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futureoscar posted in the forum: Blade 4?
I think the Blade saga is over because Wesley Snipes is serving time for income tax evasion, Unless he filmed before or they have someone else to play his part.
futureoscar posted in the forum: Indiana Jones 5
If these rumors are true, I hope this will be his last one with Harrison Ford.
futureoscar posted in the forum: Ghostbusters 3
Its 2011 where Ghostbuster 3. Has it been in the movies and I missed it or is it coming soon. I love Ghostbusters
I thought we judged people on their talents and intergrity not on their appearance or sexually.
futureoscar posted in the forum: The Matrix 4?
Matrix 4 forget it.
I gonna see it anyway.
I don't like it.
I just saw the trailer. I am wondering how are they going to rate this probably xxxxx
When I am down like today I watch "Everybody loves Raymond".
futureoscar posted in the forum: Favourite Movie Scores
Isaac Hayes "Shaft"
futureoscar posted in the forum: The Movie Title Game
Robin Hood
Easy, Gold Fingers sung by Shirley Bassey.
futureoscar posted in the forum: Following Jackie Gleason
I really love jackie Gleason in the Honeymooners. I never knew the honeymooner's ran for only 1 season.
futureoscar posted in the forum: Auction Real Estate
Michael Jackson's
Thriller really made me get up and dance.
After seeing Alvatar it was one of the greatest movie ever written to me. It erased my memory for the other good movies in my list.
I hope Gwenyth Paltrow gets a nomination.
futureoscar posted in the forum: Southland TNT
Did anyone see the first episode of the new season of Southland on Tuesday? Regina King ("Ray," "Jerry Maguire"), who plays Detective Lydia Adams and her new partner, Detective Russell Clarke (Tom Everett Scott, "Boiler Room"), hunt a cleaning lady's killer.

From the beaches of Malibu to the streets of East Los Angeles, "Southland" is a fast-moving drama that will take viewers inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims and their families. I am usually not into police drama, but when the marketing company I work for picked up the campaign from the folks at turner, I fell in love with the raw and authentic look at a police unit in Los Angeles.

For more about Southland visit TNT's site:
She looks older.


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