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i have to agree with mike that i thought i was going to hate this movie too but i thought it was really good. i love the vampire kills and abe was a interesting choice for a killer to hunt some sick vampires in this movie. i never read the book but i am sure to read it. the movie was very good its a shame that it didnt get the movie it should of gotten. i love this movie very underrated.
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i just got finish watching the walking dead season 3 episode 1 and it kicks ass! i cant believe that 10.4 million people watch this great show and it is a great show. i love the gore and the violence during the zombie killings. i hope that this show gets a emmy or golden globe in the future because they didnt show any respect of the walking dead season 2 which was really good.
i thought that the amazing spiderman was really good. i thought that andrew garfield was a great peter parker and the action in spiderman was amazing. i think that its interesting that they are doing the gwen stacy storyline. it sucks that we have to wait till 2014 to see the new spiderman .
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wow i cant believe we have to wait till 2015 for dawn of the planet of the apes
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i have to agree with midearth that i thought that they should of gave this groundbreaking show the 22 episodes that it deserves to have instead of 13. fox is treating this show like its big love or sopranos . this is not hbo, fox. this is fringe a great show that deserves to have 22 episodes. i wonder why the creators agree to this non sense. i am so happy that season 5 will be coming back. i wonder how they are going to show fringe like two episodes the first week, two in oct, one in nov, one jan and so on.
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i saw the first 3 episodes and i heard the finale was supposed to be good but i guess its about the ratings. if they cancel fringe i will be so pissed off. and f*ck you fox!
Gina39 wrote a comment about the news item Fox Cancels Terra Nova
as long as they dont cancel fringe i will be happy
i think that that paradise lost 3 should of gotten best doc*mentary feature
very disappointed that this show did give viola the respect for best actress
did billy crystal do any jokes on james franco??
i agree that neil patrick harris would do a show like that
i am sooo pissed that paradise lost 3 didnt win
i hope eddie murphy
i agree with you bawn and the artist was okay but its nothing special
i agree baw looks like a great episode
good night movieguy
we need to talk about kevin got screwed
jean was a surprised i know brad pitt is very pissed lmfaoo
time to watch the walking dead lol
Octavia Spencer - The Help i am happy for you girl


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