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I'm 3/4 Irish, second generation, born in America. But hey, if I'm ever in town, let's fill up a pint, aye?
@Diaigma wondering that myself with all the fx's this is meant to be better than the first with more robots in it, can they pull it off in so little time??
Good, the first one by zombie was great this should be good too..

Garret wrote a comment about the news item Sony Pictures Teams Up with Paramount for Tintin
thats good
Garret wrote a comment about the news item Brandon Routh Talks Superman: The Man of Steel
They should get a new guy for superman, make the movie darker, story and villian wise, superman is wel superman, look at the orig superman and get pointers...
Garret wrote a comment about the news item Angels and Demons Teaser Trailer Hits!
To be honest it looks good, but sometimes movies pack all the good things into trailers and that was a very short trailer, lol.. so let's hope.. and no way on earth will it do better than the dark knight..
Garret wrote a comment about the news item Michael Bay Not Okay with The Transformers Ride?
There's been a lot of lying going around in Hollywood lately You joking Chad thats been since the beginning of time, if execs think that people will go on the rides because Michael said it thats more money, it's shocking this world is getting more and more based around money.... and anyway who cares what michael thinks..
Well the movies they made up to now arn't the best mabye it's smart to leave the cartoons as the best thing about he-man
Garret wrote a comment about the news item The Goonies Sequel Officially Dead
Ahh no way not again
Garret wrote a comment about the movie The Goonies 2
Guys the idea behind this movie is the orig cast come back as adults with their kids and then both adults and kids gone on an adventure, it's around the net.. Sounds alright was a huge fan when i was young i was a goonie, lol
Garret wrote a comment about the news item Sam Raimi Dishes on Spider-Man 4
Recast, yea right they should have stopped after the 3rd one.. They have ruined the spiderman with the last three peices of crap.. I fell sorry for people who think there great movies but be honest they should have been better and could have if 1: the director 2: the actors 3: script writers 4: fox, worn't involved i mean WB did brill with the batmans now spiderman done simlar to those would be great movies.. Please give up and don't waist more money on 4 and 5
Garret wrote a comment about the news item Don Cheadle Set for Iron Man 2
Jesus whats the point of those last two pages, this is a moviesite, does no one moderate this site at all.. Shame really that people can loose topic so fast.. Stick to movies or go create your own site for this sh*t. Cheers and real pitty was waiting to see Terrence Howard as warmachine
Back to back but won't get released together.. If there better than the first three where all green...
The Movie was fantastic, I hope they bring him back for a second and even the avengers movie. He was fantastic as the hulk much better than the last peice of crap...

Go Edward
Spider-Man 4 will not follow the trend of The Dark Knight and "going dark". Big mistake, what do they think making it Dark will make it worse, lol if anything will make it watchable

Well that tells me this is going to be crap.. Please guys Spidy 1 - 2 - 3 where just terrible...

God why me..

and Toby Maguire, not even saying anything..

Like I need too
Garret wrote a comment about the news item The Dark Knight to Hit Theaters Again in January
Hey at least it got second.. I along with many others taught it was better than the Titantic, but again second is still good
Old wanna be you mean like your Ma...
Come on guys cop on and grow up, get a room and stay there all night, is there really no mod's on this site, because I'd IP ban both of your asses so fast for ruining posts.. This movies looks crap so I'm gonna give it a miss...

P.S. you can say what ever you want about me i really don't care what two stupid people who don't have an impact on me say... Bye
Moviemaniak is like south park's uncle f*ckers & fox's the uncle, lol
Garret wrote a comment about the news item Vadim Perlman to Direct Poltergeist Remake?
I don't think this should go ahead for some reason i just see stupid teen quirps.. Leave the original as it was f*cking brill and Zombies remake of holloween was brill, some people don't have a clue do they :)


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