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@bane5000 Surprised no video leaked either; at least we got to hear the audio for it haha.
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I like this idea. Have a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel play out the cosmic side of the story leading into Avengers 3(Infinity Wars Part 1) which will bring Thanos' battle to earth, culminating in a Guardians/Avengers crossover with a fourth Avengers movie, (Infinity Wars Part 2).
@themoviefanatic Besides, I think this makes it "feel" closer to what Spielberg envisioned as a black and white 1930's adventure serial.
@ObiWanShinobi You're misreading things. Maybe you'll see what DareDevil and the rest were doing during the Battle in New York.
@monkeyiron2-0 He doesn't need his own movie. He's a supporting character who can make appearances in other Guardians of the Galaxy films; Howard the Duck can't carry his own movie. He'd be better fit for a One-Shot.
@themoviefanatic Listen to the commentary. He jokingly said that.
@undeadslayer4 I don't understand what you are saying.
It. Was. A. Joke.

The director's were joking. Don't take it so literally and publish an article like it's the "real deal."

My opinion, is yes, a Punisher Marvel One-Shot would be awesome, but sadly, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
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@shuabert True, but I'd rather stick with the more comprehensive Alien Anthology set; so I see no need in buying this. Artwork is cool though.
@undeadslayer4 I love the first Hangover and thought the second movie was funny. Although, the third is kind of weird. It tried to be serious with comedic elements, but would have work better as a sequel to the firs Hangover and not the third. For example skip Part II and watch it like this: The Hangover followed by The Hangover Part III. Works perfectly.
@CoreyB hell yeah! The Jump Street movies are better than The Hangover trilogy
@therealGoku That was the "joke" throughout the film. It purposefully used the same formula and made fun of the audience for paying money to watch the exact same movie as the first one with self-aware humor. That's what made it one of the funniest movies of the year.
@shuabert There's been speculation it may have to deal with "Fallen Son" or "Secret Wars." Either of which, I'm excited to see what Marvel brings when it is released.
@undeadslayer4 It's a preferred taste in the style the movie was filmed I guess. It peaked my interest because I loved the neo noir theme it had, and since then I've read the graphic novels which are amazing.
@ejk1 to answer your question, it took too long to be released; a near DECADE after the first. In the course of nine years, many other comic book stylized movies were made and the gimmick that made Sin City so amazing faded away and became old. It wasn't anything new or fresh that audiences haven't seen.
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@ObiWanShinobi @themoviefanatic @undeadslayer4 @CoreyB @ejk1 @corey

Look at this picture of him taken on set. It looks like he is wearing a toupee to hide his baldness. What do you think?
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They should totally make a new movie with the original cast.