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This is long over due. Thanks for the add :)
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I do get a f*ckton of comments, but i thought i replied to that msg. but i think what happend is that i dont hav a comp, and i use my phone, and sometimer the coment doesnt post, so sory bout that.

anyhow thats cool about your website, and ill check it as soon as i get my ass to the library where theres comps. but i cant lie, anime has never interested me too much.

and what did you think of The Dark Knight?
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Thanks for adding me to your friends list.
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Thanks for adding me :)
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Dont worry about it. i have been fine, thanks. just watchin movies! saw Punisher War Zone, and Transporter 3... both sucked. i would guess you havent been to the movies latley, huh? lol
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hey there. have you left the site? I guess I'll know if i dont get a response!!! lol
wow this dude is a f*cking queer and completely contradicting himself.
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hey, man. my reviews are improving! Just check out my latest "Dracula" one.

btw, how is the movie thing going?
Funeral wrote a comment about the news item Brand New Dragonball Poster and Screenshots
All I have to say is f*ck you Fox for destroying such a legendary anime. All they care about is money, and they probably didn't even come close to retelling the original story. F*cking sc*m bags.
yeah they were lol.
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that sounds cool, but what do you mean "stories" like scripts, or like books?

Me, i am doing ok. Just started school a few days ago. uhhhh... went to Hungary, and watching movies. thats it here.
Funeral wrote a comment about the news item New Sukiyaki Western Django Trailer!
Pretty much follows the story of A Fistful of Dollars, with some references to Django. Funny thing is Fistful of Dollars is based off the story Yojimbo by Akira Kurosawa for those who didn't know. SO it was definitely interesting to see a combination of two genres with so much history behind them and are so much a like.
Your reviews are getting very good. Keep it up man.
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How's website goin?
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it is baddass i cant wait until the next one comes out
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Thx for the add friendo.
Funeral wrote a comment about the news item New Sukiyaki Western Django Trailer!
Sorry, made a mistake. It came out in '07, still old news. Even though I've seen it already I can't wait for the American release.
Funeral wrote a comment about the news item New Sukiyaki Western Django Trailer!
Old news my friends. Originally came out in '06. Very experimental film, but yet, what do you expect from the great Takashi Miike. Watch and be amazed.
Great review man. You seem to know your movies, which is good. We should discuss movies sometime.
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