"My country's production brought me a gift that made my eyes shed the tears out and let free an emotionful dilemma in such an emotionless world (for me)..."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 5.0 Stars

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

"A safe noir hormonal memory that sails in your mind and seizes its core to explode under your eyes and forms one of the best pictures you'll see in years."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 5.0 Stars

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

"A funny joke that might seem childish and occult to some but might bring the laughs to the hearts of the little ones. with a rating of PG, why should anyone wait for more."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 3.5 Stars


"Absurd, uncouth and filled with ridiculous scenes."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 1.5 Stars

Public Enemies

"A historical event brought back to reality through a twister of its own that occur unexpectedly to bring back the trance times of the no.1 Public enemy."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 4.5 Stars

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

"transformers 2 is a deff fall down to something that once met the eye but then was put in a garage sale. the one who bought it was its very first owner. but by buying the opportunity of a sequel, he though quality wont matter much."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 3.0 Stars


"an extraordinary experience that captures every picture in its novel and plunges it into this perfect masterpiece. Another way of saying it - once again - Zack makes a gift for another great graphic novel."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 5.0 Stars


"a breakthrough In The Theatrical Experience Of 2008. this and Benjamin Button were the best 2 ways to kiss your year goodbye."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 5.0 Stars

Seven Pounds

"A love like never before. A movie you'll enjoy if you like drama and make sure you go see it without your girlfriend cause you will get into the story and wont need to make up for it every 5 seconds."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 4.5 Stars


"the first hour is all what i could say about crap... but later, The masterpiece i am waiting for starts."
Structure (ONSTRA) gave it 2.5 Stars