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Every year, Turner Classic Movies celebrates Academy Awards legacy with a sampling of Oscar nominated and Oscar winning films throughout the history of Hollywood, and this year is no exception.

The Black Swan(the swashbuckler) and the Snows of Kilimanjaro are two of the films they are airing today. I have admittedly seen neither but I plan on catching them. The event has been patently awesome so far, with TCM having aired such classics as Citizen Kane and Funny Girl.

One of the perks of working for a marketing company that is doing some campaigning for turner is that I got a decent sized list around the office of all the films they would be showing this month, so I will be able to plan accordingly lol.

I really loved seeing Citizen Kane again, it's variation of William Randolph Hearst, Charles Kane was both a tragic and polarizing character who was really made to shine by the performance of Orson Welles, the film's director.

his is one I will never forget as this is actually the gateway film that got me into classics as a film category. I watched this in a cinema course at college and I was blown away by the sheer emotions of the film itself.

Check out the website for the event here:

Here is the list of films:
I agree with Alltheginjoints I think this movie is best left a one-shot.
A new batmobile, Bane and Catwoman will make this an exceptional film I think.
It sound like a good plot to me.
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Good idea
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Yes please do.
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I will win an oscar in the future
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Thank yoy! Thank You! Thank you!
I watched the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, the music was a little loud but the graphics was outstanding.
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Very good for the June 2011 Graduates.
I watched the trailer for the movie Priest, Its looks very very appealing.
True blood
Yes I would like to see them togetherin a movie.
James Dean and River phoenix because they were so young and at the height of their careers.
With the good cast, I think it will be entertaining.
I will go to see the Dilemma first
last airbender without a doubt


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