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you don't need to post everything more than once
haha, I see this is gonna get fun. Marcusx, and why is that? Kmm: I'm calm, I'm completely calm. In fact, I'm having fun.
you never called anyone a dumbass for their opinion? Have you read what you wrote? I'm as testy as you are. I hate it when people get attacked for their opinions. You hate people being biased about a movie before they see it.
"how about all of you dumbasses wait till the movie actually comes out and you SEE it before you talk crap about it!?"

That's straight up attacking people's opinions of how the movie is gonna be. You wanna say you never attacked someone's opinions? You called everyone on here a dumbass for their opinion.
kmm, I respect your opinion, and I'm not gonna attack it like you did to gallagher's opinion.
I really like how someone's not entitled to there opinion anymore without being ridiculed relentlessly. It was a brilliant marketing, but I agree with Gallagher, I think it's gonna suck more than Helen Keller on American Idol. I may or may not see the movie, if I don't, it's not like I lost an arm or anything. If I do see it, I'll be to base my judgment on it.
People have their right to an opinion of a movie before they even see it. Bashing someone's opinion is down right hypocritical, because if someone bashed your opinion, you would be pissed.
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