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Can't get over Electro's derp face in the 4th pic. Lol.
@narrator @ejk1 My best guess is that Avengers: Age of Ultron will be the movie that introduces Hank Pym. Then he'll get his solo Ant-Man film in Phase III which I'm content with even though it would have worked if they were able to squeeze Ant-Man movie before A2.
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@h-ryuga @bruce-ha Hey guys, there was this thing called the Simian Flu that killed off almost half the human population on earth. Only Apes are immune to it, in which they can survive. This takes place 10 years after Rise, seemingly a band of human survivors are alive and are fighting back against Caesar.
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@WalterWhite @monkeyiron2-0 @themoviefanatic
Description of trailer shown:

"The WB and Legendary logos in Black and white...

Soldiers running through the streets...

A flooded city.

Cranston takes off a radiation suit.

Olsen crying...

Paratroopers leaping out of a plane...

Missles being loaded....

A massive kaiju beast that ISN'T Godzilla!

It looks like a massively scaled insect with long spider legs.

It's attacking a dock...

Soldiers are fighting it...

But a massive scaled foot comes down...

It's Gozilla! He's HUGE.

He makes the other creature look tiny and moves to attack it!

We don't see his face yet, but it looks like the classic Godzilla!

The footage cuts away to a "2014" logo

As far as the other creature, think a combination of the Cloverfield monster and a bug from Starship Troopers."
That new Batman logo looks weak.
Dammit, no footage that was shown leaked. This is the second time they have featured footage at their panel, and no one else video taped it. They must have some strict security when it comes to Godzilla.
@themoviefanatic Yes, that was the cover I was talking about.
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Would be a nice way to set up the fourth film. Have the 3rd movie build up to Sinister Six and have them as the main villains in the grand finale of The Amazing Spider-Man 4.
@themoviefanatic I think @bawnian-dexeus meant the cover art for this is okay. Which I agree on. The cover looks terribly bad photo shop. The only good cover art is the one for the 3D blu-ray. Simple, elegant, and powerful image.

The Target exclusive slip-case looks better in my opinion:
@therealGoku Actually it would be 3 years. TDKR was released in 2012, this so called reboot is set to come out in 2015. The Amazing Spider-Man came out 4 years after Spider-Man 3 was released. I see a problem with it too, due to Nolan's Batman films still being fresh in everyone's mind, it would confuse a handful when the reboot comes out. Here's hoping Nolan is still producer much like he was for Man of Steel.
@thedude1 You see, they aren't going to Marvel Route. The studio is jumping right into a JLA film and then having a series of movies branch off after. They are doing the complete opposite of Marvel. No need to be a copy cat of their successful formula, let WB be there own property.
I'm excited for this. Not only is this one of the greatest zombie movies ever made, but this will be my first time viewing the film in theaters, and the first time in 3D. Which I'm skeptic on, but I can't wait to see this on the big screen.
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Hell yeah!!
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