman was actually released on May 13th 2014, not March, via Snyder's twitter account. Check the date: (So that makes less than two months that went by in between before we got the picture release of Cavill in the new Superman suit on July 3rd 2014.)

2) This is not as big of an error as #1, but still an error for sure. The Momoa Aquaman picture was actually revealed one day earlier on February 19th, not the 20th. Check that date also:

Other than that, good article. Twas interesting and fun to read about and look at the pictures again.
I want that car !
haha! I can't wait for this. :)
Saw this last night during the show, hilarious! I'm so glad Joe Versus The Volcano was featured, as it is my favorite film of his and one of my favorite films of all time. I know most people have never seen it and consider it bad, but if they really saw it for what it is they would fall in love with it. :)
He looks just like him, this would be perfect.
Can't wait for this! Anything Burton directs, I will see. :)
Wow, I never thought I would see the day when John Williams didn't score a Spielberg film. I realize that it would happen sometime in the future as Williams is getting up there in age and might not be with us in a few years, but I didn't think this would happen while he was still alive. Their collaboration was one of, if not the longest in film history. I wonder if this will happen more often now, since like I said Williams is getting up there in age. I love Thomas Newman too, and I'm glad he is getting this opportunity as one of the few composers besides Williams who has composed music for a Spielberg theatrical film. I mention that, because if you rememeber Spielberg's films then you may remember that Quincy Jones was actually the composer for THE COLOR PURPLE. Truthfully, I always thought that once Williams had left us, not that I ever want that to happen, that Spielberg would use James Horner as his next composer for his films, since it seems like he would be a better fit to follow in Williams shoes. I'm happy with Thomas Newman though and am interested in what the movie will feel like with a different music voice this time around. I'm also glad to hear Williams will be back for THE BFG :)
It was in good fun. Momoa was never mad at Marvel.
Actually, the first trailer for this show was released last year on May 13th and the second one was released last month on February 19th.
Interesting. I will watch this.
I'm very excited it's about to begin shooting soon. The 2016 Superhero/Comic Book Film schedule is shaping up nicely I feel. DEADPOOL will probably start shooting in a few days, DAWN OF JUSTICE is in Post-Production, as mentioned in this article CIVIL WAR will start shooting soon, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE will probably start shooting within the next month too, SUICIDE SQUAD will probably start shooting in the summer or possibly sooner, GAMBIT is still in the screenplay writing phase, but that & DOCTOR STRANGE should start shooting later this year. I can't wait to see them all. :)
Sweet! I get more and more excited everytime I hear news about Suicide Squad. Should be awesome! :)
Sweet! I love this guy and glady except his involvement as film composer on the Star Wars spin off movie ROGUE ONE. Can't wait to hear what he has written. :)
Interesting. I did see his name on the poster and wondered what additional music he was writing. I wonder why they didn't just have Brian Tyler rework the Silvestri theme, if that is all Elfman is doing, instead of hiring another composer to do it. Don't get me wrong, Elfman is one of my favorite film composers of all time, I just don't get why Tyler wouldn't do it since he is doing the score and I'm sure he's capable of doing so. Maybe he was busy with another project. Maybe Whedon just wanted to work with Elfman too? Either way, I'm very excited to hear the score for the new Avengers film. :)
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Sweet! I loved the LEGACY and was hoping they would make another film.
Not sure. Keep hearing of possible plans for a Silver Chair film, but don't know how far along that is or if it will happen.
Interesting. I've always liked the animated film, but would have never thought of Burton as director of a live action version. This should be good. Or at least I hope so that is.
I thought it already was, though I'm glad this is officially confirmed. I was wondering who they would get to replace Hardy and expected it to be someone not that exciting, but Kinnaman was fantastic in RoboCop and I'm excited to see him in an ensemble film like this.