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f'in great..
and @shuabert its between a comedy and a drama...
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@narzion its darker than the book.. by times..
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@rjh094 nothing is horrible about it.. people in mw like to B*tch alot.
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hhahahahaha... bannners on videoss... this is the funniest sh*t evar...
Structure (ONSTRA)
while we're at it... why does movieweb not get notifications.. that would make it alot easier for us to track sh*t up..
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@jakn you can read my review to know why i loved it.. i did post one..
i think watchmen is the greatest movie of 2009.. of course not the same reasons as this review...
your not you're. good review.
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@jasonkat, yes that is true... but this is not even the part where it gets f'd up.. its when jacob falls in love with her daughter son whatever.. my friend told me the story... i was like! WHOA! you ARE! joking! this is SO BAD! this is BEYOND BAD! THIS IS.. i can't even describe it...
@skywise i loved all three of the originals and admire each and everyone of them...
some people simply critisized the originals for how complicated the story was.. well hell if people give you a simple story or give you an originally twisted one you'll bash it?? i hate how everyone judged the past 2 pirates movies (Dead Man's chest and At world's end) because i most certainly love them..

adding penelope is a win win thing.. i love her, and she is one of the rare hot actresses that can most certainly act.... the visuals look pretty amazing too.. adventurous and fun... but it doesn't seem to have anything BIG! or huge scenes like the past 2 pirates movies.. still it seems to be pretty good..
at the end of this.. I CANNOT FREAKIN WAIT FOR THIS!!!!
personally, this and harry potter are the top 2 best series evar!
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