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@titanictom Prove it.
@themoviefanatic say that in almost every article lmao.
@Brizzy It's all about those page hits ;)
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Didn't he say the same about Guardians of the Galaxy?
@EmmyttWolfe Hmmm...they've been doing it for the past 4 years. Don't see a problem with that.
PG-13= larger audience, which means more cash at the box office. But will also have less profit from die-hard fans of the franchise who want the hard R movie they grew up with.
@undeadslayer4 And I quote, "But it would be kind of cool if they did include that on the blu-ray. You just never know..."

which in a sense is another way of saying "maybe, maybe not."
@undeadslayer4 I....just said that...
@monkeyiron2-0 Actually, he was really just written in the movie as a "gag."
But it would be kind of cool if they did include that on the blu-ray. You just never know...
@themoviefanatic Ha! good luck with that! Nine times out of ten, footage shown at Comic-Con is never released to the public (unless it is leaked shortly after online).
@themoviefanatic Didn't you know, the teaser has been out for a year now. It was a hidden feature on the Iron Man 3 disc.
@themoviefanatic I'm not even going to argue with you Sean. Chances are, as done in the past, it's only going to be a 4-6 minute video of them talking about the upcoming movie. And even if it was the trailer, don't you think it'd be placed in the previews section on the disc with other advertisements before having the menu show up?
@themoviefanatic Based off past releases of Marvel films having "Exclusive Look at *Insert next Marvel movie here,* I'm guessing it won't be the trailer, but an inside look from cast interviews and behind the scenes stuff. Basically, nothing new that we haven't seen before.
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@bane5000 Surprised no video leaked either; at least we got to hear the audio for it haha.
Ghostman wrote a comment about the news item Will Avengers 3 Be a Two-Part Movie?
I like this idea. Have a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel play out the cosmic side of the story leading into Avengers 3(Infinity Wars Part 1) which will bring Thanos' battle to earth, culminating in a Guardians/Avengers crossover with a fourth Avengers movie, (Infinity Wars Part 2).
@themoviefanatic Besides, I think this makes it "feel" closer to what Spielberg envisioned as a black and white 1930's adventure serial.
@ObiWanShinobi You're misreading things. Maybe you'll see what DareDevil and the rest were doing during the Battle in New York.