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Yeah because he's so well known, lol.
Yeah because he's so well known, lol.
hahahaha such a joker Hugh is, lol
Couldn't stand his character, was never a fan of Cyclopes. So no interest in him coming back.
Great business logic Marvel, kill off one of your more popular characters.. Such a sad move.
He made a smart decision to back out, any form of press will focus only on the allegations and not the movie, so no point for him to attend any of these for the foreseeable future. I love how people jump on the wagon instantly and believe because he backed out he has something to hide, silly people. When did we get rid of "Innocent until proven guilty". Mr. Singer is filing all of his tax and receipts for the alleged time, if he was indeed anywhere near the alleged victim (Which I believe he wasn't and still believe this purely for money only) the facts will speak for themselves.
Well firstly, I think the new look wasn't too bad, just hated the CGI on it. If they had the new look but with CGI like Planet of the Apes then you got something awesome looking. Hoping the reshoots are for a different April, lol.. What a shame Megan Fox got picked, honestly can say she ruined it for me. As for people saying just get over it. Why the hell should we? For one were paying for it with cinema tickets and dvd/bluray, we should have some say in how it looks, after all if people hate the look then they won't go see it, making it a huge flop and ruining a potential great movie.
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Why couldn't the same team that did the cgi on this work on TNMT.. Animation on this is amazing, TMNT not so much.
To be honest we've been hearing of a Justice League for so long I've lost all interest in one. If it happens I couldn't be arsed.
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Good to hear Kelsey is in it. Glad it wasn't Cyclops, one of my least favourite characters. Bit lame on the attempt to copy hulk bit..
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Seriously, is there no honor left?? LOL I mean how about something original.
Meh, not that important.
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Much better than the preview before, graphics wise. I'd be interested in seeing it.
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Just let it go.. Talk about beating a dead donkey. You had your chance when Harold Ramis was alive. Just let it be.
Lainey clearly sounds like a moron. Both movies will be great from each franchise. Plus Agent Marvels of shield isn't too bad either.
Garret wrote a comment about the news item Watch Batkid in His Full Make-A-Wish Adventure
Truly amazing.. Well done to all involved.
Well the CGI looks terrible.
Personally I think this guy is nuts, the webseries was fantastic and to do a movie in that style would be amazing. I hope this doesn't ruin him.
Wow trailers back then weren't that great lol. Not expecting HD with graphics but that was terrible, lol.
Damn you movieweb, I have to run out now and want to watch at the same time.. Something to look forward to later :D


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