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@Brizzy agreed. All the turtles were great, but he stole the show. Hands Down!!!
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@Brizzy well said. His performances in Mrs. Doubtfire, popeye, Aladdin, and hook are the reasons I've always tried to make people laugh. Great loss to the acting community, and to all of us who enjoyed his performances.
Idk who the last guy was, but to me he was terrible. Juicy J and Wiz were badass. Overall good song
@Brizzy agreed. Loved evangeline lilly in lost.
Gunn sounds like the perfect person for the job. Such a love for movies, glad he is the one
I'm hoping they're dancing to an elevator music version of Ninja Rap in the elevator. That would be EPIC!
Nerdgasm achieved
Ohhh man I'm excited
I think Noel Fisher is going to steal the show as Michaelangelo!
@sean his voice was really high pitched
@sean his voice was really high pitched
@sean his voice was really high pitched
@sean his voice was really high pitched
Just watched godzilla, and it was awesome! Did anyone else notice that Aaron Taylor Johnson sounded like a thirteen year old? Other then that, it was a great flick!!!
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What I want to know is who/what has enough force to throw raphael into a vehicle like that! So ready for this!!!!!
@thedude1. I had the same feeling looking at this pic. Hopefully we're wrong.
Its because of ignorant articles like this that a great movie like The Lone Ranger didn't do great in the box office. You take a movie and try and get people to turn against it before it even comes out. How about we all do something CRAZY, like watch the movie, before we start criticizing it.
1. To say the acting is bad in 2 min trailer is straight up ignorant.
2. You have to realize that Chris Pratts character left earth at a young age, so it makes since that hes gonna be a manchild in the movie, because he never had the "proper" chance to grow up.
3. Groot only has one line in the movie, so why have him say it in the first trailer? Or any of the trailers for that matter. With a high profile actor like Bradley cooper they will most likely not show a trailer with him speaking, just so they can build up the anticipation.
4. The song was meant to be funny.
5. In my opinion the makeup artist did a damn good job, so why bitch about it?


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