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@superman81 Yeah that's weird. They have WWZ listed at number 2 with $42mil, yet MOS is in third with $53mil. since when was 42 a bigger number than 53?
Read this paragraph: "Production on The Avengers 2 will begin in March 2014 with the film already slated for a May 1, 2015 release date. The Avengers 2 will conclude Marvel's Cinematic Universe Phase 2, which will transition into Phase 3 later that same year with Ant-Man."
@undeadslayer4 That doesn't make sense. Why would there be two Avengers films in one Phase? Also, where does it say that it will be in Phase III?
@forrestgump1 Ah, gotcha. If so, then you could have said "Cars 2 is Pixars first true bad sequel" just so it doesn't add confusion to me lol.
@forrestgump1 Good review. Although I'm a little confused as to why you state "for Pixar after the unprecedented critical back-lash to there first "true" sequel Cars 2" when Toy Story 2 was their very first sequel and was a superior film to Cars 2. Also, your overall quote in which you say "Although an unnecessary prequel to say the least, at the end of the day, I'm so glad Pixar decided to make this movie" sounds a lot like Bill Goodykoontz's opening sentence of his review: " "Monsters University" is one of those movies that has absolutely no reason to exist, but once you've seen it, you're kind of glad it does." Coincidence? Anyways, I'll check this movie out when it is released on blu-ray.
@incmob @bawnian-dexeus Sometimes that statement can hold true. Had they gone with this alternate T2 ending, we would never of had T3 or Salvation:

Most of the time, scenes are cut due to movie pace, and/or budget. Also, sometimes a deleted scene can cause film plot holes in which when released on disc would be considered canon for it explains something that happened, but was never shown on screen.
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@themoviefanatic What was there to agree on?
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n I'm not taking any "criticism" for there wasn't any to begin with. Also, please note that Iron Man 3 has been out for quite a while now, about 7 weeks, and Man of Steel was JUST released. Of course it would not have made enough money, for it came out a week ago. You know how dumb of a statement that sounded? I'm sure if good word of mouth about Man of Steel gets out to the public, it can earn up to $250 million as my estimated total when their theatrical run ends. Also, IM3 made $175mil its first week, and MOS has earned $160mil in 6 days. So they're about equal in earning money. Like I said before, I don't care how much money this movie or that movie makes, it's all about entertainment and enjoyment. If I love the movie, then it was a success to me no matter how much money it made at the box office.
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@themoviefanatic Whatever you say man.
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2015 is going to be one hell of a summer movie year. with this and The Avengers 2, Star Wars Episode VII, and Jurassic Park 4!
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@themoviefanatic 150 minutes?! Jesus, why must his movies always be bloated?
@bawnian-dexeus Lol...Snakes on a Plane won an award for it's novel, I've been reading the Alien novel tie-ins, really good. And I heard the Star Wars books are great.
@bawnian-dexeus I think it does since I believe the scene is actually included in the novel tie-in for T3.
@bawnian-dexeus Then again, Cyberdyne Systems used Arnold's chip to create the machines in T2. Although, Reese mentioned the actual machines assembled human-like Terminators for Skynet in Terminator Salvation. It's always a different story, and never a correct explanation for the timeline is constantly shifting due to them traveling back in time.
"Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually playing a human, who protects the parents of Sarah Connor in the 1940s and 1950s. There is a theory that this man's ability to safeguard Sarah's parents with outdated equipment, lead to the machines building a Terminator in his likeness."

That's totally false. Scwarzenegger was Sergeant Candy whom was model for the Terminators in this deleted scene from T3:
Question is, will he play her father, or is he going to be another Terminator?
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@themoviefanatic The same could be said for you and Pirates of the Caribbean jk lol :P
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@Sean-Ryan-Culligan Yeah, I'm a little upset about that fact too. As a fan of the book, I know that it diverges from the source material, but I will see it nonetheless with an open mind.
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@bawnian-dexeus Which will suck if it doesn't earn that much money. I heard the movie ends open ended for a sequel.